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A quick look at the new 2019 Bravo hand pumps

With more iSUP’s being used around the world than ever before, being able to pump your iSUP quickly and easily has never been so important. The company that has been at the very forefront of iSUP pumps is the Italian manufacturer Bravo. Bravo have helped more paddlers pump their inflatable SUPs than any other brand. So when they released their new 2019 range of hand pumps we knew pumping up an iSUP was about to get even easier!

Super / max psi 29 / weight 1’150g
Sky Water / max psi 14.5 / weight 1’250g
Nano / max psi 29 / weight 720g

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robert skinner
robert skinner

Hey guys, where and when can I get the bravo super pump?

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