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What’s the best way to empty a busy surf break?… hope a Great White will swim past! A shark sighting might scare most of the surfers off, but not Rick! For him it just means one thing…  more waves to be had!

There’s something about Rick Weeks we can’t get enough of. Maybe it’s his smooth mellow style, the way he throws the bigger boards around or chilled music. Whatever it is, keep it up Rick.

There are so many great surfers in Australia, and we’re now seeing a good number of them add SUPs to their surf riding quiver of board sports. Looks like these SUP surfers are showing performance SUP surfing at its best out there. And really nice to see one of Australia’s early small board SUP surfers Justin Holland still charging with his powerful top turns and hacks. 

Words below by video creators Surefire Boards:

Some of Australia’s best SUP surfers competed in the 2018 NSW State SUP Titles in June 2018 with 3 days of consistent swell at One Mile Beach at Nelson Bay, around 4 hours north of Sydney. Some of the big names were Kai Bates, Harry Maskell, Justin Holland, & James Casey showcasing why these boys are/were on the SUP world tour and blasting every wave and section that presented itself.

This is Part 1 as there was too much good footage to fit into one song, so stay tuned for part 2.

The speed and projection that these boys get on any sized wave is second to none, and I love competing against these guys as it always pushes my surfing and the levels seem to rise in each and every contest.


This video from the ISA World Champion Luiz Diniz is for all the surfers (pop up paddlers) out there who say stuff like – “SUPing isn’t surfig!” “You can’t turn a SUP like you can a surfboard” or “Paddleboarding is easy!”

Think Luiz proves a point that stand up paddleboards CAN be ridden like performance surf boards. And when the boards get that small, it really isn’t that easy to stand on a paddleboard!

Luiz gets top marks from us for showing us all how to send it on a SUP. But he does get marked down for the blatant drop in at 1:47 sec demonstrating how not to make friends in the line up!

The Rottnest Classic is one of those SUP surf comps that is rich with good SUP surf talent, from local Australians to other international riders. This film from Benjamin Delfs shows us some of the best action from the comp. Such a good level of SUP surfing from the guys and girls. But in the video Benoit Carpentier is a clear stand out for us, with his powerful and planted backside hacks he is looking unstoppable on a wave. Also both Starboard riders Iballa and Shakira are killing it for the ladies.

1. Kai Bates (Mollymook, NSW) 16.56 – $2,500
2. Beniot Carpentier (Brittany, France) 14.83 – $1,500
3. Rick Jakovich (Gracetown, WA) – 11.40 – $900
3. Jake Jakovich (Gracetown, WA) – 5.73 – $900

1. Iballa Moreno (Canary Islands, Spain) 11.34 – $1,600
2. Shakira Westdorp (Tugun, QLD) 7.83 $800

When you watch a good surfer like Fisher Grant it can look effortless. The US SUP longboard champion has a great style and perfect, fast flowing cutbacks.

SUPboarder’s fast flowing cutback tip: By starting your cutback high on the wave, it gives you plenty of time and space to bring the board back around into the white water, and finishing off the manoeuvre in the middle part of the wave allowing you to then turn and produce speed down the wave again.


Its been a while since we’ve seen Keahi de Aboitiz doing his thing on a SUP. Check out some shots of him scoring a good 14 second swell that recently hit Oahu, Hawaii. How do we know it’s Keahi?… There’s only one guy with that top turn snap!

Video by Dans Surf Videos


If you’re lucky enough not to have to face a cold winter on the water then you wont know what it feels like to paddle in neoprene head to toe! New wetsuits are amazing and you will certainly stay warm but it takes some getting used to SUP surfing wearing all that neoprene. It basically feels like you’re wrapped in a huge elastic band!

Is it worth it? Absolutely! Just check out this slickly filmed and edited video of Cold Hawaii Denmark, for some of the results full body neoprene can achieve!


We’re so used to the break in Tahiti called Teahupo’o showing us big waves and deep dark barrels that you could fit cars into. But remember even the baddest waves in the world can have a soft side. This video uploaded by Charles Vandemeulebroucke shows you a mellower side to one of the worlds heaviest waves. It might look gentle but you can guarantee even the small waves will have a bit of punch if you get caught in the wrong place!


There’s something about new boards and new faces riding them. OK… Harry Maskell and SIC surf SUPs aren’t the newest kids on the block but they are both looking good on the water. Harry has already proven himself at the ISA worlds but it’s good to see him surfing in some better swell. 

We look forward to seeing more of them in action this year for sure.

”After an impressive silver medal finish at the ISA World Championships in Denmark, Harry Maskell stopped through New England in September en route to California for the Pacific Paddle Games. His timing couldn’t have been better – New England saw it’s best run of Hurricane swell on record, with Rhode Island being a hot spot for day after day of overhead surf. Harry was able to jump on the new SIC Triton, among other surf craft, and enjoy some of the best conditions the east coast of the USA has to offer. Video by: Sam Morrissey – Endeavor Studios” Words : SIC

If you’re into SIC boards we will be reviewing the RS 14′ x 26” soon on SUPboarder.


We haven’t heard or seen much of former SUP surf world champ Caio Vaz lately. Turns out he’s not been up to much….  just riding Beastly Barrrels in Indo! Surfing big waves in Desert Point and Sumatra takes skill and a lot of balls. Both of which Caio has lots of!!!