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Foil board boxes and foot strap placement / Kit chat

Over the last few years we’ve been playing around with foil boards for SUP foil surfing and wing surfing. Footstraps on foil boards are a personal thing and they are not essential, but they will offer the rider more control and the ability to pump the board onto the foil earlier. In this video we […]

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1 year ago

Good points raised …Takuma have footstrap inserts all the way down the deckpad …giving lots of flexibility of footstrap placement.

Will Rogers
1 year ago

Interesting – the fanatic does feel like the footstraps are too far back – when trying to get into waves on the foil it feels like I want to trim further forward to get into the wave earlier (but cant). It doesn’t make such a difference / any difference when wingsurfing this board – probably because the trim backwards and forward is not so important as the whole mechanism for getting on the foil is different. When foil surfing it, I found it harder – I think on reflection this might have been because I was catching waves later and… Read more »

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