Kody Kerbox talks about SUP paddle length & size

Kody Kerbox talks about SUP paddle length & size

Koby Kerbox is one of the best all round paddlers in the world. From surfing to racing he’s at the top so it’s interesting to hear what SUP paddle lengths and blade sizes he uses.

For your reference Kody is 70”/ 177cm in height.

Surf paddle height 70” / 177cm   Blade size 75in² / 484cm²
Cruising paddle                            Blade size 85in²/ 548cm²
Race paddle height 76”/ 193cm  Blade size 95in² / 613cm²

Using thicker/higher volumed boards. Paddle height 78”/ 198cm

As Kody says, blade size is really mostly about body weight and personal preference. But it’s always good to hear what some of the best in the world are using.

For more information on the Naish paddles, visit their website here :


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