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image002When most people think of Israel they think of a place with plenty of history and religion. But did you know that Israel is also a great watersports travel destination, and perfect for SUP, surf, windsurf and kite? Despite being a small country the beautiful Mediterranean coastline and unusual inland waters provide a huge variety of unique SUP conditions. And what makes it even better is there’s surf too!
The SUPaway surf club based at Michmoret Beach recently went on a ‘4 seas in 4 days’ SUP road trip which shows just what Israel has on offer for SUP and that there’s definitely no shortage of places to explore! SUP surfing in the Mediterranean, SUPing where Jesus walked on water (the Sea of Galilee), SUPing on the Jordan River which flows down to the lowest point on earth (the Dead Sea), and finally they headed to the sunny town of Eilat at the southern point of Israel, to SUP over coral reefs in the Red Sea. All this within 400 km from North to South!
SUPaway tell SUPboarder all about their latest SUP road trip and why Israel is the place to go to SUP…

Day 1 & 2
We headed off in the afternoon towards Tibearias and arrived just in time for a sunset paddle on the Sea of Galilee. Although called a “sea” it is really a lake, surrounded by the Golan Mountains – which are luscious green in winter, and yet dry and yellow in summer. The look & feel of the beaches that surround the entire lake change according the local geography, creating different landscapes as we paddled along the lake shores. We camped right on the Leedo Beach, and with a full day ahead we woke up at 5am for an amazing sunrise paddle. SUPing on the Sea of Galilee is a great way to explore this lake, enjoy the view, and paddle where Jesus walked on water and held his last SUPper :>
Sea of Galilee 2Sea of Galilee

Just half an hour away, we drove to explore the Jordan River. In winter time the Jordan River can be up to grade 5 rapid but water levels get much lower through summer time, when it can just be a cruise down the stream. The Jordan River is also famous as the place where Jesus was baptized and right nearby there are lots of interesting historical and archaeological sites to visit, including kasser el Yahud – the actual site of the first baptisms, Capernaum – where the 12 apostles were chosen and more. We had a pretty tight schedule so we continued our paddle down the river. Since it was early Autumn it was a cruisy flat ride.
Jordan River 1Jordan RIVER

The next sea we visited was the Mediterranean. We stopped in Akko (a.k.a Acre) a biblical sea side town with a rich history, and one of the only cities which has been continuously inhabited from BC to this day. The city is fortified by a tall stone wall, which still exists and we paddled along it in the Akko Bay. To finish off we stopped for freshly caught seafood, in one of the local restaurants built along the wall, overlooking the bay and the Carmel Mountain.
Akko WallsAkko Bay 

Day 3
Out homebase, Michmoret, located in the centre of the country, is a small surfing (once fishermen) village. This is where SUPaway surf club is located and the hometown of its founder- Amit Inbar, former Olympic athlete and windsurfing world champion.
Michmoret Med SeaMichmoret

A short surfing documentary featuring Focus SUP Hawaii team rider Mo Freitas in his recent trip to Israel in summer 2014.

Mo Freitas is a SUP surfer from Hawaii and is considered one of the top riders in the world.
While surfing in Israel mo got to experience the best of this country, he traveled to the Jordan River where Jesus walked on water in the north and all the way down to the Dead Sea, the lowest sea in the world. And the saltiest…
Visiting Jerusalem showed Mo a different culture where so many different religions get to live together and share this amazing holy city.


Some great progressive SUP surfing from Israeli surfer Omri Hazor. This nice film really shows you what great waves they get in Israel. Somewhere else to add to your travel list.
Filmed and Produced : Yakir Avrahami


Vorupør, Denmark, September 10, 2017 – Team Australia capped off a historic week of competition in Denmark and continued their dominance in the ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship, edging out France and New Zealand to earn the overall Team Gold Medal.
Coming into the Final day of competition in Vorupør, located on Denmark’s northwest coast, Australia held the overall lead in the team points ranking. Their fate was in their hands, as a win in the Team Relay Race would cement their Gold Medal position at the top of the podium.
Team Australia jumped out to a lead in the Relay Race that only grew larger lap after lap, earning their fifth Team Gold Medal in the event’s six-year history.
Team Australia’s quest for Gold started at the first leg of the World Championship in Copenhagen. They got off to an amazing start with dual Gold Medals in the Paddleboard Distance Race from Lachie Lansdown and Jordan Mercer.
As the event moved to the northwest coast known as ‘Cold Hawaii’, Team Australia briefly trailed in the overall team points ranking behind Team France, but after SUP Surfing Gold from Shakira Westdorp and Silver from Harry Maskell, a SUP Technical Race Bronze Medal from Terrene Black, and repeat Gold Medal performances from Lachie Lansdown and Jordan Mercer in the Paddleboard Technical Races, they had gained the lead and never looked back.
Shakira Westdorp, Australia’s team captain and Women’s SUP Surfing Gold Medalist, said:
“We showed our dominance from start to finish. Our whole team put in so much work and I think we deserved this.
“Winning Gold is what we come here for. This time around was definitely our most hard-fought Team Gold. There was so much high competition from other countries. It’s awesome to see the growth of SUP and Paddleboarding.
“For us to win with this strong field it shows the caliber of our athletes and our team spirit. We always have each other’s back and that goes a long way.
Closely following Team Australia in what was the most tightly contested competition for the Team Gold Medal in the event’s history were Team France with the Silver Medal, Team New Zealand with the Bronze Medal, and Team Hawaii with the Copper.
The final day of competition at the ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship kicked off on Sunday morning with the Team Relay Race Semifinals and Final under partly cloudy skies and an electric vibe coming from the spectators waiting to see a Team World Champion crowned.
The first two Semifinals determined who would advance to the Final, which featured Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Japan, England, Hawaii, USA, Brazil, and the home nation Denmark.
In the Final the race for Gold was over after New Zealand’s SUP racer, Annabel Anderson, fell off her board twice on the second lap, allowing Australia’s Terrene Black to push ahead by 50 meters. Australia’s following legs of the relay, Jordan Mercer and Lincoln Dews, added to the lead gained by Black to earn the Gold Medal.
Heading into the Relay Race final lap, the anchor for Team Denmark, Casper Steinfath, was tagged into the race with his team in sixth position. Steinfath made quick work to catch USA and Hawaii who were holding fourth and fifth place. In a display of incredible determination, Steinfath passed star Hawaiian SUP racer, Connor Baxter, to earn an inspirational Copper Medal for the country of Denmark.
Team France earned the Silver Medal and Team New Zealand the Bronze in the relay, solidifying their respective second and third positions in the overall team points ranking.
The Closing Ceremony followed the end of competition to celebrate the end of a historic week of competition in Denmark and to crown the 2017 World Team Champion.
Dignitaries present at the ceremony included, ISA President, Fernando Aguerre, Mayor of Thisted Municipality, Lene Kjelgaard Jensen, President of Friends of Cold Hawaii, Finn Jorsal, and President Danish Surfing & Rafting Federation, Jakob Færch.
ISA President, Fernando Aguerre, said:
“We have come to the end of the World Championship, and it’s great because we have had an amazing competition, but sad because now we go back home and say goodbye to our friends and the people of Denmark. I want to thank the organizers, volunteers, and everyone who made this recording-breaking edition of the event possible.
“We got everything this week: wind, waves, rain, and sun. We have deep gratitude to the people of Cold Hawaii for hosting us.
“This is the largest ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship in history. 42 countries, more 450 participants, and more than 700 team visitors gathered here in Denmark. We will all go home as ambassadors of the spirit of the Danish people.
“This week we experienced the highest level of competition and camaraderie. We have shared with our friends in Denmark the spirit of the ISA World Championship. ISA and SUP are one and we are going to be sure that it stays that way. The ISA is the only International Federation to organize a World Championship for SUP.  SUP is surfing and not canoeing. SUP will continue to flourish in Denmark and around the globe under ISA leadership.
“For those of you that didn’t take home medals, don’t ever forget you were here. You made history and represented your country, which is the highest honor.”


Vorupør, Denmark, September 9, 2017 – Hawaii’s Mo Freitas earned his first-ever ISA Gold Medal to become World Champion in the SUP Technical Race at the 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship in Vorupør, Denmark.
Freitas got off to a rough start in the race after falling rounding a buoy on the second lap, moving him out of the lead pack. With what seemed like an insurmountable gap between Freitas and the leaders, Freitas quickly caught back up to salvage his chance of winning Gold.
Freitas trailed his teammate Connor Baxter and Denmark’s Casper Steinfath on the final straight away to the beach and in a show of inspiring strength and endurance, he surpassed Steinfath to simultaneously cross the finish line with Baxter.
The finish was too close to call, and after moments of replay review it was determined that Freitas had beaten Baxter by two tenths of a second, with Baxter taking the Silver and Steinfath taking the Bronze.
“The emotion is just flowing right now,” said Freitas. “So many times I’ve finished in second or third and I’ve finally won.
“Connor Baxter is such a great paddler and today I am just overwhelmed with joy.
“I fell on a buoy turn, but it put me in a place to catch a bump that allowed me to catch back up to the leaders. There was still one more lap to go and I had a game plan the entire time. I wanted to stick in the back and it worked.”
Australia swept the Paddleboard Technical Races with Jordan Mercer and Lachie Lansdown repeating their Distance Race Gold Medal feats accomplished in Copenhagen earning Technical Race Gold in Vorupør on Denmark’s northwest coast.
Jordan Mercer, the most decorated ISA athlete of all-time, kicked off the series of four Technical Races Finals with another dominating Paddleboard performance, earning her tenth individual ISA Gold Medal.
“To be out there healthy and feeling fit is incredible,” said Mercer. “To be back racing and able to go as fast as I want to go is something that I really missed this past year with injuries.
“Today I had the opportunity to defend my title, but more importantly to inspire my teammates. We are just over the halfway mark really and this is when the points start to count.”
Lachie Lansdown followed Mercer’s Gold Medal with another Paddleboard Gold for Australia in the Men’s Division. Lansdown and New Zealand’s Sam Shergold seemed to be in another nail-biter, similar to their photo finish in the Paddleboard Distance Race in Copenhagen, however Lansdown was able to push ahead and build a lead, comfortably finishing with the Gold Medal.
“This is huge,” said Lansdown. “The Technical Race is the one Gold that I haven’t got yet. I finished second twice, so I am glad that I finally got the Gold.
“This is great for Team Australia as this will help out with the team points. I know that we are close to the lead now.”
The Women’s SUP Technical Race was once again won by another Gold Medalist from the Copenhagen leg of the event. New Zealand’s Annabel Anderson, the Women’s SUP Distance Race Gold Medalist, continued her dominance in Women’s SUP and handily won the Technical Race, earning another Gold Medal for Team New Zealand.
“Thank you Team New Zealand and all those that made it possible for me to be here,” said Anderson. “I have the flag and won two Golds, but we are going to give it our all in the relay tomorrow and see if we can get that top spot to win Team Gold. That would cap off the ultimate week in Cold Hawaii.”
With just the Team Relay Race to decide the Team World Champion on Sunday, Team Australia surged into the lead ahead of Team France and Team New Zealand. Australia has their fate in their own hands, as a Gold in the Team Relay Race on Sunday would lead to their fifth Team Gold Medal in the event’s sixth year.

TECHNICAL RACE COURSE MAP – 2017 ISA World SUP & Paddleboard Championship

08/09/17 Lay day

Vorupør, Denmark, September 8, 2017 – After a historic day of SUP Surfing that resulted in Australia’s Shakira Westdorp and Brazil’s Luiz Diniz claiming the Women’s and Men’s individual Gold Medals, the 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship will not run on Friday and will shift its focus towards a weekend of Technical and Relay Races that will determine who will be crowed Team World Champion.
In the event’s sixth year, the team that claims the coveted Club Waikiki-Peru World Team Champion Trophy will go down in history as the first to earn the honor in Europe.
Team France, the 2016 Silver Medalist, currently holds the Gold Medal position and will have a great chance to build upon their lead with all of their SUP and Paddleboard Technical racers having qualified for the Finals.
The four-time Team Gold Medalist Australia is sitting in the Silver Medal position, intent on defending their Team Title. The Australians will rely on their star paddleboarders who took Distance Race Gold in Copenhagen, Lachie Lansdown and Jordan Mercer, to repeat the feat in the Technical Race to keep their hopes of the Team Gold alive.
The SUP and Paddleboard Technical Races are set to kick off at 12:00pm CEST in the town of Vorupør located on Denmark’s northwest coast. The top SUP and Paddleboarders in the world are set to compete and go for Gold, such as Denmark’s local standout, Casper Steinfath, Hungary’s brother duo, Daniel and Bruno Hasulyo, New Zealand’s strong Women SUP racers, Annabel Anderson and Penelope Strickland, Hawaii’s Connor Baxter and Mo Freitas, and the strong French SUP contingent of Olivia Piana, Amandine Chazot, Arthur Arutkin, and Titouan Puyo.
Kicking off on September 1 in Copenhagen, the 2017 edition of the ISA World SUP and Paddleboards Championship has made history as the largest SUP World Championship to date. The 286 athletes from 42 countries is more than a 100% increase in participation from the 2016 edition in Fiji and the thirteen first-time competing nations are representative of the ISA’s push to reach new markets and grow the sport of SUP globally.
After two days of Distance Racing and SUP Sprints in Copenhagen, the contest moved to the renowned watersport destination of Vorupør in the country’s northwest to run the SUP Surfing, Technical Races, and the Relay Race from September 5-10.
ISA President Fernando Aguerre, said:
“Our time here in Denmark has been nothing short of spectacular. Past Gold Medalists have continued their dominance and new athletes have emerged into the global spotlight, using this World Championship as a platform to show the world their talent.
“The 2017 edition has been special for the ISA because our years of hard work towards developing the sport of SUP is bearing fruits and taking the sport to new levels. We hope to continue riding this wave of growth all the way to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and beyond.
“The Team Gold Medal is still up for grabs and this weekend we will see who will emerge from the abundant field of talent and be crowned World Champions.”
The schedule for Saturday’s competition will be as follows:
  • Women’s Paddleboard Technical Race at 12:00pm CEST
  • Men’s Paddleboard Technical Race
  • Women’s SUP Technical Race
  • Men’s SUP Distance Race
The schedule for the remainder of the event window will be as follows:
  • Vorupør
    • September 9 – Technical Race Finals at 12:00pm CEST
    • September 10 – Relay Race & Closing Ceremony


Australia’s Shakira Westdorp Repeats Title and Brazil’s Luiz Diniz Steps into International Spotlight with Men’s Gold Medal at 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship
Vorupør, Denmark, September 7, 2017 – Australia’s Shakira Westdorp repeated as the Women’s SUP Surfing World Champion, following up on her historic 2016 performance in Fiji, while Brazil’s Luiz Diniz burst into the international spotlight in his first appearance in the event, bringing a Gold Medal to Team Brazil at the 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship inVorupør, Denmark.
The two-time ISA SUP Surfing Gold Medalist, Westdorp, expressed her excitement with her teammates on the beach.
“I am so stoked! I just want to congratulate all the competitors.
“The conditions changed from gnarly to pretty good this afternoon, so it was awesome I was able to showcase my skills in varying conditions.
“The level of women’s SUP surfing is going through the roof and being on the top of that is pretty special. I am over the moon right now.
“Team Australia is sitting pretty good in the standings and we have some strong racers coming up this weekend. I am happy that I could earn these points and I think we can take the title out again.”
Luiz Diniz, a relatively unknown surfer at an international level, made a name for himself and etched his name forever among the first ISA SUP Gold Medalists crowned in Europe.
“I am super stoked for this win”, said Diniz. “Thank God for bringing me here and giving me hope. I’ve been taking it heat by heat and I felt pretty comfortable throughout in my first ISA World Championship.
“I started this journey without big sponsors and thanks to our team, we found the support we needed to come here and I won. This is really special for me and my country.”
Heading into the final weekend of competition, with just the Technical Race and Team Relay remaining, Team France has held onto their lead in the overall team points ranking. An all-around performance, with medals in the Men’s and Women’s Divisions from Benoit Carpentier and Justine Dupont, solidly maintained their lead with five medals left to be awarded.
Thursday morning on Denmark’s northwest coast known as ‘Cold Hawaii’ greeted the competitors with blustery, onshore conditions that provided a solid increase of swell into the waist to chest high range. Soon after heats got underway, the wind turned around 180 degrees with a light offshore, creating excellent conditions to crown World Champions.
After a morning of high performance Surfing and national pride radiating from the beach, the Men’s and Women’s Final took place.
The Men’s Final featured the 2016 runner-up Mo Freitas (HAW), Harry Maskell(AUS), Benoit Carpentier (FRA), and Luiz Diniz (BRA) contesting the Gold. Brazil’s Luiz Diniz jumped out to the lead with wave scores of 6.77 and 5.70, earning a heat total of 12.47. Hawaii’s Mo Freitas threatened Diniz’s lead, trailing by less than a point. Freitas made a crucial mistake and committed an interference, which resulted in his second highest wave score being halved and all but erasing his hopes for a Gold Medal. Freitas ended the heat in fourth position with the Copper Medal, France’s Benoit Carpentier in third with the Bronze, Australia’s Harry Maskell in second with the Silver.
The Women’s Final concluded the historic day of competition, with the defending World Champion Shakira Westdorp (AUS) getting off to a blazing start. Her first two wave scores turned out to be all she needed, taking the Gold Medal for the second consecutive year with a heat total of 11.87. France’s Justin Dupont earned the Silver, USA’s Emily Merril the Bronze, and Brazil’s Aline Adisaka the Copper.
ISA President, Fernando Aguerre, said:
“What an incredible day of competition! This morning the waves showed up, the wind went offshore, and the world’s best SUP surfers took full advantage.
“Cold Hawaii lived up to its name, with some cold weather and excellent Surfing conditions. Shakira Westdorp and Luiz Diniz will forever go down in history as the first SUP Surfing ISA World Champions crowned in Cold Hawaii, Denmark, and Europe.
“The Technical Races and Team Relay Race that are set to take place this weekend will define who will emerge as the Team World Champion. Don’t miss the action!”
The tentative schedule for the remainder of the event will be as follows:
  • Vorupør
    • September 8 – Lay Day
    • September 9 – Technical Race Finals
    • September 10 – Relay Race & Closing Ceremony


2017 ISA World SUP Paddleboard Championship LIVE – Day 7


SUP Surfing – 2017 ISA World SUP & Paddleboard Championship

Vorupør, Denmark, September 6, 2017 – The world’s best SUP surfers took to the water and displayed their elite talent on the fourth day of competition on Denmark’s northwest coast at the 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship.
Athletes battled through challenging, onshore conditions in Vorupør, setting the stage for the SUP Surfing World Champions to be crowned on Thursday.
Hawaii’s Zane Schweitzer, who claimed his first ISA SUP Surfing Gold Medal in an epic day at Cloudbreak, Fiji in 2016, asserted himself as one of the top contenders to go for Gold in Denmark. Schweitzer showed excellent technique and wave selection, earning the top two-wave heat total of the day with 14.70.
“I have no doubt that Hawaii has a chance to win the overall Gold,” said Schweitzer. “We already have a medal under our belt with Connor Baxter medaling in the Distance Race and we excel in the Technical Race and SUP Surfing, which are coming up in the next few days.
“Being here in Cold Hawaii has given me so much respect for the local surfers. Casper Steinfath grew up here and became a world-class athlete in these challenging conditions. I have a new-found appreciation for his dedication and all who get in the water here.”
Two other top SUP surfers that shined in the Men’s opening round were Brazil’s Caio Vaz and France’s Benoit Carpentier. Both surfers expertly navigated the unorganized wind swell, with Vaz earning the day’s second highest heat total (14.50) and Carpentier scoring the highest single wave (8.17).
The Defending Women’s SUP Surfing Champion, Shakira Westdorp, also displayed top form with the highest two-wave total with 12.83, advancing her comfortably through the opening Women’s Round to defend her title on Thursday. Izzi Gomez, the 2015 Gold Medalist and 2016 runner-up has yet to compete and will begin her campaign to reclaim the Gold when the Women’s Round 1 resumes on Thursday morning.
Due to the small window of contestable waves on the forecast, the competition reverted to a single elimination format to take full advantage of the peak of the swell on Thursday morning. As a result, the athletes had to put it all on the line, with 42 competitors being eliminated between the Men’s and Women’s events.
Nikolay Nikolov was one of the men eliminated in Round 1, however he made history as the first Bulgarian athlete to ever compete in an ISA World Championship. Nikolov was unable to advance, however his participation signifies a large step for the ISA’s global growth and development of SUP in non-traditional SUP nations.
ISA President Fernando Aguerre, said:
“The conditions were challenging today but the world’s best SUP surfers showed why they are the best, able to perform at a high level no matter what the conditions are like. Tomorrow we’ll see SUP Surfing World Champions crowned, the first ever in Europe.
“Vorupør has been amazing thus far. This is as remote and colorful of a town that you can find. The people, the culture, and the unity of the international athletes are creating an incredible atmosphere that can only be found at ISA World Championships.”
Thursday’s SUP Surfing will start on 6:30am CEST. To view the full schedule and heat lineups, click here.
The tentative schedule for the remainder of the event will be as follows:
  • Vorupør
    • September 7 – SUP Surfing
    • September 8 – Technical Race Finals
    • September 9 – Lay Day
    • September 10 – Relay Race & Closing Ceremony


Technical Races Semifinals – 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship

To see full event results, click here.
Vorupør, Denmark, September 5, 2017 – Technical Races got off to a blazing start on Tuesday in Cold Hawaii in the North of Denmark, setting the stage for four highly anticipated, star-studded Finals in the 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship.
The world’s top SUP and Paddleboard racers shined in the town of Vorupør, competing for a place in the Finals to tentatively take place on Saturday afternoon. The local sensation, Casper Steinfath (DEN), put on an outstanding performance to earn his pass to the Final, looking to win his second Gold Medal for the host nation after earning the SUP Sprint Gold Medal in front of thousands in Copenhagen on Sunday.
“I am finally competing in front of my local crowd at home. It’s incredible,” said Steinfath.
“My dream came true on Sunday when I won the SUP Sprint. Now I have less pressure on me, but I still want to defend my title and win that Technical Race Gold.”
The Finals are stacked with the world’s top SUP and Paddleboard talent, such as Australia’s stellar Paddleboard duo, Jordan Mercer and Lachie Lansdown, New Zealand’s Annabel Anderson, Hawaii’s Connor Baxter, the Hungarian brothers Daniel and Bruno Hasulyo, and France’s Olivia Piana. Piana will attempt to earn her first Gold Medal in the SUP Technical Race discipline after having earned the Silver Medal on two occasions (2013, 2016).
Jordan Mercer, who recently overcame a family tragedy and a broken board to go on to win the Gold Medal at the Women’s Paddleboard Technical Race in Copenhagen, expressed her joy to win her Semifinal heat and be competing in a location as stunning as Cold Hawaii.
“My board feels great. I am happy to be on my own craft after discovering that it was broken and I might not be able to use it. It’s what I’ve trained on and am used to.
“It’s been really special here in Denmark. This is my first time really getting to explore Europe and the cold of Vorupør is a welcome change compared to my hometown on the Sunshine coast of Australia. The contrast between Copenhagen and Vorupør is special to see. This little town is magical.”
In the second Men’s SUP Technical Race Semifinal, Christian Andersen, the 16-year-old Danish prodigy, showed amazing poise and after falling back into eighth place, surpassed three competitors to finish in fifth, the final advancing position. The local crowd exploded in cheers as Andersen crossed the finish line.
Andersen will now advance to the Final with the goal of becoming the youngest competitor to ever finish in a podium position in the six-year history of the event.
New Zealand, currently situated in the Team Gold Medal position, will remain in the top spot after Tuesday’s competition, not losing any competitors.
An inspiring moment from Tuesday’s racing occurred in the Men’s Paddleboard Semifinal. Argentina’s Sebastian Bressen finished last in the race, but was brought to tears of pride and joy when he met his team upon crossing the finish line.
“Being here and representing Argentina is the greatest prize, the rest is all just the outcome of being here,” said Bressen. “Winning and losing is what happens, but the joy comes from knowing my team is there waiting for me on the beach.
“All the emotion and smiles are because Team Argentina were missing a prone racer
and a month ago they asked me to compete. Usually I am just a coach, so I only was able to train for a month, but I decided to do it.
“I am proud because I came here and competed. I finished last, but I completed the race. I got the most points possible that I could for Argentina, if I hadn’t competed and we would have gotten zero points. I did it for the team and my country.”
2017 ISA World SUP Paddleboard Championship LIVE

04/09/17 Lay Day


Day 2 Video Highlight – 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship
Copenhagen, Denmark, September 3, 2017 – Local sensation, Casper Steinfathovercame a second-place finish in the semi-final to deliver a commanding gold-medal performance in the 200-meter SUP Sprint Race Final to close a spectacular weekend of SUP racing in Copenhagen at the 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship.
The spectacular win by Steinfath in front of an energetic and vocal home crowd was also carried live on Danish national television. Steinfath’s victory was another historic moment for the sport of SUP and Denmark.
The SUP Sprint Gold Medal is the second consecutive Sprint Title and fifth ISA SUP Racing Title for Steinfath, who also has been a leader in advancing the sport of SUP, serving as the ISA Vice President since 2014.
“This is the biggest moment in my life,” said Steinfath. “It doesn’t feel real!”
“People talk about Denmark as the country of fairy tales and I feel the fairy tale of my life just came true. To win in front of my home crowd was just a wild dream. I thought I would never achieve it.
“I’m especially stoked after my first-round heat where I hit a wall and barely made the Finals.
“I am happy that I decided to not compete in the Distance Race and focus on the Sprints. I respect all the athletes that decided to do both, but my game plan worked. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”
Casper Steinfath, a local of Cold Hawaii, will now look ahead to the SUP Technical Race to take place in Vorupør between September 5-10, just kilometers from his home town of Klitmøller.
In the Women’s SUP Sprint Final, Slovenia’s Manca Notar put on a dominate performance, beating the rest of the field by a decisive three-second margin.
“This is incredible!” said Notar. “Coming from Slovenia we only have lakes and a little bit of seaside. I train all the time alone at home and I knew that I had pretty good times, but I didn’t know I was this good. All the girls pushed so hard. I can’t believe it.”
Notar’s Gold Medal exemplifies the growing reach of the sport in non-traditional SUP nations, just a day after Hungary’s Bruno Hasulyo won the first ISA SUP Gold Medal ever for a land-locked nation in the Men’s Distance Race. With just over 40 kilometers of coast in Slovenia, Notar’s performance symbolizes another significant leap forward for developing SUP nations.
The SUP Sprints kicked off on Sunday morning with sunny skies and a light breeze at the Copenhagen Opera House. The 42 participating National teams lined the harbor to root on their athletes competing for Gold Medals. The Men and Women featured four Semifinal heats each, with the top two of each heat advancing to the eight-person Finals.
The SUP Sprint Semifinals entered the water first with France’s Amandine Chazot(1:08:80) notching the fastest time for the Women and Latvia’s Arvis Iljins (0:56:97) the fastest for the Men.
Notably, yesterday’s Women’s SUP Distance Race Gold Medalist, Annabel Anderson(NZL), fell off the pace of the second Sprint Semifinal placing third and missing out on a shot at the podium.
During the first of the Men’s Semifinals the local Danish crowd held their breath as Casper Steinfath got off to a slow start and came across the finish line in a photo finish for second place with Hawaii’s Connor Baxter. The spectators anxiously awaited Steinfath’s result, and let out a boisterous cheer when it was announced that he had edged out Baxter by inches to take the advancing second place position.
Steinfath’s finish in the Final didn’t leave any doubt for the judges, pulling ahead of the field by a full board length. New Zealand’s Trevor Tunnington followed with the Silver Medal, Brazil’s Artur Santacreu with the Bronze, and Australia’s Lincoln Dews with the Copper.
Manca Notar also displayed stunning acceleration in the Women’s Final, finishing well ahead of France’s Amandine Chazot who earned the Silver Medal. USA’s Jade Howson and Japan’s Yuka Sato respectively finished with the Bronze and Copper Medals.


Competition Day 1 – 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship

Copenhagen, Denmark, September 2, 2017 – An epic set of 18km SUP and Paddleboard Distances Races led to inspiring performances and photo finishes on the first day of competition at the 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship.
New Zealand powerhouse Annabel Anderson dominated the Women’s SUP Distance Race while Australian veteran Jordan Mercer overcame personal adversity to win the Women’s Paddleboard Race in race that went down to the wire.
On the men’s side, Hungary’s Bruno Hasulyo, put on a stunning display of SUP racing to become a first-time ISA World Champion on the Men’s Distance Race, while Australia’s Lachie Lansdown overcame last year’s winner, Sam Shepard to win his second ISA World Title.
The Women’s SUP Distance Race was first to take off in the morning. After 30 minutes into the race Anderson established a lead that would only grow as the race went on. Anderson earned the Gold Medal with a commanding lead ahead of the respective Silver and Bronze Medalists, Sonni Honscheid (GER) and Olivia Piana (FRA). USA’s Fiona Wylde rounded out the podium in the Copper Medal position.
“I started out the day with no equipment and only my paddles managed to arrive here in Denmark,” said Annabel Anderson. “I was riding a board I’ve never ridden before and I couldn’t train on the course with my equipment. I just tried to get a feel for the course on the first lap and waited for my chance to attack. I had to ride on borrowed equipment, so it was a great result for me today.”
The Women’s Paddleboard Distance Race took off next and was fiercely contested from start to finish. The 8-time ISA Gold Medalist Jordan Mercer from Australia jumped out into the lead pack of paddlers, strategically drafting behind to conserve energy. The favorite Mercer was never able to break from the pack, and even trailed for moments on the final lap behind the local Danish paddler Katrine Zinck. After 18 grueling kilometers around the Copenhagen Harbor, the race came down to a sprint on the final stretch. Mercer was able to find an extra reserve of energy and pull ahead by less than a board length to take the win. New Zealand’s Jessica Miller and Denmark’s Katrine Zinck joined Mercer in the all-out sprint and finished respectively with the Silver and Bronze Medals, with Zinck notably earning the first ISA Medal ever for a Danish woman.
Mercer let her emotions out and expressed her pride after winning her ninth individual ISA Gold Medal.
“Just last night my board arrived at the airport and we discovered that there was a huge crease in it. My teammates along with friends from other competing nations stayed up late last night fixing. The first time I saw my board was this morning before the race and I just had faith that things would go my way.
“To paddle for 20km and come down to a sprint finish is the toughest way to have a race go so I knew I had to be really technical and be smart, but you really want to try to push as many girls back as you can.
“I just had to win, not just for me but for my family. They are going through a tough time and deserve this happiness and joy in their lives right now.”
The Men’s SUP and Paddleboard Distance Races followed the women in the afternoon, with the SUP men getting off to a quick start out of the gates. The Hungarian brother duo, Bruno and Daniel Hasulyo, set the pace along with SUP superstar Connor Baxter from Hawaii. On the third of four laps Baxter made a move to pull away from the group, but the lead was short lived as Bruno Hasulyo was able to close the gap. Baxter and Hasulyo exchanged leads until the final buoy turn where Baxter fumbled his footing, allowing Hasulyo to build a solid 10-meter lead. Hasulyo powered through the finish line, earning Hungary’s first Gold Medal in their country’s first appearance in the event. Bruno Hasulyo’s brother, Daniel, came across the finish line behind Baxter with the Bronze Medal, historically placing another Hungarian on the podium. Baxter’s teammate, Mo Freitas took the Copper Medal, adding another medal for Team Hawaii in their pursuit of the overall Team Gold.
Bruno Hasulyo exploded with joy after earning a medal alongside his brother.
“I’ve been training so hard for this every day for the last two years this was the main goal in front of me, so I am speechless. I couldn’t be happier!
“Two weeks ago I said that winning a medal in this World Championship along with my brother would be a dream come true, and we’ve achieved that. This is huge for us and our country of Hungary.”
Finishing off the day of competition was the Men’s Paddleboard Distance Race, keeping the energy level high with another photo finish. The 2016 Gold Medalist, Sam Shergold (NZL) and the 2015 Gold Medalist, Lachie Lansdown (AUS), asserted themselves as the leaders from the beginning and went neck and neck to the end. Lansdown and Shergold sprinted through the finish, with Lansdown edging out the win by less than half a board length.
“Team Australia is super close and we did this as a team,” said Lansdown. It’s amazing to have their support and hear them cheer me as I passed by. Sam Shergold took the title away from me last year, so it feels great to get it back off him.”


Opening Ceremony – 2017 ISA World StandUp Paddle and Paddleboard Championship

Record-setting ISA World StandUp Paddle (SUP) and Paddleboard Championship Officially Opened in Copenhagen, Denmark
42 nations celebrate the power of SUP and Paddleboard; prepare for opening of competition on Saturday
ISA President, Fernando Aguerre, declares the competition open at the Copenhagen Opera House.
 Photo: ISA / Sean Evans
For daily photos, video highlights and video news releases, click here.
Copenhagen, Denmark, September 1, 2017 – Against the stunning backdrop of the world-famous Copenhagen Harbor and Opera House, the 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship was officially inaugurated in spectacular fashion on Friday afternoon in the Danish Capital.
286 athletes from 42 countries, a record-breaking mark for the competition, united to celebrate the opening of the event and the power of SUP to unite countries of the world.
“Three years ago, we had a crazy dream to bring this ISA World Championship to Denmark”, said ISA Vice President and three-time ISA Gold Medalist, Casper Steinfath of Denmark. “There is no way I thought that it would actually be possible, but thanks to the hard work and passion of so many people and volunteers, we are all here today. This is a dream come true for me and the whole Danish nation. Let’s have a great week! I look forward to seeing you on the water in Copenhagen and Cold Hawaii.”
The Opening Ceremony kicked off with the Parade of Nations. All 42 National Teams made displays of national pride while marching through the historic, colorful streets of central Copenhagen amidst crowds of local supporters. The delegations were greeted at the iconic Copenhagen Opera House by ISA President, Fernando Aguerre, Member of the Culture and Sport Council of the City of Copenhagen, Michael Gatten, President of Friends of Cold Hawaii, Finn Jorsal, and President of the Danish Surfing and Rafting Federation, Jakob Færch.
Next, each team participated in the Sands of the World Ceremony where two representatives of each nation poured sand from their home beaches into a clear container to symbolize the peaceful gathering of nations of the world through SUP.
“Our vision was to create an event with a lasting legacy,” said President of the Danish Surfing and Rafting Federation, Jacob Færch. “We already can see the effect of bringing the ISA SUP and Paddleboard World championship to Europe for the first time with thirteen new countries competing and a new record of 42 nations. This is a great achievement for us and the ISA.”
President of Friends of Cold Hawaii, Finn Jorsal, continued.
“Ever since we accepted the ISA’s offer to host this World Championship at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, we have been waiting for this moment.
“I would like to say thank you to the ISA for the opportunity to show that we can hold an elite SUP event in Denmark. We are looking forward to showing you the other side of Denmark’s beauty in Cold Hawaii next week.”
ISA President, Fernando Aguerre, finished the ceremony with a powerful statement for all SUP and Paddleboard athletes around the world.
“Welcome to all the SUP and Paddleboard athletes from the participating delegations. Here today we are coming together in peace through sport in beautiful Copenhagen.
“This is the largest ever world SUP Championship in history, and additionally this is the first time in an ISA competition that there are equal spots for both men and women competitors.
“The ISA has been the natural home of SUP for many years and we have already secured the first SUP medals in a multisport event in the Olympic Movement, the 2019 Pan Am Games. SUP is a major priority for the ISA and all our federations and the growth of this event is a testament to our love and passion for the sport.
“We are looking forward to an exciting future with the goal of including SUP in the Paris 2024 Games, but this is not an individual effort. This is a team effort that will require the continued support and development from all of you here today. Together, we can achieve this dream of ours.”
On Saturday morning, September 2, the SUP and Paddleboard Distance Races will kick off the competition in Denmark. SUP Sprints will continue on Sunday before the event heads to northwest Denmark known as Cold Hawaii for the SUP Surfing, Technical Races, and Relay Race in Vorupør September 5-10.
The competition schedule for Saturday is as follows:
  • Women’s SUP and Paddleboard Distance Race 9:00 CEST
  • Men’s SUP and Paddleboard Distance Race 13:30 CEST

REGISTRATION DAY – 2017 ISA World SUP & Paddleboard Championship


History Made in Denmark: Record-Breaking 286 Athletes from 42 Nations to Compete in ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship 
13 new nations join competition demonstrating explosive growth of SUP under ISA leadership
Team Australia has arrived in Denmark intent on continuing their dominance in the World Championship, having earned the Team Gold Medal in four of the event’s five editions. Photo: ISA / Sean Evans
Copenhagen, Denmark, August 31, 2017 – A record-breaking 286 SUP and Paddleboard athletes from 42 nations have arrived in Denmark to represent their nations and go for Gold in a historic edition of the 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship.
As the sole World Championship for the sports of SUP, the participation for the 2017 edition in Denmark has reached unprecedented levels. Athlete participation has increased by more than 100% from the 2016 edition and fifteen more nations than the record of 27 will be vying for the coveted Club Waikiki-Peru World Team Champion Trophy awarded to the Team Gold Medalist.
Bulgaria, Channel Islands, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Morocco, Poland, Russia, and Wales are the first-time competing nations that have confirmed their participation in Denmark, demonstrating the expanding reach and growth of all SUP disciplines across the world.
To see the full list of participating teams, click here.
“The world-wide growth and development that SUP has experienced under ISA leadership is amazing,” said ISA President, Fernando Aguerre. “Since the inaugural year of the ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship in 2012, the athlete participation has nearly tripled and competing countries have doubled.
“As the fastest growing water sport in the world infused with youthful, high performance qualities, SUP would be a perfect fit on the Sports Program of the Olympic Games. The ISA has successfully included SUP in the 2019 Pan Am Games, the 2019 World Beach Games, and the 2017 Central Americans Games, and we intend to continue driving the development and growth of the sport until SUP arrives where it belongs on the world’s greatest sporting stage.
“The world-class competition that we will experience in Denmark this year will be another step in the journey towards achieving that ultimate goal.”
Notably, Team India, one of the inspiring stories that came out of the 2016 Fiji ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship, their first ISA event in history, will return again to compete in 2017 and build on their great strides of growth. Sekar Patchai and Tanvi Jagadish will proudly fly the Indian flag and push the limits of the sport in their country.
“The 2016 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship was my first time at an international competition, and I didn’t know a whole lot about elite equipment, such as what paddle and board to use,” said Tanvi Jagadish. “I’ve learned so much since then and this year my goal is to finish in the top ten of my races.
“It means a lot for me to represent my country and our representation of India in Denmark will inspire more young people, particularly girls, to realize that they can get in the water and practice SUP as well.”
The Opening Ceremony will kick off the festivities on September 1 at 2pm CEST featuring the Parade of Nations and Sands of the World Ceremony in Copenhagen. All 42 nations will parade through the city to the Opening Ceremony stage located in front of the iconic Copenhagen Opera House. The procession will continue with the Sands of the World Ceremony, where each team pours sand from their country into a container, symbolizing the peaceful gathering of nations of the world through SUP.
The full competition schedule will be as follows:
  • Copenhagen
    • September 2 – SUP and Paddleboard Distance Race, 9:00am CEST
    • September 3 – SUP Sprint Races, 9:00am CEST
    • September 3 – Award Ceremony after competition
  • Vorupør
    • September 4 – Lay day, Cold Hawaii Welcome Ceremony
    • September 5-10 – SUP Surfing, Technical Races, and Team Relay Race (schedule to be determined according to conditions)
    • September 10 – Closing Ceremony
To view the full event schedule, click here.

Welcome to Copenhagen – 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship


World’s Top SUP and Paddleboard Athletes Converge in Denmark for 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship
2017 set to go down in history as the biggest edition 
of the event to date
Connor Baxter, the top ranked SUP racer in the world (according to ), will be competing in all three SUP racing disciplines in Denmark. Photo: ISA / Brian Bielmann
Copenhagen, Denmark, August 30, 2017 – The 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship, taking place in Denmark from September 1-10, is set to gather the world’s top SUP surfers, SUP racers, and paddleboarders for a historic edition of the event, the first to ever take place in Europe.
The 2017 edition of the World Championship is on pace to be the biggest in the event’s six-year history, as more than 250 athletes from up to 40 nations across all five continents will take to the water in search of Gold Medals.
Numerous past ISA Gold Medalists have enlisted to compete in the World Championship, including Denmark’s Casper Steinfath (SUP Technical & Sprint Races), Hawaii’s Connor Baxter (SUP Technical, Distance, & Sprint Races), Hawaii’s Zane Schweitzer (SUP Surfing), USA’s Candice Appleby (SUP Technical & Distance Races), and Australia’s Jordan Mercer (Paddleboard). Mercer, the most decorated ISA athlete of all time with eight individual Gold Medals, will make a return to the event after missing the 2016 edition in Fiji due to injury.
Mercer will form part of a formidable Australian squad looking to win their fifth Team Gold Medal in the event’s sixth edition and defend their World Champion Title earned in 2016. Returning Gold Medalists joining Mercer on Team Australia will be Michael Booth (SUP Distance Race), Shakira Westdorp (SUP Surfing), and Lachie Lansdown (Paddleboard).
Team France put on a strong showing in 2016 and made their first podium finish in the history of the event, earning the Silver Medal. The French will head to Denmark packing a punch again in 2017, led by a strong SUP racing contingent of Titouan Puyo, Arthur Arutkin, and Olivia Piana who have their eye on dethroning Australia for France’s first team Gold Medal.
Causing great excitement and expectation among the Danish spectators will be the local standout SUP racer, Casper Steinfath. The ISA Vice President and four-time Gold Medalist (3x Technical Race, 1x Sprint Race) at just 23 years of age has asserted himself as one of the top SUP racers in the world and will attempt to earn medals for the host nation.
Additionally, New Zealand’s Penelope Armstrong, who courageously competed and won the Women’s Technical Race Gold Medal in 2016 after overcoming Ovarian Cancer, will return to defend her title in Denmark.
To see the full rosters of teams that have registered thus far, click here.
ISA President, Fernando Aguerre, said:
“2017 is shaping up to be a historic edition of the ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship, as the world’s top athletes will compete in record numbers in Denmark.
“The participation of the elite athletes of SUP racing, SUP surfing, and Paddleboard speaks to the international prestige that this event holds and the ISA’s commitment and leadership in developing the sport.
“The beautiful canals of Copenhagen and pristine beaches of Cold Hawaii will provide an amazing backdrop for this record-breaking event.”
The 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship will take place in two scenic locations across the Scandinavian nation. The event will kick off on September 1-3 with the Distance and Sprint Races in the picturesque canals of Copenhagen, then on September 4 it will head to the rugged northwest coast to Vorupør, known as Cold Hawaii, for the Technical Races, SUP Surfing, and Relay Races. The event will culminate with the Closing Ceremony in Vorupør on September 10.
2017 will be the sixth edition of the event after previous editions were held in Peru (2012, 2013), Nicaragua (2014), Mexico (2015), and Fiji (2016).


Day 2

MOTO continues on the Dominican Republic, the latest update from the organiser and some brilliant images from Toy Roberts:

Master of the Ocean Release

25 February, full day

Another beautiful day in paradise

Text by Renée Brautigam/DreamBuz Media


Encuentro Beach: The second day of the 2015 Master of the Ocean started with a slight breeze and some nice swell; the sun came out early and strong making conditions great for the semifinals of the surf and stand-up paddle categories for overall competitors in the morning.

Hardcore supporters were on the spot bright and early, and were later joined throughout the day by more and more people. Cameras in all sizes vied each other for the best shot as well as two drones, which, every time they took off or returned to the beach caused havoc among the pack of eleven disheveled beach dogs.

Throughout the day all eyes were on the competitors looking to make radical yet controlled maneuvers in the first part of the wave. These score higher points than later explosive action further down the wave.

Even better than on Tuesday, overall competitor and 2014 Master of the Ocean female title holder Fiona Wylde did an amazing job at kicking butt again and came out as the winner of her semi-final stand-up paddle heat, as well as the windsurf semifinal. Zane Schweitzer, the holder of the male 2014 Master of the Ocean title, won both his semi-final heat in the stand-up paddle category and the surf category. Both will now face each other in the overall finals on Thursday for the stand-up paddle category.


“Competitors are much stronger this year than last year”, explained Zane, who travels ten months out of twelve to compete in water tournaments around the world. “The conditions are also pretty good this year, which helps bring out the best in everyone.”

Also local surf champion Brandon Sanford did great in both the stand-up paddle and surf semi-finals, and will be going on to the finals on Wednesday, as should windsurfing legend Brian “Action” Talma, although the jury members have not yet decided at the time of publication whether it would Brian or Diego Anta who would be qualified to go to the surf finals. Action Man Talma was still very happy: “It’s really great to be here again as all the other competitors are so supportive of each other”, Brian raved. “Even during the kite quarter finals yesterday afternoon, which is not my strongest sport, I had so much fun just because everyone is so mindful and generous.”


Olympic windsurfer medalist Michael Gebhardt, who was the only non-Dominican to win one of the four kite heats on Tuesday afternoon, explained that the competition conditions were not too easy yesterday afternoon. “Relatively strong waves, wind of around 15 to 18 knots and a strong downwind current made it hard to stay upwind yesterday”, Michael explained, while fixing the fin on his windsurf board MacGyver style with a Swiss army knife. “The wind is forecast to be stronger this afternoon and hopefully we can then also start the windsurfing heats”.

Six Master of the Ocean teams, with four athletes each competing in one category, started their race for the title today as well with surf team members getting in the water in the late morning. By then the wind had picked up slightly and the love of the viewers had risen to hot temperatures. They got rewarded for their enthusiasm with riders giving their all with fins getting out of the water, a few attempted 360s and some tails into reverse.

Surf team finals will be held on Thursday morning between finalists Brandon Sanford for Team Terminator and Edual “Papito” Santana for Team Christo Salva as well as a third finalist, the winner of the Team Surf semifinals which will be held on Thursday as well. The SUP team heats were as thrilling as the surf ones, with Zane Schweitzer for Team Aloha and Alexandre for Team Cristo Salva already qualified for the finals, and a third contender still to come forward from the semifinals also to be held on Thursday.

The action continued in the afternoon with the wind picking up nicely creating perfect conditions for the kitesurfing semifinals and the windsurfing quarter and semifinals. The Dominican athletes showed that Cabarete is indeed the Caribbean kitesurfing capital and were absolutely amazing in the kite semi-finals. As a matter of fact they were that good that they won hands-down from any of the foreign contenders, meaning that the kite finals, which will take place on Wednesday, will be an all Dominican affair with contenders Emmanuel Rondon, Luciano Gonzales. Samuel Perez Hults and Franklin Mieses Montan in the line-up.

Emmanuel Rondon, who held the 2008 and 2009 Master of the Ocean title, and has qualified for both the kite and windsurf finals, highlighted that this year there has been a lot of support from the crowd, which has helped contenders push their limits and show off what they can do.

The good sportsmanship that has marked this event this year was evident again when during the second kite semifinal Spanish rider Diego Anta lost his kite during a trick because he had lent his leash to another competitor and rode without one. Would-be competitor Kelvin Coniel jumped straight into the water to bring Diego another kite so Diego could continue but unfortunately this act of altruism did not help him get into finals.

Pumping reggae beats and great vibes on the beach formed the background to the windsurfing quarter and semifinals, with competitors making use of the stronger afternoon winds and the well-formed waves to do the most radical tricks, including front and back flips. Apart from Fiona Wylde who rocked in this category and is qualified for the finals, Zane Schweitzer is also a favorite lined up for the overall windsurfing finals. They will be joined in the finals by Israeli athlete Omri Hazor and Dominican favorite Samuel Perez Hults.

Team kiting members quarter finals, Christo Salva team member Diego Anta qualified for the finals as did Emmanuel Rondon for Team Terminator. The winner of the semifinals will be the third competitor in the upcoming team kite finals.


Day 1

Photo : Tony RobertsPhoto : Tony Roberts

MOTO kicked off on Monday in Cabarete on the Dominican Republic with great conditions for all 44 competitors.

The best wave riders from all over the world have been traveling these last few days to the North Coast of the Dominican Republic to compete from tomorrow onwards in the world’s most complete ocean competition: the Master of the Ocean. The event was kicked off last night at the Opening Ceremony of the Master of the Ocean tournament in Lax/Ojo’s, Cabarete, marking the start of this epic yearly event.

In the next five days, twelve world-class water athletes will be competing in all four wave disciplines: surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding and stand-up paddling (SUP) at Encuentro Beach to win the Master of the Ocean title. Last year two amazing windsurfers took both the men’s and the women’s Master of the Ocean titles, Zane Schweitzer from Hawaii and Fiona Wylde from Oregon, US. The defending champions will be competing again this year against top competitors from Barbados, Canada, Dominican Republic, Germany, Israel, Puerto Rico, Scandinavia, Spain and the USA.

“As the only competition in the world that combines all four surf-related disciplines, the Master of the Ocean challenges the most skilled surfers, kitesurfers, windsurfers and stand-up paddlesurfers,” explained German waterman and event founder Marcus Bohm, who first organized the event in 2003.

The all popular Master of the Ocean Expression Sessions will see eight riders competing in each category and the teams of four riders with each competing in one category will be formed tonight at the Opening Ceremony.

The weather forecast for the week is looking amazing, with sun, waves and wind foreseen, and all riders are pumped up and ready to show off their stuff. Want to see the best of the best? Then Encuentro Beach from 7:30AM onwards on 24 February is the place to be!

A fantastic DJ line-up has been organized to entertain all water and music aficionados during the event. On Thursday and Friday evenings, amazing parties will be organized at Eze Bar and Cabarete Social Club.

Click here for the full event schedule.

DAY 3 19/09/14
Press release :Waterman League

Kai Lenny claims a formidable victory at the 4th stop on the 2014 Stand Up World Tour

Kai Lenny (Naish) from Maui once again proved just what a formidable competitor he is, as he secured victory for the second year in a row here at Huntington Beach and put himself firmly back in the World Title Race, taking the Ratings lead after this 4th Stop on Tour.

However, the battle is still very much on, with virtually nothing between him and Caio Vaz (Art in Surf), in a very close second. It will all come down to the Final event in France to decide who will be crowned Champion of the World for 2014.

Kai started off his day against Mattheus Salazar, dominating the heat to advance through to the Semis. He then came up against the young phenom from Haleiwa, Mo Freitas (Focus SUP), for one of the most widely anticipated match ups of the year, as they battled it out wave for wave, with Kai getting the edge to win by just over a point.

It then all came down to the Final heat against the on form Tahitian phenom, Poenaiki Raioha (F-One), who had already taken some of the pressure of Kai by dispatching of the previous Ratings leader Caio Vaz. Kai stamped his authority on the heat, finding the waves with the most scoring potential to amass a heat score total of 18.43, the highest heat score total of the event just when it mattered the most, posting two 9 point + rides.

While Kai is on a high from the victory, he will now have to bring his focus back onto the job in hand, as we ramp up for Stop number 4 of the 2014 Stand Up World Series with the goal of catching up current ratings leader Connor Baxter (Starboard), but also retaining his Grand Slam crown here in Huntington Beach.

Make sure to check out the highlights from all the days of competition and join us once again LIVE from Huntington Beach from 12pm PST to watch the Stand Up WOrld Series Sprint Racing South of the Pier. Join us at

Poenaiki Raioha proves himself to be a major threat here on the World Tour

Poenaiki Raioha (F-One) is certainly not a new face on Tour, even though he is just 17 years old, having already had Finals finishes (Tahiti 2012) and more recently, a 5th place finish in Abu Dhabi with a spectacular heat against All Stars Champion Kai Lenny (Naish).

However, here in Huntington it is clear to see that he has matured as a competitor and his flawless performance and the radical display of progressive surfing firmly establishes himself as one of the most dangerous athletes on Tour.

After taking out Bernd Roediger in an incredible heat in the quarterfinals, Poenaiki seemed to peak in the semis, as he took down the world ratings leading coming into Huntington, Caio Vaz in epic fashion much to the delight of the Tahitian contingent on the beach and online.

While he didn’t find the waves he needed to take down the 2013 World Champion in the final, Poenaiki now moves into 4th place overall in the World Rankings coming into the final event in France.

Watch out more of Poenaiki here on the Stand Up World Tour and check out the highlights at

Mo Freitas has another stellar event and continues to go from strength to strength

Mo Freitas (Focus SUP) continues to stun the world with his progressive surfing and radical style, powering through the rounds to make it to a long awaited semi final heat with the eventual winner Kai Lenny (Naish).

In a replay of the last stop in Abu Dhabi, Mo and Caio Vaz (Art in Surf) ended up in 3rd place overall, as Mo was unable to take down the Champion, despite a valiant effort that brough him to just a point short.

One thing is for sure, like Poenaiki Raioha (F-One), Mo continues to go from strength to strength and we are only now beginning to see what is to come with this young talent from Oahu’s North Shore.

Watch Mo LIVE in action this weekend on the Stand Up World Series, as he takes on the best of the best in the racing world in Surf City USA. You can also check the highlights, but also a recent profile of Mo Freitas by going to

Caio Vaz puts on an impressive performance in Huntington Beach

From the outset of this 4th stop of the 2014 Stand Up World Tour, there was no doubt that Caio Vaz (Art in Surf) from Brazil was not only one of the favorites for the event win, but was also calm, collected and had his sights set on victory here, a victory that would secure him the World Title in advance of the Final event in France.

Despite stand out performances throughout the event, including some of the highest posted heat score totals, Caio was unable to take down the young Tahitian talent in the Semifinals, having to settle for 3rd place in the event and slipping to second in the World Rankings, just a hair behind the 2013 World Champion Kai Lenny (Naish).

With 2 wins and a 3rd in Caio’s counting results, it will now all come down to the La Torche Pro France, as it will be a battle for the finish line for the two Champions here on the 2014 Stand Up World Tour.

Izzi Gomez secures the event win & in the process her first World Surfing Title

Izzi Gomez (Starboard) made history today by not only claiming her 2nd consecutive Huntington Beach Pro Title, but also securing her first ever World Championship Title in advance of the Final event in France next month.

It has been a dominant year for Izzi Gomez, and a meteoric rise to the top since the beginning of last year, as she has taken the world by storm and already won more single events than any other girl, 2013 World Champion Nicole Pacelli included.

Her journey to the victory here in Huntington Beach was equally as impressive, as she put on a showcase of some of the most progressive surfing ever seen for the women here on the Stand Up World Tour.

It is clear that Izzi Gomez is a name to watch out for and has a huge career ahead of her, with a World Title already under her belt at such a young age.

Make sure to check out the highlights from all the days of competition and join us once again LIVE from Huntington Beach from 12pm PST to watch the Stand Up World Series Sprint Racing South of the Pier. Join us at

Nicole Pacelli is gracious in defeat and puts on a strong performance in Huntington

2013 World Champion Nicole Pacelli put on a valiant performance in the Final heat of the day, unable to post the scores she needed to take the win here in Huntington and retain her coveted World Title in 2014.

While the disappointment was obvious for the young Champion, Nicole was gracious in defeat, but also demonstrated moments of brilliance in this groundbreaking 4th stop on the 2014 Stand Up World Tour in Huntington Beach, posting some of the highest scores of the contest for the women.

Nicole will now go on to France to consolidate her second place in the World Rankings and looking to finish the year on a high with an event win at the La Torche Pro France 2014.

Make sure to watch her progress, check out the highlights and stay in the loop on the latest from the Stand Up World Tour & Series at

Candice Appleby puts on a solid performance at the Huntington Beach Pro

Candice Appleby put on another strong performance this week at the Stand Up World Tour component of the Huntington Beach Pro Grand Slam, where we saw her storm her way through the rounds, winning all her heats on her way to the Semi finals.

In a repeat of the Final of the 2013 Huntington Beach Pro, Candice came up against the new World Champion and friend Izzi Gomez (Starboard) in the semi finals and was unable to take down the young phenom, clearly destined for greatness.

However, currently lying in 5th place in the Overall World Rankings, Candice is hungry for more, and will be back in action next month in France with the goal of taking down the World’s best at the Final event of the year, to move up the rankings and finish the year on a high.

As with many of the male athletes, Candice is phenomenally talented across both Surfing and Racing, so you can watch Candice in action LIVE tomorrow at Stop 4 of the 2014 Stand up World Series here in Huntington Beach California by going to:

Fiona Wylde posts her best result to date on the World Tour and turns heads

Fiona Wylde is a relative newcomer to the Tour, having competed for the first time at the Turtle Bay Women’s Pro back in February of this year, and now in Huntington Beach this week, seeing how she fares against the best of the best.

The answer: extremely well! Fiona put on an impressive performance throughout the week, as she blasted through the rounds and all the way through to the Semi finals, to finish in 3rd equal overall.

There is no doubt that Fiona is an athlete to watch out for here on the Stand up World Tour, but also on the World Series, as we will be able to watch Fiona LIVE tomorrow right here in Huntington Beach.

So make sure to watch the highlights from this epic surf event and join us tomorrow for the LIVE broadcast of Stand Up World Racing Series Stop number 4 in Huntington Beach California by going to

LIVE FEED 19/09/14

DAY 3 18/09/14
Press release :Waterman League

Despite early morning winds that buffeted the event site on arrival today at Huntington Beach, by the time the sun came up, the wind backed off and the conditions turned on for a day to remember here in Surf City USA.

It all began with the Repechage Round, where we saw athletes battle it out to get back into the running here at Stop 4 of the 2014 Stand Up World Tour.


Uncharacteristically, one of these athletes was Ian Vaz (Art in Surf), current number 5, who had to battle his way back into contention after a first round slip up. However, comeback he did, as he became one of the stand out performers in Rounds 3 and 4, posting impressively high scores to earn his place in the quarterfinals, where he will now face his own brother, current rankings leader Caio Vaz (Art in Surf)

It will be a noteworthy battle, as the two brothers face each other at a clutch time in the 2014 season, with Ian looking to improve on his 5th place overall in the current world rankings and Caio looks to secure the World Title right here in Huntington Beach. However, to do this, he must not only beat his brother, but win the event.

Whatever happens, it will be a final day to remember, so make sure to join us LIVE from Huntington Beach to watch history in the making right here in Surf CIty USA. Watch it all LIVE at

Women’s Round 3 sees stand out performances and great action

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We saw impressive performances today from the women’s division, as the Top seeds advanced once again, making their presences felt on the global stage.

Stand outs were once again Izzi Gomez (Starboard), but also the newcomer Tarryn Kyte from South Africa and Fiona Wylde from Oregon, who despite an inteference still won her heat with some impressive surfing.

Meanwhile Aline Adisaka (New Advance) put on a valiant performance to advance on to the Quarterfinals, tweaking her existing knee injury threatening her continuation on in the contest. However, after an afternoon of icing and elevation, it looks as though Aline will be back in action tomorrow at Huntington Beach as the Women’s Quarterfinals will kick off bright and early at 7am PST.

Watch the girls LIVE tomorrow at

Round 3 of the Men’s sees impressive performances across the board

Round 3 was full of dramatic battles as Top Seeds continued their charge, led by a flawless opening heat by Current Ratings leader Caio Vaz (Art in Surf), who notched up one of the highest single wave scores and combined heat totals of the event so far.

But the action did not stop there, with stand out performances also coming from Kai Bates (Fanatic), who completed one of the more radical turns of the day and clearly showed that he is a real threat on the Stand Up World Tour, but also Matheus Salazar, brother of 2012 World Champion Leco, continuing the Salazar surfing Legacy.

Mattheus made it through to the Quarterfinals, so make sure to tune in LIVE tomorrow to watch him, his fellow Brazilians Caio and Ian, but also the remainder of th World’s best still in contention here as we prepare for Day 4 of the 2014 Huntington Beach Pro Grand slam, presented by Starboard.

You can watch it all go down LIVE from 7am PST at

The drama intensifies in Round 4 as athletes put it all on the line for the win
Drama was the name of the game in Round 4, as major upsets, stand out performances and nail biting buzzer beaters brought the spectators to their feet as the World’s best put it all on the line when it counted here at the 2014 Huntington Beach Pro Grand Slam.

The first stand out performance came from Bernd Roediger from Maui, who strung together a series of phenomenal rides to take the win in his heat, followed by the current World Rankings leader, Caio Vaz (Art in Surf).

Ian Vaz (Art in Surf) was the next stand out as mentioned above, followed by another impressive showing by the young phenom from Tahiti, Poenaiki Raioha (F-One), who advanced onto the quarterfinals where he will mee Bernd Roediger in what will be a dramatic showdown.

However, the most dramatic moment of the day came in heat 3, where we saw Zane Schweitzer (Starboard) and Kai Lenny (Naish) trailing in 3rd and 4th respectively until the last 10 seconds of the event….out of nowehere a set came, as Zane secured a better wave to boost him into second place in the heat, but Kai Lenny, with just 5 seconds to go, locked in an 8.5, to move him from 4th to first place, as both Maui boys secured their places in the Quarterfinals. An emotional moment for Maui, as their two representatives pulled themselves out of an impossible situation, just when it mattered.


DAY 2 17/09/14

Day 2 of the Huntington Beach Pro 2014 saw some intense surf action with the majority of the Top Seeds making it directly to Round 3.

Great quote from Glyn Ovens UK rider : “the standard over here is so high, with guys from Tahiti, South Africa, and further afield. My first heat today is heat twelve about 8pm UK time, shouldn’t be too bad, only got Kai Lenny in it haha….”

“It has all been a bit crazy over here, but getting launched into a heat with the World number one, was awesome: with super choppy and challenging conditions. I received so much support from everyone back home and abroad, over the last few days, I was blown away.”

Watch Glyn’s heat below.  Skip forward to Time 5:25.30

Top Seeds excel on Day 1 of the Main event here in Huntington Beach

Press release :Waterman League

Today dawned bright and beautiful here in Huntington Beach, as the swell peaked for a full day of action for the Main Event of both Men’s and Women’s competition. Stand out performances across the board today, with the majority of the Top seeds making it directly through to Round 3.

Here we see Zane Schweitzer (Starboard) attacking a bigger outside set on his way to victory in his first round heat. Watch Zane back in action tomorrow in Round 3 LIVE at

Stand out performances from the Top seeds, as Huntington Beach turns on

Other standouts today were Current Rankings Leader Caio Vaz (Art in Surf), Sean Poynter (Starboard), Kody Kerbox (Naish), Florida’s Giorgio Gomez, 2013 World Champion and Huntington Beach Pro Champion Kai Lenny (Naish) and featured here, 2012 World Champion Leco Salazar (New Advance), featured here, posting one of the highest heat score totals of the day.


The women’s division sees the performance bar raised to a whole new level
The women came out of the blocks firing all cylinders this morning, taking on the large surf that greeted us first thing and making it look good.

There were some great performances and moments throughout the day, but the real standouts of the day were the 2 rankings leaders, Izzi Gomez (Starboard), now California resident and Nicole Pacelli from Brazil (featured here) battling it out for the 2014 World Championship Crown.


Plenty more to come here as we have now wrapped the 1st Round and Repechage for the Women and will pick back up with the women’s competition around 9:40am, once the Men’s Repechage is complete.

Make sure to join us LIVE for continuation of this spectacular event from 6:50am PST here at


Join us tomorrow live from Huntington Beach from 6:50am at

We have a full day of action to come tomorrow as we capitalize on the exceptional swell this week and continue on with the Men and Women’s Main Events. Here is the forecast schedule of events, conditions allowing:

  • 6:50am: the Starboard Morning Show
  • 7am: Men’s Repechage Round
  • 9:40am: Women’s Round 3
  • 11am: Men’s Round 3
  • 1:40pm: Men’s Round 4
DAY 1 Press release :Waterman League

After an exciting day of action on the water with the trials of the Huntington Beach Pro 2014. Thomas King from South Africa dominated with the win. But Thomas wasn’t the only one on the water. Look out for the red Fanatic Pro wave board of our very own Glyn Ovens stealing some of the shots as well. We are pleased to say that Glyn has made the main event…Good job.

Press release : Waterman League 

Thomas King makes his country proud today in Surf City by claiming victory

South Africa increasingly seems to be making its presence felt in the international surfing scene from big wave surfing to regular world tour surfing, but now here on the Stand up World Tour, as the South African contingent put on a show today in the Trials component of the Huntington Beach Pro Grand Slam.

Posting some of the highest scores of the day as well as the highest heat score totals, Thomas put on a polished performance today taking a convincing win and earning his spot in the prestigious Main event of this fourth stop of the 2014 Stand up World Tour.

We look forward to see how he fares as he matches up against the very best in the World tomorrow, once the Men take to the water around 9am PST. Make sure to join us LIVE at


Justin Bing, nurses an injured knee, but does not hold back to earn 2nd place
Another South African put on a stellar performance today, despite having to nurse an injured knee, making it all the way to the finals, only to finish second to fellow patriot Thomas King.

Justin will be taking the opportunity to rest up this evening in advance of the Main event tomorrow, with the Men’s to kick off at 9am (Women’s at 7am).


Nitzan Benhaim adds to truly international final putting on an impressive display
Nitzan Benhaim (Focus SUP) from Israel put on a solid performance today in the Trials component of the 2014 Huntington Beach Pro Grand Slam, making his presence felt and posting a worthy 3rd place finish in the finals.

Nitzan will be on the other side of the draw from team rider Mo Freitas (Focus SUP), but will be hoping for a strong finish against the best of the best here in Surf City USA.

Join us LIVE for the start of the Main event from 6:50am PST here at


Masa Motohashi once again shines at the Huntington Beach Pro, surfing like a warrior
Masa Motohashi from Japan was on phenomenal form today at Huntington Beach, unfortunate not to find the waves he was looking for in the final, but making his presence felt as someone to watch out for over the coming days and indeed, coming events om Tour.

Quiet and unassuming on the land, Masa’s level of commitment in his turns consistently impressed the judges as he linked together turns to the inside with real flow.

Currently tied for 1st place on the overall World Rankings, the battle is on for 2013 World Champion, Brazil’s Nicole Pacelli and the young phenom, Izzi Gomez (Starboard) from Florida, but now resident in California.


With 2 wins for Izzi compared with 1 for Nicole, but consistency keeping Nicole right up in the mix, it will be interesting to see how it all goes down at the final 2 stages of the Women’s World Tour: Izzi was 2013 Huntington Beach Pro Champion and now has more event wins than anyone else on Tour, competing in front of a home crowd, while Nicole’s consistency and confidence with having one World Title under her belt will stand her in good stead – it will be a great battle for the Title this year.


But it is still anyone’s at this stage, as a whole host of talent is lining up to take down the top 2: from Brazil’s Aline Adisaka (New Advance) who has been showing flashes of brilliance this year, currently sitting in 3rd and Iballa Moreno (Starboard) from the Canary Islands in Spain who has shown devasting form at moments this year, building on the confidence of a finals finish in Abu Dhabi to the US powerhouses of Candice Appleby and Sophia Tiare Bartlow, who will be wanting to come out on top in front of a home crowd, and boost their overall World Rankings.


As the Women’s World Tour goes from strength to strength with participation from all four corners of the World, it will be interesting to see how it all goes down this year, as the World Title Race intensifies.