RRD Air Race V3 14′ review / Race iSUP

RRD Air Race V3 14′ review / Race iSUP
RRD Air Race V3 14′ x 26” / inflatable SUP – £1048

SUPboarder looks at the new and improved 2017 RRD Air Race V3. Now longer at 14′ x 26”  and with its new PVC rail edge around the tail of the board it allows the water to have better release from the board. A smooth, fast iSUP that will be more than happy on any race course or for someone who wants to paddle fast and get some miles under them.


Board details:
  • Length        14′
  • Width         26″
  • Thickness   6″
  • Volume      300l
  • Fin set up  Centre US box
  • Weight       13 kg
  • Rider size   55-85kg
  • Deflection 15mm

For more information about the RRD Air Race V3 range of boards check out RRD’s website here.

If you have used this board or have any questions or comments about this board please leave your comment below and we will get back to you. Also if you want to compare the RRD Air Race V3 with other boards on the market check out the SUPboarder equipment guide here.

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