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We look at the 2020 Naish SUP foil range

Naish have been in the SUP foil market from day one, and their 2020 Naish SUP foil range is bigger than ever before. In their 2020 range they have a wide choice of boards to suit a wide range of riders needs and abilities. For some paddlers the hardest part is understanding which board would be best for you!

In this video review we talk about the whole 2020 Naish SUP foil range and break down why the boards are designed and sized like they are. We also try and help you understand which board you should be looking at, to get the most out of SUP foiling in 2020.

Our top - 2020 Naish SUP foil boards

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1 year ago

I have 95L hover sup ultra carbon board. Love it for wing surfing, but have not been able to catch waves with it. I use 2450 & 1650 jet foils for light and high winds, respectively.

11 months ago

Hi Reuben, great video, thanks!! I have been wingfoiling with friends material, the smallest board I wingfoiled with is a One-6.8x28x108l, at the beginning it was hard to get on knees and up because the side chop on the sea maked it difficult, after a few times it get better, some times still difficult. I have now orderd today a Naish Ultra Carbon 6.0×28.5 110l. I want it for wingsurfing to progress, to start doing jibes, taks, etc and later for downwind wingfoiling. I am afraid that its maybe more unstable than the one 6.8, maybe i should change for… Read more »

11 months ago

hola quiero comprar una tabla quiero saber la diferencien entre la carbon ultra y la carbon sanwinch mi peso es de 75kg creo que con la 95l estaria bien , y tambien me gustaria saber si con el wing surfer s25 de 4.6 , m sereria suficiente para esa tabla soy nuevo en estoy y estoy un poco dudoso , tambien comentarte que me he decidido por el jet hidrofoil 1650 de naish , que te parece todo este equipo para empezar .


8 months ago

Really great video! I’ve been learning to use a wing on a normal SUP and am looking to buy my first board for foiling. I’m 188 cm and 97 kg. Would the Naish Hover 140 be the way to go? I’ve not foiled before and would be predominantly wing foiling.

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