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Its been a while since we’ve seen Keahi de Aboitiz doing his thing on a SUP. Check out some shots of him scoring a good 14 second swell that recently hit Oahu, Hawaii. How do we know it’s Keahi?… There’s only one guy with that top turn snap!

Video by Dans Surf Videos


If you’re lucky enough not to have to face a cold winter on the water then you wont know what it feels like to paddle in neoprene head to toe! New wetsuits are amazing and you will certainly stay warm but it takes some getting used to SUP surfing wearing all that neoprene. It basically feels like you’re wrapped in a huge elastic band!

Is it worth it? Absolutely! Just check out this slickly filmed and edited video of Cold Hawaii Denmark, for some of the results full body neoprene can achieve!


We’re so used to the break in Tahiti called Teahupo’o showing us big waves and deep dark barrels that you could fit cars into. But remember even the baddest waves in the world can have a soft side. This video uploaded by Charles Vandemeulebroucke shows you a mellower side to one of the worlds heaviest waves. It might look gentle but you can guarantee even the small waves will have a bit of punch if you get caught in the wrong place!


There’s something about new boards and new faces riding them. OK… Harry Maskell and SIC surf SUPs aren’t the newest kids on the block but they are both looking good on the water. Harry has already proven himself at the ISA worlds but it’s good to see him surfing in some better swell. 

We look forward to seeing more of them in action this year for sure.

”After an impressive silver medal finish at the ISA World Championships in Denmark, Harry Maskell stopped through New England in September en route to California for the Pacific Paddle Games. His timing couldn’t have been better – New England saw it’s best run of Hurricane swell on record, with Rhode Island being a hot spot for day after day of overhead surf. Harry was able to jump on the new SIC Triton, among other surf craft, and enjoy some of the best conditions the east coast of the USA has to offer. Video by: Sam Morrissey – Endeavor Studios” Words : SIC

If you’re into SIC boards we will be reviewing the RS 14′ x 26” soon on SUPboarder.


We haven’t heard or seen much of former SUP surf world champ Caio Vaz lately. Turns out he’s not been up to much….  just riding Beastly Barrrels in Indo! Surfing big waves in Desert Point and Sumatra takes skill and a lot of balls. Both of which Caio has lots of!!!

The thing that we really notice about Kai Bates and his SUP surfing is his amazing timing. When on a wave and when doing manoeuvres his timing is always bang on. On every wave he really seems to make the most out of everything the wave throws at him, and his cutbacks and backside riding is perfect and well executed. Kai has got the Australian Titles coming up and you’ve got to admit, he’s look pretty strong for the title.

Footage by : Rider Ladkin


Here’s a little SUP surf mash up to help get you through another Monday. Put together by surfafrica SUP.

Riders and timings below:

Surfers…. Jess Leedy 0:17 Dave Boehne 4:24 20:14 Mo Freitas 7:23 23:04 Erik Antonson 12:04 14:12 Damien Antonson 14:12 Giorgio Gomez 17:49 Izzi Gomez 18:35 Sean Poynter 19:01 Lara Claydon 19:45 Fiona Wylde 20:52 Brandon Rambo 21:40 Annie Reickert 22:14 F-One Team 24:08

From a young grom, to the worlds most well known waterman. Sponsor and equipment brand Naish has been with Kai Lenny the whole step of the way. There is no doubt they have both helped each other, but the question everybody is thinking now is… where is he going?!

Kai Lenny Said: Words cannot begin to express the amount of gratitude I have towards Robby Naish and his company Naish for the incredible support I have experienced over the past 16 years. Naish was my first major sponsor and has been with me through thick and thin, the good times and the bad, as well as being there throughout my journey of fulfilling childhood dreams of becoming a world champion athlete. It is with a heavy heart that I will no longer be a team rider for Naish. This has been one of the toughest decisions I have had to make thus far in my career, but I am excited for the road ahead as I stay committed to becoming the best athlete and person I can be.

PLEASE READ……We are always keen to trying new things & videos on SUPboarder, but most importantly is that you guys like what we’re doing! This is a new video blog/how to video which we are thinking about doing more of, about surfing different spots and different conditions. After weeks of onshore winds, in this video Reuben goes on a little quest for waves, heading through the forest to a rocky reef spot. He goes over some very basic things about surfing rocky reef breaks. This is a very striped back version video to see if you like the idea of the series and want more.

Please leave comments and feedback below or email us at We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

We always like seeing top riders using boards you can actually buy in the shops. Not a custom board that is sprayed up to look like a production board!
In this video, it’s great to see French champ Arthur Arukin SUP surfing the new 2018 Fanatic ProWave 7’6”. OK, it’s the smallest board in the Fanatic range at 80 litres in volume and many riders may not be interested in ridings boards that small. But it’s important the brands put work and RnD into the smaller boards in their range, so that the better shapes and RnD can be pushed into the bigger boards in their range too in the future.