Girls SUP surfing is all about the two Ts

Girls SUP surfing is all about the two Ts

It’s so good to see more girls getting into SUP, and there are some really talented female SUP surfers out there from all over the world. Their styles and board choices may all be different, but they all have the same two things mastered (something that not all male SUP surfers have!)… technique and timing!  Yes, many guys have great technique and timing too, but you’ll see some using a bit of brute force to make up for a loss of technique & miss timing.
Girls are generally smaller and less strong than guys. So when you watch some of the best girls in the world throw their surf SUPs into tight turns and off sections of breaking waves, making it look effortless, it’s all about having their two Ts spot on.

Using the board and paddle to their full potential, with correct foot placement and body weight transfer to move the board in different ways.

Understanding how to read the wave i.e what it’s going to do, and understanding how long it will take you to move across the wave so you can carry out certain manoeuvres at the most appropriate time and place on the wave.

Just check out some of the best in the world… Shakira Westdorp, Iballa Moreno and Nicole Baronat in the above video. And Kaylan Dahl looking smooth below. 

Whoever you are and whatever you ride, remember it’s not always about being big and powerful. It’s your technique and timing that really matters. So next time you go surfing remember the 2 Ts!

Feature image : Iballa Moreno by Stu Johnson

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