Kai Bates and mates in Peru. A unique short SUP film with great riding and fantastic filming… an inspiring watch to end your year.

2014 has been another great year for SUP and SUP videos. The quality of the riding and the film making has improved significantly. Here are just a few of the top videos we have seen on SUPboarder over the last 12 months. Whether you’re into SUP surf action or adventure paddling we’ve seen it all in 2014…


Some great SUP surfing action from the Vaz brothers Ian & Caio and the rest of the Brazilian team during the Huntington Beach pro. Followed up with a road trip down to northern Baja Mexico after.


This is what the Battle of the Paddle is all about…absolute carnage! This has to be one of the best spectator sports in the watersports world. The best 7mins of carnage we have seen so far!!

Over 130 paddlers turned up to enjoy the atmosphere and to compete in the first race of the UK SUP Clubs race series held in Devon from Dartmouth to Totnes. Globalshots has produced this great video of the event. To read the full race review click here.


Every journey has a story, and for Keith Wraight from Inland SUP, that SUP story started with a dream. Then with a bit of encouragement and planning, that dream developed into a spectacular, solo, Scottish SUP adventure. Glassy flat lochs, stunning scenery, beautiful sunsets, some good whisky… and midgies! Read Keith’s full story click here

Timmy Brennan is a New York iron worker who escapes the grind of the city through his true passion, SUP surfing. But when Superstorm Sandy destroys his home in Breezy Point in October 2012, Timmy loses everything — including his board. As Timmy digs through the ruins of his home day after day, trying to recover lost possessions, he discovers the kindness of strangers and finds solace once again on the ocean. Read Timmy’s full feature with SUPboarder click here.


A great video released from Bart de Zwart about his solo French Polynesian crossing from Tahiti – Bora Bora over 4 days 3 nights and non-stop. Bart competed this amazing challenge back in May 2014 and like all of Bart’s other challenges it was full on, and an amazing mission completed.  The board Bart was using was a Starboard Expedition 14’0″ X 30″ … which isn’t that big when it’s your home for 4 days!

Sam Ross, Jamie Gibbs, Chris ‘Muzza’ Murray and George Shillito competed an epic challenge that was far tougher than they ever imagined. The plan was to cross the Channel from Alderney to Poole. When the conditions stopped them from completing it they decided to run a plan B down the River Stour. Trees, weeds and a drowning sheep made it hard and eventful! Read Sam’s full feature click here.


By far the best way to watch the epic Molokai SUP race. This footage captured by EPIC Aerial Productions is epic to say the least. Not to mention the epic battle that was going on down below on the water between Conner Baxter, Kai Lenny and SUP legend Dave Kalama proving that he can still keep up with the young guns.

With the right conditions and equipment, SUP downwinding can be great fun. Beau O’Brian talks you through downwinding and how to get the most out of your run.

White water

When you see SUP whitewater videos like this, it looks really good fun. No 30 foot unmakeable drops, just cruising down some nice rapids with your mates and all the safety gear you need. This video was sent to us by Nico Fayol and is filmed in France. But there are plenty of rivers in the UK like this too.


The SUPfit and Lagoon Watersports team set off early morning to take advantage of a calm morning to do some SUPyoga with Gerry at the west pier in Brighton.

The SUPboarder Team hope you’ve had a good year of paddling and enjoyed SUPboardermag in 2014. We’re looking forward to another action packed year of SUP in the New Year. Remember to let us know what you get up to!

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