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We hope you all had a good Christmas and the New Year has got off to a good start on and off the water. Made any New Years Resolutions for 2019? How about this one (or maybe it could be 2!)… To surf like Keahi de Aboitiz and do it at Cloudbreak Fiji. Or maybe not!

Cloudbreak is a scary place especially when it’s big. But Keahi rides it like it’s 2 foot…. charging down big walls and coming out of some very big deep barrels.

“2 waves with a few different angles from a couple of very memorable trips to Cloudbreak in Fiji. Hands down some of the craziest barrels I’ve had on any type of board” Words – Keahi de Aboitiz

Watching this is definitely something to aspire too. But maybe picking a more achievable new years resolution is a better idea!

So what are your New Years SUP Resolutions going to be in 2019? Let us know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to learn more about and we’ll do our best to help you achieve your goal!

Feature image Scott Winer


Its been a while since we’ve seen Keahi de Aboitiz doing his thing on a SUP. Check out some shots of him scoring a good 14 second swell that recently hit Oahu, Hawaii. How do we know it’s Keahi?… There’s only one guy with that top turn snap!

Video by Dans Surf Videos

We’ve all got pretty used to seeing SUP surf foiling videos… perfect long rides in epic locations. But you’ve got to admit it gets a bit boring after a while!

But this is just ridiculous! Taking your dog SUP surf foiling requires a whole different level of skill and confidence. But then this is Chris De Aboitiz after all! Australian surfer dad of Keahi De Aboitiz takes his dog out surfing at the Noosa Festival Of Surfing.

It’s amazing to see but please don’t attempt this unless you really know your shuff and your dog! Making a mistake while foiling in a busy line up doesn’t bare thinking about!

Australian SUP surfer Keahi de Aboitiz is a solid all-rounded surfer and waterman. He rides with a great fluid style on a wave. But what we think Keahi is best known for is his epic top turn. No top turns are the same and all surfers perform them differently. We can learn from watching many of the worlds best surfers, but this JP Australia rider has a trade mark part of his turn that you can clearly see on websites and printed covers all over the SUP world. The straight back leg and excessive amounts of spray lets us know Keahi is on a wave! 

Keahi’s straight leg top turn

Looking at this shot taken from Dan O’Sullivan’s SUP Surfing Session video, you can see a classic Keahi top turn, with a fully extended back leg and a huge amount of spray being forced off the wave. Don’t get us wrong, you will see other surfers doing this, but Keahi has this movement engraved into his muscle memory and he does it well. It’s definitly a default setting for him!

What does the Keahi back leg kick do?

We go over the basic top turn in detail here : The-frontside-sup-top-turn-how-to-sup-videos/  (remember to view your extended pro video with SUPboarder Pro.)

But what effect does Keahi’s top turn style have on the board and rider?
The movements he is doing is nothing new, but the extent to what he does, is what makes the difference from a nice turn to an epic turn! Like any manoeuvre, if you push it to the limit of your board and body you will get the best results. Keahi’s back leg movement is key to the spray and look of the turn.

“At the apex of the turn he will always have his back leg as straight as possible.”

By Keahi having his back leg straight at the apex of the turn it does two things…
Firstly… kicking with the back leg at the very end of the turn forces the tail of the board to go as far around the turn as possible (or in other words as far away from the rider as possible). This is a great way of forcing water away, off the tail and rails of the board and off the back of the wave. Also the wider your feet are apart on the board the more kick you can achieve from front and back leg.
Secondly… if your back leg is straight that means your front leg is bent and your body weight is forced forwards towards the middle of the board, which aids to the recovery part of the turn. There’s no point forcing a good turn if you can’t get back down the wave face. A bent front leg with body weight further forward will push you back down the wave and keep your surfing flowing.

“In practice, it’s all about timing and getting a balance.”

Achieving a good top turn is all about getting the timing right and a balance between your front and back leg. The back leg is key for spray but the front leg is key for recovery. Neglect either and your epic top turn will fail!

Tips for trying the Keahi killer top turn

  • Speed is your friend. The more speed you have before the turn, the more drive and spray you will have through the turn.
  • Back foot back. Really focus on having your back foot right at the back of the board, over the tail pad, before you start the kick and snap at the end of the turn. The further back your foot is the more control you will have to force the turn and spray.
  • Back leg straight at apex. At the apex of the turn, with a final push try and force your back leg out straight to finish off the turn.
  • Move weight to front leg. Finish off the turn by compressing onto your front leg, loading it up with 90% of your body weight.
  • Don’t kick too early. If you find your turn is not as aggressive as you would like or it’s hard to fully extend your back leg, chances are you’re doing the kick part of the turn too low down on the wave face.
  • Don’t kick too late. If you fall off the back of the wave try and do the turn a bit earlier on the wave. Timing is every thing.

Whether you think Keahi has the best top turn out there or you just like the idea of getting as much spray as possible, it is definitely worth trying to master doing a top turn with a fully extended back leg. So next time you head out for a surf, study the video and give these tips a go.

This is one SUP foiling video from Keahi de Aboitiz that’s going to make you want to grab a SUP foil. Without a doubt it’s some of the best SUP foil action we have seen so far. Just goes to show you how talented Keahi is as a waterman. Keahi is riding a Go foil on a JP Pro wave board.

Filming and edited by : Dan O’Sullivan



Keahi de Aboitiz heads south from this home break of Noosa Heads in Australia to a secret spot with only dolphins there as locals. Good to see Keahi mixing it up with finless riding too. Obviously surfing with ‘Dogman’ and his finless antics has rubbed off on Keahi over the years!

Video by Dan O’Sullivan / SUP surfing sessions

Find more about what gear Keahi de Aboitiz rides in SUPboarders featureWho’s riding what? – Keahi de Aboitiz / SUP Surf

Who's riding what? - Keahi de Aboitiz

Who’s riding what in the world of SUP this year? In this mini series SUPboarder catches up with some of the top paddlers in the SUP world to find out what kit they’re using in 2017. This time we talk to SUP surfer Keahi de Aboitiz.

Keahi de Aboitiz is a waterman that needs very little introduction. He’s not only a professional SUP surfer but also a World Champion kitesurfer. Keahi has a huge skill level whatever board is under his feet! When Keahi came onto the SUP surfing scene he brought a fresh new style, that was a combination of power turns and aerials on every wave. Keahi has been working with JP-Australia for many years and has used his riding skills and knowledge to help develop the well shaped JP Surf Pro range that is on the market today. 

Name: Keahi de Aboitiz
Age: 24
Weight: 80kg
Height: 180cm
Home Country: Australia
Main SUP Discipline: Surfing
No. of Boards in Quiver: 4
– JP Surf Pro 7’6” x 27” used mostly in smaller fun waves but good all round board as well. Good stability and easier to fit into the pocket in smaller waves due to the smaller length.
– JP Surf Pro 8’1” x 27”  used in bigger surf. Longer length means more stability and faster paddling due to overall length. More drive in bigger surf as well.
– Prototype JP Surf Pro 8’2” x 26” with rounded pin, used in much bigger surf. Extra length plus slightly narrower outline and rounded pin tail means more drive and hold in bigger waves. Perfect for waves like sunset and other big powerful waves.
– JP Surf Slate 7’2” x 26” used in fatter but wally conditions like mellow point breaks. Straight outline and parallel rails means a lot of speed and drive in fat conditions.
– 2x JP Carbon 83in2. I’ve always preferred the 60% carbon shaft as it allows more flex. The smaller blade is also great for acceleration in the surf.
Favourite Leash: NP 8ft SUP leash
Favourite Fins: JP R5
Sponsored: JP-Australia, Cabrinha, NeilPryde

Photos – Thorsten Indra

Keahi doing his thing! Video edit : SUP Surfing Sessions

To find out more about Keahi, his travels and competitions check out his website and facebook page. 


Keahi de Aboitiz has to be SUP foil surfing what you’d call the ideal surf break. (We say break but it doesn’t even do that!) No other surfers in sight, and just enough of a peak to get him going on the foil to enjoy those endless empty rides. If you’re thinking of foiling this would definitely be your ideal spot to try. It also helps that it’s crystal clear and he’s riding in a pair of boardies!


Every so often we see videos that are just seamless… from the surfer, to the footage and the music on top. And the newest SUP Surfing Sessions video does just that and has it all. Beautifully filmed aerial footage from Keahi de Aboitiz and smooth perfect riding from Geoff Breen, put all together by top SUP editor Dan O’Sullivan. 

‘Geoff travelled south from the warmer waters of his home patch of Noosa Heads with his friend Keahi de Aboitiz in search of some late Autumn swells. He was not disappointed and scored a few fun waves with Keahi flying his DJI Phantom 3 drone to capture the moment.” Words : Dan O’Sullivan.


There’s nothing like a good hammering! Sometimes SUP surfing wipeouts are just bound to happen, just painful or just so hilarious you end up laughing underwater. This is a fun collection of wipeout clips from Surf Flicks with riders including Geoff Breen, Jackson Close, Roger “Dogman” Saunders and Keahi de Aboitiz.

Do you remember your most memorable SUP surfing wipeouts? Or if you haven’t had a good one yet,  just relax and enjoy the ride. You will!


Out of all the pro riders on the Stand Up World Tour and out of all the videos we see, Keahi de Aboitiz always seems to score the perfect barrel shots. There’s no doubt this boy’s got talent. But the question is, after a year of injury… will this kite surf world champion make his mark on the SUP surfing scene in 2016? With riding like this he’s definitely got the ability but can he do it when it counts? We’ll have to wait and see! 


After injury earlier last year Keahi de Aboitiz is looking good and back to his true form. In this video he heads south from his home town of Noosa Heads in search of a late winter swell…  and boy did it pay off!! He scores perfect waves. And if he surfs anything like this in competitions this year the scores will be perfect too.