What our readers say


James Buchanan ~ UK

“SUPboarder guided me through what board I should buy as I progressed from beginner to intermediate SUP racer, through their freely available features and PRO Ask the Expert advice - thank you!”

AIX ~ YouTube User

“SUPboarder rules! Thanks for all your videos. Cheers!”


Richard Downey ~ UK

“If you’re getting into the sport then a modest investment in SUPboarder PRO is well worth it to avoid buying something unsuitable.”

Reader Survey ~ 2018

“You guys do a great job teaching and explaining technique. Love that you've shown incorrect technique too as it helps me learn. Thank you!”

David Davitti ~ YouTube Comment

“I bought my board after watching your review.”

Reader Survey ~ 2018

“Great site and really useful, particularly for a beginner. Just need to take the plunge and get a board now! ”

Reader Survey ~ 2018

“Your reviews are the best online - nice and detailed but not too long in length.”


Drew Draken ~ USA

“I have watched many of the SUPboarder Pro board reviews and how to videos. They have been a fabulous guide and I feel that I am making good progress trying to put into practise the techniques.”

Fernando Pereira ~ YouTube Comment

“Nice to see this review :) I'm waiting for my board following your advice :) :)”


Damien ~ Australia

“Easily the best SUP resource out there. Clear concise information, professionally delivered and with great production values. SUP aficionados have been waiting for a quality resource like this for a long time.”

“SUPboarder take an active interest in what we are trying to achieve and always look for ways to ensure our success.”

Alex Tobutt ~ Naish UK
Chris Sly ~ Youtube Comment

“Thanks for your videos, they are packed with info yet concise - hard to find these days. You have helped me find my feet with SUP.”

“The Top Gear of SUP!”

Jacopo Giusti ~ RRD International
Water Sports Planet ~ YouTube Comment

“Excellent Instruction. Very clear - it doesn't get much better that that!”


Stephen J. Lachler ~ USA

“I reached out to SUPboarder with a detailed email about board choices and was pleasantly surprised and beyond stoked to receive an equally detailed response from the team.”

Maximidius ~ YouTube Comment

“SUPboarder provide excellent and informative tutorials - much appreciated!”

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Gary ~ McCorry

“The content is relevant, delivered in an easy and engaging manner, with new stuff that keeps on coming!”

Pablo ~ Argentina

“Went from zero to surfing my first wave thanks to the AMAZING content from the SUPboarder folks. They take all skill levels into consideration, and I'm eager to try out the more advanced tips. It's non-stop learning!”


Ofer Deshe ~ UK

“In the last few years my SUP surfing technique progressed super quickly thanks to the advice, tips and how to guides from SUPboarder. My PRO subscription has also allowed me to access help to to select the right boards. SUPboarders' generosity and support is just unbelievable. They really are driven by a mission to share the sport and make an impact. Their knowledge, passion and support are second to none.”

Pitsburgh1001 ~ Youtube Subscriber

“id not think I could learn so much in less than 5 minutes! Great explanation of dos and don’t and very easy to comprehend.”