Shark SUP Nurse Shark 15’2” review / Multi person board

Shark SUP Nurse Shark 15’2” review / Multi person board
Shark SUP Nurse Shark 15’2” x 36” / £799 – $1089

We it comes to fun on the water multi person SUPs like the Shark SUP Nurse Shark are great for families and friends. The Shark SUP Nurse is great for the whole family, with a clear viewing window that keeps even the smallest passengers paddling!

Shark SUPs Nurse SharkBoard details:
  • Length        15′2”
  • Width         36″
  • Thickness   8″
  • Volume      650l
  • Fin set up  2+1 / PVC side fins and plastic slot box centre fin
  • Weight       14 kg
  • Paddlers   1-3 paddlers

Shark SUP Nurse Shark

For more information about the Shark SUPs Nurse Shark 15’2” check out the Shark SUPs website here.

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