Head to head / Starboard Allstar (hard) Vs Airline (iSUP)

Head to head / Starboard Allstar (hard) Vs Airline (iSUP)

This is an interesting video from Starboard SUP showing their new 2018 Allstar race board range going head to head… iSUP v hard.

Top international racers Michael Booth and Bruno Hasulyo put the Starboard Carbon (hard board) and the new technology Starboard Allstar Airline (iSUP board) in a drag race test, in perfect flatwater conditions.

It’s interesting to see the boards performance on the water. And the results look pretty close over these short tests.

But look out soon for SUPboarder’s full comparison review of the 14′ x 28” Allstar and 14′ x 28” Allstar Airline, where we will be really looking into the pros and cons of each board. We can’t wait!

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