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This video from Alex Aguera gives us a sneak peek into what the surf foil young guns are up to on Maui. Speed and as much air as possible is the way these young groms are pushing it. It’s a surf video yeah… but you can guarantee the extreme SUP side of foiling wont be far behind!

Riders Austin Kalama, Kelson Lau, and Sky Lickle

We’ve all got pretty used to seeing SUP surf foiling videos… perfect long rides in epic locations. But you’ve got to admit it gets a bit boring after a while!

But this is just ridiculous! Taking your dog SUP surf foiling requires a whole different level of skill and confidence. But then this is Chris De Aboitiz after all! Australian surfer dad of Keahi De Aboitiz takes his dog out surfing at the Noosa Festival Of Surfing.

It’s amazing to see but please don’t attempt this unless you really know your shuff and your dog! Making a mistake while foiling in a busy line up doesn’t bare thinking about!

At SUPboarder we love equipment, boards, paddles, fins and even foils. When this video was realised last September by AHD showing one of their stand up paddle foil sessions with Bruno André, we instantly thought… Would a SUP foil work for downwinding? With the endless glide, what board would you need?

So what do you guys think? Or maybe you have tried it? Progression is a part of all sports and it would be good to know if its been done before and if not why not?! Let us know below….

The foil is the AHD Sealion Wings and the AFS-1 Foil.