Palm’s Neoflex Top & Leggings – Review

Palm’s Neoflex Top & Leggings – Review

Deciding what to wear when paddling is not easy. Ensuring you don’t get too hot or too cold, and stay comfortable when both wet and dry can often be a challenge. Palm however have brought out a Neoflex product range designed to trick all the boxes, in and out of the water. SUPboarder takes a closer look at two great products from Palm – the Men’s Neoflex Longsleeve Top and Leggings (also available in the womens range) 

About Palm

Palm is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of “Gear for Paddlers.’ From their origins in a small shed in Somerset in 1979 Palm Equipment was originally designed for the kayak and canoe market, however they are now making a range of products suitable for SUPers including jackets, PFD’s, shorts, leggings, tops, rash vests, ponchos, booties and accessories.

Part of Palm’s Neo thermal insulation system, Neoflex, are “thin super stretch garments specifically designed to be worn next to the skin whilst participating in immersion activities.” Designed to be “warm and comfy when dry, and super stretchy and supple when wet” the Neoflex range has certainly been designed with SUPers in mind.

Palm Neoflex Longsleeve Top (mens) – £79.95

The longsleeve top‚ made of thin and ultra stretchy 0.5mm 4 way stretch neoprene bonded to a soft Thermospan liner is designed to be warn as a “stand-alone layer in warm conditions or underneath a paddle jacket when it gets colder.” Windproof, waterproof and a great insulator when wet it should make the perfect paddling top.

  • Available in 1 colour – Jet grey/Blue
  • Available in 5 Men sizes – S, M, L, XL, XXL

The 5’11” medium build tester wore a size M.

The SUPboarder verdict

The Neoflex long sleeve top looks simple but there’s a lot more to it. The dual colour way, quality materials and good cut gives it a stylish look over shorts and leggings. The slightly longer rear hem means you stay well covered and warm when paddling, and no underarm seams prevents any chaffing. The soft thermaspan liner feels great against bare skin dry and wet. And the super stretchy thin neoprene makes it easy to get on and off even when wet. It feels super comfy to wear in a range of paddling conditions, and kept the tester warm on chilly morning paddles, and cool when paddling in the heat on a sunny day. A snug fitting top but not restrictive in any way and the ideal piece of clothing to wear in a range of paddling conditions, with other Neoflex garments or just a pair of boardies. The perfect top for a cruisy paddle or when competing.

Pros – one top that can be used in a wide range of paddling conditions. Available in both long and short sleeve. 
Cons – not the cheapest and no colour choice.

Palm Neoflex Leggings (mens) – £74.95

As with all the Neoflex garments the leggings have the same neoprene/thermaspan material construction and are designed to be windproof, waterproof and a great insulator when wet.

  • Available in 1 colour – Jet grey/Blue
  • Available in 5 sizes – S, M, L, XL, XXL

The 5’11″medium build tester wore a size M.

The SUPboarder verdict

If you’re used to paddling in either board shorts or a wetsuit then tight leggings might not be your first clothing choice but don’t dis them until you’ve tried them! Palm’s Neoflex ankle length leggings look much like a wetsuit, are super easy to get on, super flexible and super comfy when wet and dry. The soft lining and flat lock stitched seams makes them extremely comfortable against bare skin. And the higher cut at back and rolled waist band means they stay firmly in place and keep you well covered when paddling. No need to stop and pull them up half way through your paddle stroke! Great protection from the wind on those chillier paddling days, and from the sun when its too hot for a wetsuit but you want to stay covered.

The neoflex leggings can be warn with a neoflex top or just a simple rash vest or t-shirt.

Pros – Ideal when you don’t want to wear a wetsuit but want to stay warm & well covered.
Cons – not the cheapest and no colour choice

The Neoflex product range from Palm can certainly be used in a wide range of paddling conditions, so you can be sure you can get your money’s worth out of them. The fact you can either wear them together or separately makes them much more versatile than a wetsuit and probably cheaper too. As with all Palm products they ooze quality and come with a 12 month guarantee so you can be sure they’ll last. The testers Neoflex products have been well used and yet still look as new, maintaining their elasticity, softness and colour. 2 great products from Palm. We look forward to reviewing more of their products and giving you the SUPboarder verdict soon!

For more information about Palm and their products check out the palm website

Also available – Women’s Neoflex Top & Leggings

The women’s Neoflex Top & Leggings are much the same as the men’s just different colourways & cut. Well worth checking out too.

Neoflex Top (long & short sleeve)

  • Available in 4 sizes S, M, L, XL
  • Available in 1 colour – Aqua/Glacier

Neoflex Leggings

  • Available in 4 sizes S, M, L, XL
  • Available in 1 colour – Jet Grey

Words – Reuben Ellis


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