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Is it possible to Foil SUP Race?!

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No, please see the Flyak- a racing kayak on foils which has been developed and optimised over many years. Kayaking is more efficient than SUPing in terms of power delivered to the water, and the Flyak can only be got up and sustained for about 200m on its foils by Olympic calibre canoe sprint athletes.
So there will not be a foiling race SUP (even a sprint one) that is usable by the general population.

Reuben Ellis

Very interesting, thanks for your feedback Jake.

Chuck Glynn

True it is a lot of energy to maintain flight on the foil, on a kayak you don’t have full body to use to sustain flight where as with straps and a paddle and use of legs to pump I believe it is possible to sustain flight. I have flown about a 1/4 mile so fat and still just getting the hang of the pump rythem, but with proper strengthening I can see it happening very soon.

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