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We get used to always seeing the best bits of events and competitions through video highlights and post event write ups. But the truth is, racing is hard both mentally and physically, and sometimes things just don’t go to plan! If both parts aren’t working in sync with each other on the day, it can be much harder to achieve those winning results. So much can happen when you leave the start line. And sometimes, however hard you’ve trained and however fast you can paddle, you just have to accept that its just not your day or your race to win. In Casper’s latest Vblog he takes us though his races at the ISA Worlds in China and how things unfolded for him this year.

“I try to be honest and openly share my feelings everytime I win and things go well. But part of losing for me is to remain honest in the same way and not hide from the frustrations and negative feelings. This was my first World Championship in 6 years where I did not win a personal medal.
Check out the VLOG and feel free to reach out if you feel the same or have any questions!”


Ever wondered what the pros get up to? Well its well worth checking out Casper Steinfath’s new Vblog on Youtube. The last three videos have been filmed around the Red Bull Heavy Water Event in San Francisco. 

Casper aka ‘The Viking’ is a top pro and yet still a really nice normal guy, who always has time for everybody.

So check out his blogs for a laugh and a snipped into the Vikings world.


Following on from the boat tow session and the downwind session with the Naish Malolo Foil, Will and Reuben from SUPboarder went off in search of waves to give their first SUP surf foil session a go. The conditions were far from perfect on the day due to high winds but they found a small waist to chest high swell to get up on the foil for the first time. From zero to definitely not hero,  Will found riding the foil in surf challenging, but the progression was quite quick. We hope you find the video blog of his first SUP surf foil session interesting, educational and a good laugh!

Reuben said : I was filming today and I really enjoyed watching (and laughing! ) But it does make you realise how safety conscious you have to be with a foil in the surf, with or without others in the line up. We went to a very quiet beach and the 3 surfers that were out knew what we were doing (and they enjoyed the laughs too). Most of the time Will was on his own peak well away from others, as you can see in the vid. A helmet is essential especially when in windy conditions. These foils are amazing pieces of kit but they need to be used with caution. You don’t need big waves, but as Will found out, foot placement is paramount! Watching the nailings from the beach was just as much fun as watching him get up on the foil for the first time. Sorry for the shaky camera, it’s hard to hold the camera steady when you are crying so much!! 🙂.

Watch the Naish Malolo Foil VIDEO blog – # 1 First downwinding session 

Will and Reuben from SUPboarder head out for the second testing session of the Hydro Foil Naish Malolo Foil and board. After the first session of towing behind a boat they take on a little downwind session to test how the board works in average conditions, 20-35knt and waist to chest high, short choppy swell.  This is a video blog of the session. Having never before ridden a hydro foil SUP downwind, straight away they realise that sprint fitness, paddling in surf stance and a steeper wave to get you going, are all key to achieving the first steps of downwind foiling.

Maybe hydro foil surfing would have been the easier option! But we decided to go for the safer option as nearby beaches blowing a gale and all 10ft +!!