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In this becoming a ‘Better’ SUP surfer video we get you on the waves as early as possible. Whether you’re riding a longboard or a shorter board being able to catch waves early still requires good board and body trim to get you down the wave face. Mastering this will get you on the waves earlier and will make you a better SUP surfer by allowing you to catch more longer waves and better quality waves too.

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2019 Fanatic ProWave 8’9”x30.5” LTD / £1499

The next board up in our 2019 Pro shape board test is the Fanatic ProWave 8’9” in the new LTD, Custom Surf technology construction. This board is geared up for performance from nose to tail. With its rocker-line and thinned out rails it really is a board that an advanced SUP surfer will love. But those lighter intermediate surfers will find it’s happy to ride in less radical conditions too. The SUPboarder testers loved this board for its top to bottom surfing style, especially being a 120L 30+” wide board.

2019 Fanatic ProWave 8'9'' Review / Advance surfBoard details:
  • Length        8′9”
  • Width         30.5″
  • Volume      120l
  • Fin set up  5 multi fin boxes comes with 3 x 4.75”fins
  • Weight       7.8 kg
  • Rider size   70-90kg

Other sizes in board range;
7’6″ x 26.5” 80L
8’0″ x 27.5” 92L
8′5″ x 29.5” 108L

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Whether you’re going for fast carves in powerful reef breaks, radical hacks in sloppy beach breaks or charging massive surf, we’re sure there’s a ride for you in our high performance ProWave line.

The four new ProWave shapes are based around the needs of our International team riders who are pushing the boundaries of powerful new surfing performance with these models. Balanced and easy to paddle, yet super radical once unleashed onto a wave, they offer a responsive ride with quick acceleration, great speeds and lots of drive. The ProWave is designed for deep carves and tight arcs in the pocket whilst handling mushy days with ease. The controlled flow gives you the confidence and comfort even on the biggest days. The ProWave comes in our new Custom Surf technology and with five boxes to give you the choice of either a Quad or Thruster fin setup allowing you to adapt the board to your style of riding and conditions on the day.

2019 Fanatic ProWave 8'9'' Review / Advance surf

2019 Starboard PRO 7’10”x29” Blue Carbon / £2299

If you’re looking for a performance shaped surf SUP this year, this is the board everyone is talking about. Similar and yet also very different to the previous years PRO’s. We’ve been testing the 2019 Starboard PRO 7’10” over the past month in a huge range of conditions and have enjoyed every session. It’s clear to see that Starboard have done a lot of development with this new shape, and good intermediate to advanced surfers will love the new changes and feel of this 2019 board.

2019 Starboard PRO 7'10'' ReviewBoard details:
  • Length        7′10”
  • Width         29″
  • Volume      104l
  • Fin set up  US box and 4.75” FCS side-fins 4.5” (quad or thruster)
  • Weight       6.3 kg
  • Rider size   65-85kg (70-80kg ideally)

Other sizes in board range;
7’0″ x 24” 66L
7’3″ x 26” 83L
7′5″ x 26.75” 92L
7′10″ x 28” 102L
7′10″ x 29” 104L
8’3″ x 29″ 110L
8″10″x29″ 131L
8’10″x29″ 143L

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The new shorter outline makes it possible to ride a smaller board with more reactivity. Thinner rails give more control & response to generate more speed. Channeled tail gives bite and drives out of turns. All sizes feature diamond grooved traction pads with tail kick pad with raised centre ridge.


JP Australia Surf 8’6” x 29” WE 2019/ £1449

In this weeks SUPboarder review we take a look at the new JP Australia Surf 8’6” x 29”. A brand new size for 2019.  We have tested this board over 6 different sessions in a variety of wave types. The JP Australia Surf is a great shaped, advanced surf SUP that’s easy to use. This board is going to get intermediate SUP surfers moving into more aggressive turns and faster waves with its more performance outline shape.

JP Australia Surf 8'6'' 2019 Review / Advanced surfBoard details:
  • Length        8′6”
  • Width         29″
  • Volume      113l
  • Fin set up  US box and 5.5′ M7 FCS side-fins
  • Weight       7.9 kg
  • Rider size   65-90kg (75-85kg Ideally)

Other sizes in board range;
7’2″ x 25”
7’6″ x 27”
8′1″ x 28”
8′10″ x 30”
9′2″ x 30”

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The JP-Australia Surf range is designed for the “no-compromise”, top to bottom performance in the proper surf conditions for riders of all sizes. The whole Surf line has unique features; single to double concave flowing into a V tail, pulled in nose and tail, progressive rocker line and thin rails. All new for 2019 is the 8’6”x29”. Werner has slightly thinned out the rails and pulled in the nose and the tail, but the volume remains at 113L.

All of the PRO boards come with a 5 fin setup option and 3 fins. The smaller sizes from 7’2” through to 8’6” all come with 3 FCS plugs for the center fin position instead of the US box to keep the weight down to a minimum. The 3 plugs provide 2 center fin position options and the boards come with a RTM thruster fin set. The 8’10” and the 9’2” have the 5 fin option with the US box for the center fin to be able to accommodate a bigger fin. The Wood Edition come with standard – US box thruster set up.

The PRO layup of our SURF boards has no carbon as we believe that carbon makes the boards too stiff for the surf. We have kept a natural flex pattern with strategic dual density sandwich layup and optimized fiber direction. For 2019 we have developed rail construction with Innegra fiber on the PRO boards and Basalt fiber on the Wood Edition boards. No more paint chipping.

Innegra on the PRO boards adds the abrasion resistance but it doesn’t add stiffness as we didn’t want to alter the flex pattern of the boards. Basalt on the Wood Edition boards adds strength, stiffness and abrasion resistance. Basalt is 100% volcanic rock, a natural and sustainable fiber.

Surfing in London?!! Yep you heard it right. Today it was announced that plans are being made to bring waves inland to the capital city with a new artificial wave pool. If all goes to plan smart suits and surfboards will become the norm, and those in the city will be able to enjoy the surf just as much as those living by the sea. Read on to find out more about this exciting development…

Surfers (L-R) Jessica Rowe, Veranika Lim, Sophie Hellyer and Frank Hodgson cross London’s Millennium Bridge as a partnership is announced between Lee Valley Regional Park Authority and The Wave to create an inland surfing destination in the capital for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Photo : John Nguyen/PA Wire.

Press Release:

£40m Surfing Destination Planned for London: State of the art project planned for Edmonton’s Lee Valley Leisure Complex

Surfing could be coming to London, according to plans announced today by Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA) and inland surfing specialists, The Wave. The £40m project would enhance around 100 acres of land in Lee Valley Regional Park and could make London the first capital city in the world to offer an inland surfing destination.

LVRPA, as landowner, and The Wave, whose first inland surfing venue will open in Bristol next year, will work together to develop a planning application for a world-class surfing destination called The Wave London. This sustainable and visionary project will be the centrepiece of an exciting reinvigoration of land adjacent to the Lee Valley Athletics Centre in Edmonton, North London and will bring both visitors and jobs to the area.

The concept, unveiled today, will allow people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to have a go at surfing, whether it’s a child stepping on a board for the first time, or a pro-surfer training for the Olympics. The Wavegarden Cove technology generates up to 1,000 quality waves per hour, with heights starting at 50cm and peaking at almost 2m. The popularity of surfing is growing, and the sport will feature for the first time at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.

Engagement with local communities and interested organisations will take place alongside extensive, detailed site analysis – and subject to the results of this, a planning application will be submitted. If plans are approved by the London Borough of Enfield and the Mayor of London, The Wave London would offer a new purpose-built surfing lake and could feature other elements, such as a high-performance surfing and skateboarding centre, health and rehabilitation, cycle trails, high ropes, and glamping accommodation.

Proposed plan for new London Wave Pool

The existing lake in the north of the Lee Valley Leisure Complex will not be affected by The Wave London and the project aims to enhance its biodiversity. Activities at the world-class Lee Valley Athletics Centre would continue as normal.

Shaun Dawson, Chief Executive of Lee Valley Regional Park Authoritysaid: “These proposals have the potential to create a stunning new regional leisure hub bringing health, fitness, sport and outdoor activities to millions of people along with many new jobs.

“This leisure development would complement our existing world class sports venues up and down the 26-mile-long Regional Park, including our three hugely popular London 2012 legacy venues providing the best cycling, white water, hockey and tennis opportunities to be found anywhere.

“Lee Valley Leisure Complex was once a sewage works and rubbish dumps. A generation ago we built what was then Europe’s largest leisure centre. Now we hope to bring inland surfing here to create an outstanding new leisure destination for the capital and the region. This marks another exciting chapter in the history of the Lee Valley.”

Nick Hounsfield, Founder of The Wave said: “Surfing is an incredible sport which has proven health benefits – both physically and mentally. The Wave London would give people the chance to try surfing and experience these benefits in an urban environment. Being in the water, catching waves, has the ability to change lives, whilst being so much fun!

“We want to create a space where people can have an amazing time by connecting with nature, each other and themselves. We know we can enhance this space, and encourage more people to get outside in nature and get active.

“We have already started to build The Wave Bristol. From the very beginning we have worked closely with local communities to ensure our project meets their needs and provides world-class surfing facilities for professionals and beginners alike. We look forward to working with local Edmonton residents, organisations and partners in the same way to ensure The Wave London works for both them and visitors to the area.”

About the site

Lee Valley Leisure Complex is home to Lee Valley Athletics Centre, which opened in 2007, the newly refurbished 12 screen Odeon Luxe Lee Valley and a wedding and events venue. Lee Valley Golf Course and Lee Valley Camping and Caravan Park, Edmonton are also on the site and, if the scheme goes ahead, will close. LVRPA is already exploring opportunities with the London Borough of Enfield to provide alternative facilities for golfers. The site is designated as Green Belt and has been used for leisure since the 1970s.

About the technology

The Wave London will use Wavegarden’s Cove technology, which can generate up to 1000 quality waves per hour, with heights starting at 50cm and peaking at almost 2m (6.5ft), allowing people of all ages and abilities to experience the joy of surfing. With the potential to host over 80 users at the same time, the Cove has six different surfing zones that offer waves of different size and power specifically designed to provide ideal conditions for everyone, from professionals to newcomers picking up a surfboard for the very first time.

About surfing*

·      Surfing is a fast growing sport – c.40% increase in participation in the last two years.
·      Demand for surfing is high in London – estimated 117,000 surfers
·      In the UK it is estimated that there are c.650,000 regular surfers – over 2.5 million surfs a year
·      Surfing will become an Olympic sport for the first time at the 2020 Games in Tokyo
* Statistics from British Marine Association Annual Watersports Participation Survey

Press release: The Wave– Nathalie Golden and Abby Richardson at Fresh Communication


Probably the best all round swell conditions we’ve ever seen at an ISA Worlds SUP surf event. Something for everyone, unlike the more challenging conditions during the event at Cloud Break, Fiji afew years ago!

A massive congratulations to Shakira Westdorp and Luiz Diniz who took the win again this year. It really goes to show how these two riders are on great unstoppable form at the moment.

Women’s SUP Surfing
Gold – Shakira Westdorp (AUS)
Silver – Iballa Ruano Moreno (ESP)
Bronze – Stella Smith (NZL)
Copper – Yuuka Horikoshi (JPN)
Men’s SUP Surfing
Gold – Luiz Diniz (BRA)
Silver – Harry Maskell (AUS)
Bronze – Caio Vaz (BRA)
Copper – Juan de los Reyes (ESP)

Final surf day press realise ISA Worlds below;
Wanning, China, November 26, 2018 – Australia’s Shakira Westdorp and Brazil’s Luiz Diniz both repeated as SUP Surfing World Champions at the 2018 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship in Wanning, China.
Westdorp’s Gold Medal performance was an unprecedented third in a row, putting her in a league of her own in the history of ISA SUP Surfing.
“I am so stoked to win,” said an emotional Westdorp. “I had to go the long way through the Repechage, but it paid off in the end.
“It’s great points for our team to earn this Gold. As captain, this is my goal to get us off to a great start.”
Diniz earned an incredible 9.5 score in the final moments of the Men’s Final to earn his second consecutive Title and a spot in the SUP Surfing competition at the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, where SUP Surfing and Racing are set to make their debut.
“I am so happy to win the Gold Medal two times,” said Diniz. “I want to thank my family and friends for making this possible.”
Following Diniz in the Men’s Final were Australia’s Harry Maskell, earning his second consecutive Silver Medal, Brazil’s Caio Vaz with the Bronze, and Spain’s 17-year-old phenom Juan de los Reyes with the Copper.
In the Women’s Final, Spain’s Iballa Ruano Moreno earned the Silver, New Zealand’s Stella Smith the Bronze, and Japan’s Yuuka Horikoshi the Copper.
Team Australia, Spain and Brazil all finished the day with two athletes on the podium.
Candice Appleby (USA) was the top performing woman, which earned her a spot in StandUp Paddle’s debut at the 2019 Pan American Games.
On the final day of competition in Wanning, Riyue Bay continued to provide excellent left-hand waves for the world’s best SUP surfers.
After a morning of Main Event and Repechage heats, the Women’s final ran to crown the first World Champion of the event.
Australia’s Westdorp continued her unstoppable run through the competition and notched a pair of 7-point rides to continue her dominance atop Women’s SUP Surfing. Japan’s Horikoshi made a critical error and interfered on one of Westdorp’s waves, which resulted in her second wave score being halved, leaving her in Copper Medal position.
Spain’s Moreno challenged Westdorp for the Gold, but came up short with the Silver Medal, her second in the history of the event. New Zealand’s Smith followed with Bronze.
In the Men’s Final the Brazilian teammates Vaz and Diniz paired up against Australia’s Maskell and Spain’s de los Reyes.
Maskell and Diniz traded off the top position, however Diniz’s combination of 8.5 and 9.5, the highest total of the event (18.00), propelled him into the pole position to earn his second consecutive Gold Medal.
Vaz ran into problems during the heat when he broke his board and had to rush to the beach to swap it out with only 5 minutes remaining. Vaz recovered and made it quickly back out to the lineup, but never found a wave that could improve upon his Bronze Medal position, leaving Maskell in Silver position and de los Reyes in Copper position.
ISA President Fernando Aguerre said:
“Congratulations to these amazing, repeating World Champions and to all the medalists. They have gone down in history as the first ISA SUP Champions crowned in Asia and mark an important milestone in the ISA’s push to grow and develop SUP across all continents of the globe.
“Now that the SUP surfers have got the competition off to an excellent start, we shift gears towards the SUP and Paddleboard Technical Racing where the world’s best will vie for titles. The best of the best are here in Riyue Bay and eager to make their countries proud with a Gold Medal.”
The ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship will be streamed live on Nov 23 – Dec 2.
Featured image : Luiz Diniz. PHOTO: ISA / Pablo Jimenez

Knowing how to do certain wave manoeuvres is great, but knowing exactly where to do the manoeuvres is even better! Doing the right moves in the right part of the wave is not only going to make your SUP surfing look and feel better but make your wave length go to the maximum time too.

In this video we explain how to choose the right moves for the right waves.

Remember if you want more advice on exactly how to carry out certain manoeuvres check out the previous SUPboarder Pro features below.
The frontside top turn
The backside top turn
The backside cutback


With loads of new 2019 gear heading our way the first board up with a new style ‘First Look’ video is the JP Australia Surf 8’6”WE. This is a brand new board for 2019. At 113L the JP Australia Surf 8’6” could suit those mid/heavy weight paddlers with a real itch for a performance shape!

Length 8’6”
Width 29”
Volume 113L

Remember these first look videos are not full SUPboarder reviews, they’re not even close! They are unedited, gut feeling videos showing what’s in the box and how they look for the first time.

In this becoming a ‘Better’ SUP surfer video we answer a question that got sent to us… Is it better to look at my paddle blade during a manoeuvre like a top turn or is it better to look the opposite way towards the rotation of the turn? This is definitely more of an intermediate/advanced question but something that even the more beginner SUP surfer will benefit from thinking about.

Reuben talks about the pros and cons from his experience, for example looking at the paddle blade to produce paddle power and looking away from the paddle to help with rotations.

Being aware of this will make you become a better SUP surfer for sure.

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After the recent NewYork APP World Tour event last week Sean Poynter and Iballa Moreno were crowned king and queen of the event. The 2 Starboard Team members ripped apart the small clean swell at the competition. But we also feel there is something else that these two paddlers deserve a little more credit for.

The New York waves were mostly lefts during the competition so this meant that both the Starboard surfers were surfing mostly on their backside. To win a competition at this level by riding on your backside really does deserve a mention in our eyes. Having to produce speed, power and flow on a wave is way harder on your backside than surfing on your frontside. And if that wasn’t hard enough imagine Sean having his fellow team mate Zane Schweitzer charging on his frontside throughout most of the competition.

To hold off other competitors and take the win at New York really shows the level of these two paddlers…. Respect!


1.  Sean Poynter (USA)
2.  Zane Schweitzer (USA)
3=  Luiz Diniz (Brazil)  & Poenaiki Raioha (Tahiti)


1.  Iballa Moreno
2.  Nicole Pacelli
3=  Terrene Black & Dominique Mille


“The unique vibes you get from gliding on the board and being underwater, it’s like the thrill that turns every moment into pure bliss. It’s a more than a walking dream, an entirely new realm where you feel like you’re flying.” Patrice Chanzy

The young Finn Spencer is not new to the world in the sense of an up and coming young waterman. At the age of 17 he’s really growing his board skills in most surf disciplines. And it’s going to be interesting watching guys like Finn take the newer SUP disciplines such as foiling into the future and to the next level. He reminds us of another young grom that 10 years ago was doing the same… Kai Lenny have you heard of him?!