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Every time we see Nicole Pacelli and the Brazilian SUP surf crew on the water it’s well worth a watch. All of the riders have great styles and surf with power. And on their day, when competing they can all be unstoppable, as Luiz Diniz showed us again at the 2018 ISA world champs by taking the win for a second year.  And don’t let the petite, smiling Nicole fool you into thinking she only surfs small waves like those in New York.

The picture below from Nicole Pacelli’s Facebook shows you what she is really capable of!

Nicole Pacelli


This video from the ISA World Champion Luiz Diniz is for all the surfers (pop up paddlers) out there who say stuff like – “SUPing isn’t surfig!” “You can’t turn a SUP like you can a surfboard” or “Paddleboarding is easy!”

Think Luiz proves a point that stand up paddleboards CAN be ridden like performance surf boards. And when the boards get that small, it really isn’t that easy to stand on a paddleboard!

Luiz gets top marks from us for showing us all how to send it on a SUP. But he does get marked down for the blatant drop in at 1:47 sec demonstrating how not to make friends in the line up!


Over the last year we have noticed a step up in super small performance SUP surfing. With guys like Brazilian surfer Luiz Diniz getting into SUP, the gap between performance SUP surfing and performance prone shortboarding has got much smaller. Luiz Diniz is no stranger to the surfing (prone) world tour and he has now added SUPing to his quiver of board sports. With other top surf athletes getting into SUP the progression will soon quickly jump up another level, because many of the fundamental skills are easy to transfer onto SUP. This higher level of fresh talent will mean that air moves, such as air reverses will no doubt be a common sight on the APP tour and at many top SUP surfing breaks around the world.

This video shows Luiz ripping the waves apart with super small boards and short paddles. It’s hard to see if he’s riding a SUP or not! Its pretty amazing to watch though. But will this type of small board performance SUP surfing mean that all the top surfers will be weighing a max 75kg?! The average board sizes will be around 7′ X 23” X 65 Litres. Basically bigger shortboards!

You can’t stop the direction or progression of a sport. But what do you think of the level of performance SUP surfing? Do you want to see more full on, insane manoeuvres or do you feel it will make the surfing side to our sport too unachievable for most of us?

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