Another SUPboarder video review, and this time it’s the newest film to come out of the Pacific… ‘Living the Stoke 2’. Have you seen it yet? If not then read SUPboarders review and verdict here: 

It’s been 4 yrs now since ‘Living the Stoke 1’ was released, so it was about time we had something new from Von Piros Productions. ‘Living the Stoke 2’ is another really nice, chilled out 40 min surf sup travel story with an ‘endless summer’ feel commentary. Epic waves, good music and lots of family feel good factor fun you can’t not smile watching it. But you’ll be wishing you were out there too!

Filmed in Fiji, Living the Stoke 2, is a real life documentary all about a group of pro and free riders who have headed with not only lots of SUP and kite gear but also their families, for a 3 week adventure holiday.  Basing themselves at the Fiji beach house, the riders who all have a range of surfing abilities and styles, head off in search of waves and adventure. The riders including some of Australia’s best including, Keahi de Aboitz, Geoff Breen and Jackson Close surf a range of spots including the mellow Frigates Passage, the well known and pretty intense Cloud Break, plus other less famous breaks around the island. The action builds throughout the film, but it’s not just all about SUP.

Keahi shows his true all round waterman status by not only ripping at cloud break on his SUP, but then swapping onto his kite when the wind picks up and showing an insane display of kite surfing.

Amongst the action the riders enjoy hanging out with their families and the locals, and show how Fiji really is a family friendly place, with not only great waves but also beautiful lagoons, stunning inland scenery and a great family vibe. If you’re prepared to get off the beaten track and explore, Fiji is an uncrowded surfing mecca, and a beautiful country where a traditional way of life is still very much present.

The surfing and family adventures are beautifully captured with a variety of media including quadcopters, and underwater cameras, providing interesting angles and enough different shots which have been edited together well. With a range of SUP surfing styles and abilities, there really is something for every SUPboarder to aspire to.

There’s also a great outtake hammering section at the end which is what in our eyes, all good surfing films should have!

So if you’re into SUP and Kiting then this film will definitely tick all your boxes and is worth a watch. Plus it will make you want to get a crowd of mates together and head off on a family surfing adventure. 
The film is available to buy and rent online here Or to get yourself a hard copy check out the Von Piros website here.

Keahi de Aboitz
Jackson Close
Roger Saunders (Dogman)
Geoff Breen
Andy Davies
Scott Solar
Michelle Malmedal
Brett Williams
Rod Clark
Aarron Bitmead & Ratu

Directed by : Rob Pirie

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