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Days of Opportunity – A SUP Adventure around Menorca

In April of 2018 SUPboarder's Will Rogers set off with some friends attempting to circumnavigate Menorca, an island in the mediterranean sea. Will tells the story of this fantastic trip in his documentary 'Days of Opportunity', reflecting on why he's so addicted to the challenges of SUP touring & exploring. Its certainly worth finding time to watch how this challenging trip unfolded, so sit back, grab a beer and get inspired for adventure!

Will's documentary follows him and his 3 friends, Rach Ince, Jen Manning and Ben Sawyer as they make an attempt to circumnavigate Menorca by SUP. This documentary gives us an insight into the challenges the team faced and how they overcame them, and helps us understand why adventure can be so good for us physically and mentally.Here's what Will had to say:

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“Working on this documentary has been a great experience - allowing me to reflect on an incredible trip and share some of the highs and lows of SUP adventure. Hopefully this film will inspire others to push themselves outside of their comfort zone, challenge themselves and create their own 'Days of Opportunity'. Happy Paddling!”

If you are inspired by SUP touring and exploring stay tuned for Will’s upcoming SUPboarder touring and exploring how to series. ¬†You can also find links to Will’s Ibiza circumnavigation and Scotland crossing below as well as where to find equipment and more inspiring content on SUP Touring & Exploring.

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Will used GeoSUP a mobile app designed specifically for stand up paddleboarders by the SUPboarder Magazine team. GeoSUP allows you to record and share your own SUP adventures – learn more about GeoSUP below.

GeoSUP - The Stand Up Paddleboarding App

Boards used on the Menorca expedition -

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