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The Naish SUP team have been busy… The 2020 range is here!

Naish are officially the first brand to have released their new 2020 range of gear, and it's clear to see that Robby Naish and the rest of the Naish team have been working very hard over the last year. Seeing improvements and changes is something we would expect to see from every brand but this new Naish range has many completely new board shapes for 2020.

Some of the new things to look out for this year are;

The Jet Foil Range. With their bigger size wings, easier to use Abracadabra quick attachment system and completely new tail wing Naish are making it easier to get into foiling in 2020. It’s also good to hear that all these new wings and tails are still interchangeable with existing wings.

Wing Surfer is a new toy that has been added to the Naish range and is already getting many riders and paddlers on the water when the wind is blowing. Check out our previous feature about the Naish Wing Surfer here. Also look out for the SUPboarder Pro video where we are going to be using these new wing foils to see if its something that an all round paddler should be thinking about getting into.

SUP Race is back and Naish mean business in 2020. 2 boards this year and both new shapes. Last year they just had the Maliko all-water board, but this year the Maliko is a new shape and it’s joined by the return of the flat-water board the Javelin. But don’t be fooled… this may have its old name back but it’s very much a new shape for 2020. We look forward to seeing the new Naish boards grabbing some more podium places.

The Touring GTW for 2020 looks like its more set up for Touring with a larger flatter deck and rear tie down points well placed on the board. And with its overall specs at 14’x30″ it’s going to be a board with good glide and easy tracking. Will from SUPboarder has already flagged this board as a touring shape to look out for this coming year.

In the surf range a big stand out for us that will be getting a lot of paddlers into some good waves is the new 10′ Naish Nalu range of Pro longboards. This year they are offering a bigger 145L at 29″ wide and also have a 125L at 27″wide. The original Naish Nalu Pro is a lovely board to surf and we really are looking forward to getting on the new ones and giving you our verdict.

Remember as far as iSUPs are concerned the 2020 range had an early release in March 2019! We have already reviewed the Glide and Maliko. Check out the full comparison post here.

The 2020 range of boards from Naish look good. We are really pleased to see that the Naish team have been watching the market and made changes to make this gear even more rider-friendly for paddlers all over the world in many different disciplines. We look forward to getting on the new Naish range this year. But remember also to let us know if you have any thoughts or feedback about the new gear yourselves. Or if you want to see a certain Naish board reviewed in 2020 please get in contact.

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