“Are narrow race boards nuts?” Race Dr Bryce Dyer

“Are narrow race boards nuts?” Race Dr Bryce Dyer

Our race doctor Bryce Dyer has an informal chat asking the question which many are asking ”Are narrow race boards nuts?!!” Bryce has been borrowing a 21.5” wide Starboard Sprit race board from top SUP athlete Ryan James to help him answer the question. Race boards have been getting narrower for the past few years as Bryce has told us in his previous videos. But are narrow race boards something for only the high performance racer or are they something that an average racer can and should be looking at too? As a taller paddler at 6’3” and 88kg Bryce is the perfect person to answer this.

Apologies about the wind and background noise. This is a very informal chat with Bryce and as always very interesting stuff.

Feature image Josh Sampiero

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