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Longboard SUP Surfing Series #2 / SUP Equipment

Get the most out of your Longboard SUP surfing by learning about which equipment you need and what will suit you best in the waves.

We cover the core elements of your kit and speak about your paddle height, leash length and thickness, which fins you may choose and what length and style longboard SUP you may want to use.

Having the right equipment is key to enjoying your time out in the waves and to do it safely. We hope you learn a few things from this video that you can take back and apply to your longboard SUP surfing.

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4 months ago

Hi all, where are some good places to go SUP surfing in the UK? I live in the South and have been trying out sup surfing over the last few weeks and have found the beaches too crowded. For instance, I have been to Bude summerleaze and it was near impossible to surf responsibly with a 10’6 sup board, since essential I have a 10 kg flying hazard for anyone who decides paddle in front of me catching a wave, meaning I have to be incredibly discerning as to what waves I catch, this results in a rather frustrating experience… Read more »

Reuben Ellis
3 months ago
Reply to  Marcus88

Hey Marcus. Im really glad that you are fully aware of the risks. I surf around Devon and Cornwall and still now in the mid of summer you can fins empty waves. But you are going to have to work for it a little. For example you were surfing Bude. I have surfed that same break before. But if its lower tide(not high) I just paddle north up the coast to the next peak. There are so many waves just off the main beaches that are complete empty. Im not going to name any spots but I can guarantee is… Read more »

3 months ago
Reply to  Reuben Ellis

Hi Reuben, thank you for your reply. Yes unfortunately it was high spring tide that day, resulting in a denser crowd. I will definitely take your advice and paddle around the more Northern area when on low tide to find a quieter spot. Regarding your searching other locations, I have been doing just that this week, I have surfed a descend amount of the really popular spots along the coast line over the years, but a lot of them I can see a sup not working too well during summer, so will be going out tomorrow to try a rather… Read more »

Reuben Ellis
3 months ago
Reply to  Marcus88

Sounds like you are going to score. Finding waves is half of the adventure.

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