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Bring out the repair tape for Austin Kalama’s new Wing moves

If it’s got a foil involved Austin Kalama’s going to be all over it! The new Wing surfing foil discipline has already got some cool looking moves going on. But this little video from Alex Aguera shows Austin taking it up a level and demonstrating just what can be done with a Wing and foil! It’s worth noting…

  • The fast foil tack. Austin has definitely got this move nailed! He shows us a great smooth tack on the foil. Time 1:38
  • Your Wing is going to take a beating! Getting holes in it is inevitable, especially if you’re going for air time and using it in the waves. It’s good to see that Austin’s wing has a few battle scars too (black tape) but is still going.

Keep charging Austin. We’re enjoying watching your progress and no doubt the brands are listening to your feedback on how to improve the Wings for us all in the future.


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