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In this becoming a ‘Better’ SUP surfer video we get you on the waves as early as possible. Whether you’re riding a longboard or a shorter board being able to catch waves early still requires good board and body trim to get you down the wave face. Mastering this will get you on the waves earlier and will make you a better SUP surfer by allowing you to catch more longer waves and better quality waves too.

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Knowing how to do certain wave manoeuvres is great, but knowing exactly where to do the manoeuvres is even better! Doing the right moves in the right part of the wave is not only going to make your SUP surfing look and feel better but make your wave length go to the maximum time too.

In this video we explain how to choose the right moves for the right waves.

Remember if you want more advice on exactly how to carry out certain manoeuvres check out the previous SUPboarder Pro features below.
The frontside top turn
The backside top turn
The backside cutback


We wanted to give you all a heads up about the kit we’ve got waiting to be tested over the next month. 5 very different shaped surf SUP boards which will no doubt have a very different feel.

F ONE Madeiro PRO carbon 8’8”x32” 136L
SIC Slice GCC 9’0”x29” 135L
JP Australia Surf WE 8’6”x29” 113L
Fanatic Pro Wave LTD 8’9”x30.5″” 120L  (apologies in the video I call it a 8’6”!)
Starboard Pro Blue Carbon 7’10”x29” 104L

Look out for all the individual reviews on SUPboarder and a full head to head of all these boards on SUPboarder PRO.
Please send us any questions you may have about these boards so we can answer them as we are riding them.

Naish Maliko 14’x24” Pro Carbon / £2399

In this SUPboarder review we look at the race board Naish have been putting all their work into. The Naish Maliko is available in both 12’6” and 14”and shaped for all water states, from flat water to open seas. The Naish Malkio has a very simple design shape, with no big concaves or V’s like on many other boards. Because of that it might not be the most stable board on the race market BUT it feels effortless to paddle and is amazing at riding even the smallest of bumps &swells.

Board details:
  • Length        14′
  • Width         24″
  • Volume      244l
  • Fin set up  US box and 8.75′ race fin
  • Weight       12.8 kg
  • Rider size   85kg & under

Other sizes in board range;
12’6 x 24”
12’6 x 26”
14′ x 26”
14′ x 28”

Our photo gallery
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Drawing a clear and consistent line to victory at such renowned races as the Maui2Molokai, Molokai2Oahu 2-man Relay, Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge and so many more…this competitive race shape is a clear standout for the high-performance scene. Always evolving to be faster, forgiving and more efficient with each season, the Maliko 14’0” is the result of meticulous engineering and impeccable construction. Its rocker is designed to catch each bump with ease for quicker acceleration and higher top speed. Its rounded nose efficiently and effortlessly assists riders in moving through glides granting you more speed and less fatigue on each run.

In this becoming a ‘Better’ SUP surfer video we answer a question that got sent to us… Is it better to look at my paddle blade during a manoeuvre like a top turn or is it better to look the opposite way towards the rotation of the turn? This is definitely more of an intermediate/advanced question but something that even the more beginner SUP surfer will benefit from thinking about.

Reuben talks about the pros and cons from his experience, for example looking at the paddle blade to produce paddle power and looking away from the paddle to help with rotations.

Being aware of this will make you become a better SUP surfer for sure.

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In this the third video from our Becoming a ‘Better’ SUP surfer SUPboarder Pro series we look at the paddle change. Probably the simplest manoeuvre to practice but if not done smoothly can completely ruin the flow of the surf manoeuvre its being done on. Whether it’s a complete paddle change or just rotating your body and paddle across your board to help the rotation of the turn, it’s important to get it right. It’s a simple part of SUP surfing that if done correctly will make you a better SUP surfer for sure.

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In this the second video from our Becoming a ‘Better’ SUP surfer SUPboarder Pro series we look at something that is very overlooked when SUP surfing – knowing what your board is designed for and how to best surf it. There is no point trying to surf a 12′ longboard like a 7′ Pro surf shape. By surfing your board in the way its designed for, you will not only find surfing your board easier but it will look better too!

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In this the first video from our Becoming a ‘Better’ SUP surfer SUPboarder Pro series we look at the most important thing you need to be doing as a surfer – bending your knees. This is key if you want to progress your surfing. The more you bend your knees, the more manoeuvres you will make and the more enjoyable your SUP surfing session will be.

After the release of the Starboard Longboard review this week we thought that we’d take a look at 5 main brand SUP surf Longboards that are available all over the world. Don’t think that these are the only Longboards out there that are worth looking at. They’re just the ones that most of you have been asking about.

Please remember, if you’d like to know about another brand of Longboard or which board would best suit you, send us an email to . If you can include information such as your, size, ability, boards you have already used,  conditions you like to surf in and of course any particular brands you wish to know about, that would be useful. We haven’t used all the boards out there, but have probably seen it or have heard about it from other riders, so we can definitely give you an honest, independent opinion.

Aqua Marina Rapid 9’6″ x 33” / €599

There aren’t many boards out there that can do what the Aqua Marina Rapid can do, and at the price it can do it too. The Aqua Marina Rapid is 100% setup for white water / river paddling, but it can also get you out in the waves too. Many of you have been asking about the Rapid review and we can say that if it’s a good priced, action packed iSUP board you’re after, you’re really going to have to try hard to beat the Aqua Marina Rapid.

White water tester : Ben Payne
Whitewater photos : Polly Weaver

Board details:
  • Length        9′6”
  • Width         33″
  • Thickness   6″
  • Volume      289l
  • Fin set up  5 PVC fins
  • Weight       9.5 kg
  • Paddlers    50-95kg

Our photo gallery
Read on for brand video, details and website

Short and nimble, the Rapid 9’6” is an advanced river SUP delivers easy surfing action with surprisingly radical performance attributes. Featuring stability, ease of use with desired speed and control, the Rapid guarantees unbeatable fun in all types of waves.

Longboard surf SUP’s

Surfing on a wave is a great simple way of enjoying play time with mother nature, without such a risk of broken bones or death like in many other extreme sports! But the want to progress to the next level is only human, and the desire to push that turn a little harder or ride that wave a bit longer is in all of us (even though some of us might hide it a bit better than others!) Don’t get me wrong… comfortably cruising down the mellow clean face of a 2 foot wave is pretty cool. But there’s still something great about watching top level riders in our sport cranking power cutbacks and busting airs on a SUP that makes us want to experience it too… or am I the only one?!
But the truth is… Are we ever going to be able to achieve those airs on the boards we are riding? Are the power turns in the critical pocket of the waves achievable on a board that actually floats our weight? Without a doubt, riding smaller boards on waves does make these types of extreme manouvers more achievable. The smaller boards are just setup for it… but are we setup for it? If you want to ride smaller surf SUPs you are going to have to get used to having water over your feet and standing on a board that has to keep moving, otherwise it’s going to be sinking. It’s possible for some of us but it does require a certain skill level, a higher level of fitness and more time on the water. Something unfortunately many of us can’t realistically achieve. But is that the only way? Is using small, unstable, sinking boards the only direction of surf progression for us SUP surfers?… Hell no!  

Surfing 1 foot and loving it.
We had to wait for it… but longboard surf SUPs are finally here!

For me when SUP first arrived on the block I was already into longboard and shortboard surfing (pop up style) and must admit like many was abit unsure about SUP surfing at first. Having a go in the surf with a SUP board that was big, very slow and unresponsive, the total opposite to the surf shapes I was previously used to, almost put me off. But after I tracked down a more responsive wave shape and gave it a go I was hooked. As you may know, I love gear, boards in particular… the shapes, the designs and how they effect the riding feel on a wave. I was always amazed that even in the earlier days of SUP there wasn’t really a longboard SUP shape… or one that I would class as a surf longboard shape anyway! 12’x30’’ and weighing 14kg really wasn’t going to tick that box for me! But why wasn’t there? SUP is perfect for this longboard style of boards. I knew what I needed… a 9’-10’ performance surf shape, not too thick in the rail shape.

‘Something that I could still bury a rail in a bigger wave to force a bigger turn or carve off the top…. I just needed to be teleported to NOW! ‘

Looking into the 2019 SUP ranges we finally have a decent number of good looking longboard SUP shapes that really should perform well. I know that some brands have been making good longboard shapes for a while now, but for me it’s not until you have all the big SUP brands joining the party that its time to say that SUP longboarding is really part of the sport. SUP longboards are now available major brands all around the world, not just from small local shapers. Starboard was the icing on the SUP longboard cake for me. Yes they had the Nut boards before but it wasn’t until I saw the new Starboard longboard I got really excited!

The NEW Starboard Longboard 10′ & RRD LongSUP V1 9’4”
What’s so special about Longboards anyway?

It’s simple to explain. Take the tail shape of a good small pro shape board (thin at the rails, with a good amount of tail rocker and a nice fin setup – maybe quad or preferably a US box with small side fins 2+1). Then add 7’ on to it and round the nose off at the front. Then you have a board that’s not that wide but not too narrow, nice and long which gets you into waves super early. But it still has the ability to get you back on the tail to crank a turn almost as hard as a small performance board. Also this board is happy to ride 1’ to 10’ and you won’t have to surf every day to get fit enough to use it. What you can do on a longboard SUP is pretty much anything and if you watch the best longboard SUP surfers they absolutely rip. They’re fast, turn hard, can handle big waves, and the boards allow you to walk the board and nose ride. The surf skills you can pick up on a longboard SUP are immense, and as a result they’re great for personal progression. Compared to longboard prone surfing you really do get the best out of both worlds… surfing and SUP! Or keeping on the theme… have your cake and eat it!

High level aspirations are good but are realistic aspirations better?

So does this mean that we should all sell our small pro shape boards or stop aspiring to use them? No definitely not. But there is a point where you need to be realistic about what you can achieve with your SUP surfing. With enough time on the water every body could get on a small (in relation to their size) performance shaped SUP . But if you put half the amount of time into using a good SUP longboard your progression and level would defintely be higher. Longboard SUPs still require learning new skills, the boards are thinner than most boards and less stable than your average 10’ all round SUP board. But despite all this the performance gain is so much greater. I will still be using my smaller SUP in the surf for sure, but this new generation of longboard SUP really does have me scratching my head to which board to take when I open up the back of my van! 

Lucy can’t get enough of Longboard SUP surfing
The years to come…

The longboards on the market today are good but there is still a way to go yet to find the perfect shape and design. Just like in surfing, it will never stop. In the next few years I would like to see longboard SUPs available in thinner widths. Not so much that we are sinking like on our shorter boards, but widths around 26’ -27’ would be great to use on a wave. The dream size and shape is still out there for me. But that’s part of the fun… trying to find it! 

We look forward to seeing more amping videos from riders like Jackson Close above using 9-10’ boards in the surf, cracking some hard turns and walking the board to get their toes on the nose. The longboard surfing style might not be for everyone but I can guarantee it will put a big smile on your face. I for one will be doing a lot more of it this year. Look out for the feature articles we will be doing over the next few months on SUP surfing longboard techniques and other longboard reviews too. Get out there, give it a go and as always, any questions you have about longboard surfing send them over. I will happily get back to you.

Happy paddling Reuben. 

RRD AirRace 14’x26” V4 €1249

We have a look at the most user friendly race iSUP we’ve tested… the RRD AirRace. It’s the 4th edition RRD AirRace they’ve made, and year after year they have tweaked and tuned the shape and design. The complete AirRace collection comes in the ‘Prefo construction’ which means they’re made from their very best materials, as well as top RRD R&D going into every board. The AirRace is 14’x26” so it’s the narrowest and longest board in their collection. It’s built for full on racing or very fast touring/cruising.
True to all of the RRD equipment we have tested, this is one good looking iSUP that is fast and super easy to paddle.


Board details:
  • Length        14′
  • Width         26″
  • Thickness   6″
  • Volume      300l
  • Fin set up  Single US box
  • Weight       12 kg
  • Rider size   60-110kg

Other sizes in board range;
14′ x 29″ = 315L
14′ x 26″ = 300L
12′6″ x 29″ = 288L
12’6”x 26″ = 270L
10’6″x 25″  = 230L Kids

Our photo gallery
Read on for brand video, details and website


Can you imagine being able to go as fast on an inflatable board as you can on a full carbon board? This is what the AIRACE shapes do. Stable, practical and furiously fast! The special narrow nose and straight outline design, a 6” profile thickness and a super flat scoop rocker line makes the perfect recipe for a great competitive board to be used for flat water races and pure pleasure fast rides. Now available into 6 different sizes! Built with a new SDB “Sandwich Dyneema Belt” on bottom and TPB “Thermo Plastic Belt” on the deck that wraps the whole contour of the board from the deck to the bottom as a stringer, the board becomes about 50% stiffer than any conventional inflatable board. Thanks to the Edge PVC Soft Rail, positioned under the board tail, water flows away fast and clean without turbulences.


  • Sandwich Dyneema belt
  • Superlight PVC dropstitch
  • 70% Double skin construction
  • Thermo Plastic Belt
  • NEW Soft PVC sharp rail edge on the tail drastically improves grip and glide!