A good frontside bottom turn is essential for good SUP surfing. It is the fundamental linking manoeuvre carried out at the bottom of the wave face, and is used between all other turns. It is also an excellent manoeuvre to help generate speed on the wave. Having a solid bottom turn is what often makes a surfer stand out from the crowd.

A frontside bottom turn involves transferring your body weight onto one rail of the board and using your paddle as a pivot point to redirect your board back up the wave.

There are two types of bottom turn – a frontside and a backside bottom turn. In this video we’re going to be looking at the frontside bottom turn. It’s the easiest of the 2 bottom turns because you’re leaning onto your toes and looking towards the face of the wave helping you to remain balanced.

It’s always a good idea to start with the easier frontside bottom turn, and then progress onto the backside bottom turn, which we will be covering in another of our SUPboarder tuitional ‘How to’ videos…

Feature image : Martin schoppler
Extra footage : Clive Boaden


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