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SUPboarder trusted retailers helps you find the right company to purchase your SUP equipment from. These companies share the SUPboarder values and give honest, independent and expert advice. We trust these companies to support you in the same way that we support you with our reviews, comparisons, tests, techniques and other SUPboarder content. These companies are as passionate about SUP as we are!

We’re putting the finishing touches to this page, as well as carefully selecting our retailers. But please check back later to find who we recommend in your country or region.

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James Buchanan ~ UK

“SUPboarder guided me through what board I should buy as I progressed from beginner to intermediate SUP racer, through their freely available features and PRO Ask the Expert advice - thank you!”

David Davitti ~ YouTube Comment

“I bought my board after watching your review.”

Reader Survey ~ 2018

“Great site and really useful, particularly for a beginner. Just need to take the plunge and get a board now! ”

Fernando Pereira ~ YouTube Comment

“Nice to see this review :) I'm waiting for my board following your advice :) :)”

Alex Tobutt ~ Naish UK

“SUPboarder take an active interest in what we are trying to achieve and always look for ways to ensure our success.”

Jacopo Giusti ~ RRD International

“The Top Gear of SUP!”

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