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Shark SUPs 14′ Speed 2017 review / Inflatable Race iSUP

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Very informative and accurate review, thanks a lot. This board is also as 12’6″ available. I weight 160 lbs , 5ft 10″ tall. Would 12,6 be also good then? I like to go faster then with an allround board on one side but on the other side I don’t want to fall in the water all time, especially in winter times. How critical are the 25″ width ? The seaeagle needlenose inflatable boards also have a hard, sharp bow. The 126 is available with 30″width and 26″ as a race version. How would you see these boards compared to the… Read more »


Hi Reuben Thanks for your feedback that helped me a lot to make a decision. I just got the 14′ shark speed last week and paddled it on this weekend. I had a lot of fun and fast paddle feeling and it has a nice look. I am excited that this more effordable board got such a good Performance assessment in comparison with the more expensive boards. I noticed that the nose on the board is not air tight sealed. Means when I slightly squeeze the nose a little air flows out. Does your board has the same condition? The… Read more »

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