The speed of SUPing downwind with Riggs

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The speed of SUPing downwind with Riggs

If you haven’t tried it yet SUPing downwind is an absolute hoot! When the conditions are on, endless glides and speeds just unachievable on the flat are what you should expect.  Jeremy Riggs gets his fair share of downwind paddling in, and in this latest video he shows us some great angles of the fast and exciting world of downwind paddling.  

Riggs’s board
Jeremy is riding a SIC Bullet custom which is 18’X23”. Super long to catch the waves and pretty narrow too which also helps keep the board moving and on the plane above the water as much as possible. You can also see in the video it has a foot steering fin too, which helps to connect glides between waves.

Find out more about Jeremy Riggs and his epic downwinders here :

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