Fanatic Stubby Foil 8’7” review / Intermediate surf – Multi sport

Fanatic Stubby Foil 8’7” review / Intermediate surf – Multi sport
Fanatic Stubby Foil 8’7”Foil edition / £1649 Board / £899 S1 Foil

One board that does it all?… It’s a hard thing to ask for from a board, but having a board you can SUP surf, SUP Foil and windsurf Foil definitely sounds like a value for money product.

When it comes to foiling, by using a good foil such as the Fanatic S1 you can surf on pretty much anything (as many youtube videos show us!) But the Stubby isn’t just anything! The Fanatic Stubby is an outstanding shaped board that surfs so well you will be happy to leave the foil on the beach until the waves crap out. The fact you can windsurf it as well just brings even more fun to a day at the beach!

Fanatic-SUP-foil-stubbyBoard details:
  • Length        8′7”
  • Width         29.25″
  • Thickness   4″ approx
  • Volume      120l
  • Fin set up  3 x Multi box (5” fins) / Double US box foil attachment
  • Weight       9.1 kg
  • Rider size   50-95kg
(All ratings/sliders are for board only)

Other sizes in board range;
7′10”  x 28.5” = 95L

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The new Stubby Foil Edition adds another dimension to our parallel rail shape. Fly above any ripple or dig your rails deep in a clean wall – you decide on the setup you ride.

Our Stubby Foil Edition comes in the same shape as our Stubby LTD and offers the same easy and controlled flow if you decide to ride your regular Thruster fins.
Once you change to Foil, our Stubby Foil Edition – available in 7’10” and 8’7” – creates a whole new dynamic. Catch waves of any size way before they hit the reef and ride them with new lines and a totally different approach. Our adjustable system with two longer tracks allows the use of different foils and finding their individual sweet spot. Additionally we equipped the Stubby Foil with strap inserts for optional Windsurf-Foiling. The greatest variety of multisport-use combined in one package.

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One thought on “Fanatic Stubby Foil 8’7” review / Intermediate surf – Multi sport”

  1. Really do enjoy your reviews, but I do wish you would give a word of warning about foils. Many SUP users are not experienced, particularly in the Surf. This creates friction between those who Sup surf and Short boards given latter get hit by poorly controlled Sups. Personally as a Sup Surfer when I see foils in the line up I move away because most are poorly controlled. Whilst your (beautiful) videos show an almost empty wave, most breaks are busy. In which case foil sups are just dangerous. In future can you at least warn people not to use these foils in busy breaks or without requisite experience. Seen to many near missed and really don’t want to see an injury from foils to a water user.

    Also, can you put a link on your site to SUP insurance, so that all are properly covered.
    All the best



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