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Bravo Pump

When it comes to pumping up an inflatable SUP who really enjoys it?! Yes its good fitness but being honest, no one really likes turning into a sweaty mess before their relaxing SUP session on the water! So you have two options… paddle with a friend and persuade them to pump up your board as well! (unlikely to happen!) Or buy yourself an electric SUP pump.

In this weeks video we look at 2 of Bravo’s electric SUP pumps – the GE20-2 and the GE21-1. Both pumps will inflate an average iSUP in 6-8 mins and your bigger touring boards in 9-12mins. We talk about the differences between the pumps, how to look after and get the most out of your Bravo electric SUP pumps.

We’ve been using Bravo electric SUP pumps for a few years for inflating many of the iSUPs we have on test. And its one of those things you don’t realise how much you need it until you don’t have it!

GE20-2 Features

– Portable high efficiency, low noise electric inflator.
– Twin cylinder, no relays and microswitches
– Wide pressure range selectable by easy of use dial indicator with automatic shut-off
– Easy standard connection to cigarette plug
– LED indicators for diagnostics
– Integrated 12V DC battery, rechargeable through cigarette plug or standard 110-240 AC/DC adaptor
– Equipped with alligator clips for direct connection to external 12V batteries
– Rubber base for maximum stability
– Protective filtration system
– Inflation fittings available for all most common valves
– Carry-bag included

GE21-1 Features

– New robust and fast inflator for high pressure applications.
– Easy setting of desired pressure with automatic stop
– Standard connection to cigarette plug for operation and recharge
– Integrated 12V DC battery, rechargeable through cigarette plug or standard 110-240 AC/DC adaptor
– Carry-bag included

Bravo 20 Electric pump / RRP €250

We all love an electric SUP pump… but there are electric SUP pumps and then there’s the Bravo 20 Electric SUP pump! We have been very impressed how the pump works and looks. Loads of charging adaptors for 110v – 230v and the ability to run it off and charge it from a car as well. The battery life is long, allowing us to pump almost 8 x 200L surf iSUP boards on one charge.

Bravo 20 Electric pump

  • Capacity             125L a min
  • Max psi              22psi
  • Weight               3.5kg
  • Time                  3:30sec

Note from Bravo about about the cigarette lighter charger:
This is not just to recharge the battery, when the battery is full or half (and you see it from the colour led on the gauge, green or orange), you can also use the pump directly connected to the car lighter (pump will take part of the energy from the internal battery and part from the car)
When the battery is down (red) then you can charge with the 12v cigarette lighter plug

Check out the Scoprega / Bravo website for more information and where to get hold of this electric pump. 

Bravo hand pumps 100, 101 and 110 / RRP £50 / $70

Bravo pumps have been pumping up iSUPs longer than any other pump company in the world. In 2017 they released 3 new pumps to their pump range. SUPboarder gave the pumps a good going over and put them to the test… including how long it takes, and the effort required to inflate a 200L board to 15psi.

Pumping time, heart rate and amount of effort required varied between each pump. And a lower heart rate (bpm) didn’t necessarily mean easier to pump, especially during the final stages of pumping.

Pump details:

Bravo 100 (bigger silver pump)

  • Capacity             2 x 2L (using double action)
  • Max psi              27.5psi
  • Time                  1:55sec
  • Max bpm           149bpm
  • Muscle fatigue   Low

Bravo 101 (smaller sliver pump)

  • Capacity             2 x 1.5L (using double action)
  • Max psi              27.5psi
  • Time                  1:51sec
  • Max bpm           150bpm
  • Muscle fatigue   Low

Bravo 110 (Red pump)

  • Capacity             2 x 2.5L (using double action)
  • Max psi              14.5psi
  • Time                  2:02sec
  • Max bpm           138bpm
  • Muscle fatigue   High


  • 5’10”
  • 77kg

Check out the Scoprega / Bravo website for more information and where to get hold of these pumps. No doubt we’re going to see these pumps in board packages next year. Looks like iSUP pumping is about to get even easier!