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Today saw amazing conditions for the final day of competition here in Gran Canaria. Massive congrats to Sean Poynter from the USA and Iballa Moreno from Spain both taking their first ever World Championship Crowns on the APP World Tour. We also crowned two new event champs as Izzi Gomez and Poenaiki Raioha took the event wins here in solid surf to wrap up the 2018 season in Gran Canaria. Words : APP World Tour

Full Results


Position Athlete Nation Points
1 Poenaiki Raioha Tahiti 10,000
2 Sean Poynter USA 8,000
3 Julien Bouyer France 6,500
3 Sebastian Gomez Peru 6,500
5 Luis Diniz Brazil 5,000
5 Leonardo Gimenes Brazil 5,000
5 Zane Schweitzer Hawaii 5,000
5 Wellington Reis Brazil 5,000
9 Dave Boehne USA 4,000
9 Alexis Deniel France 4,000
9 Tamil Martino Peru 4,000
9 Mo Freitas Hawaii 4,000
13 Fernando Perez Spain 3,000
13 Moritz Mauch Germany 3,000
13 Camille Bouyer France 3,000
13 Pablo Valencia Spain 3,000
13 Carsten Kurmis Germany 3,000
13 Leco Salazar Brazil 3,000
13 Oscar Perez Spain 3,000
13 Benoit Carpentier France 3,000
13 Dario Ojeda Spain 3,000
13 Daniel Cesar Ferlin Brazil 3,000
13 Juan de los Reyes Barrios Spain 3,000
13 Medhi Oudani Morocco 3,000
25 Luciano Esteves Martins Brazil 1,000
25 Arthur LeMenn France 1,000
25 Javier Lezcano Spain 1,000
25 Federico Benettolo Italy 1,000
25 Arthur Arutkin France 1,000
25 Eduardo Diaz Spain 1,000


Women’s :

Position Athlete Nation Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
1 Izzi Gomez USA 10,000
2 Iballa Moreno Spain 8,000
3 Vania Olivieri Torres Peru 6,500
3 Shakira Westdorp Australia 6,500
5 Nicole Pacelli Brazil 5,000
5 Gabriela Sztamfer Brazil 5,000
5 Candice Appleby USA 5,000
5 Alazne Alonso 5,000
9 Dominique Miller Hawaii 4,000
9 Terrene Black Australia 4,000
9 Lara Claydon 4000
9 Annette Qvisgaard 4,000

2018 BSUPA National Sup Surf Championships

2018 makes a milestone for BSUPA as it celebrates its 10thAnniversary of the staging of the BSUPA National Sup Surf Championships. In what started off as a group enthusiastic waterman and women engaging in an exciting new ocean sport, has developed into National Championship, showcasing the best of British in what has became the fastest growing participation water sport.

2018 BSUPA National Sup Surf ChampionshipsThe success of these Championship’s over the past decade could not have been achieved without the support and commitment shown from our hosts, Extreme Academy, Watergate Bay Hotel. Situated on Cornwall’s North coast, Watergate Bay with its golden sands, dramatic towering coastline, and natural amphitheater shaped bay is the prefect location for a championship of this nature.

Date on : 13/14-10-2018

The main national titles to be competed for will be:

Men’s Open
Women’s Open
Under 16 Boys
Under 16 Girls.

Divisions within main competition for Open Men and Open Women are as follows:

Open all ages
Seniors 28 – 35
Masters 35 – 49
Grand Masters 50+

The Winner of the Open Men and Open Women Competition will also be awarded the coveted and exclusive Watergate Bay Waterman/Watergate Bay Women trophy.

Enter for this years championships is available through the following link:

Whist a champions, the weekend also offers like minds individuals the opportunity to met up, socialize, free surf together and swap stories of waves ridden in their local beaches. You don’t have to be a pro to enter, just have a passion for the water and SUP. 

What is SUP Surfing?

In SUP Surfing and although similar in shape to a traditional surfboard a SUP surfboard is larger and more buoyant. The SUP surfer uses a single bladed paddle to propel themselves through the water or on to a wave whilst standing up on the board. In terms of scoring a competitor whilst showing good overall surfing skills must also be seen to be using the paddle in three key ways to gain greater points over their fellow competitors. These are; Brace, Pivot and Force Multiplier to achieve more sharper and powerful turns.

Further information will be posted on BSUPA website coming days. For specific information contact Competition Organizer Richard Marsh via e-mail:

British Stand Up Paddleboard Association, are a non-profit sporting association, established to promote a positive awareness to the sport in the UK and abroad, through its professional training program and competitions

There are so many great surfers in Australia, and we’re now seeing a good number of them add SUPs to their surf riding quiver of board sports. Looks like these SUP surfers are showing performance SUP surfing at its best out there. And really nice to see one of Australia’s early small board SUP surfers Justin Holland still charging with his powerful top turns and hacks. 

Words below by video creators Surefire Boards:

Some of Australia’s best SUP surfers competed in the 2018 NSW State SUP Titles in June 2018 with 3 days of consistent swell at One Mile Beach at Nelson Bay, around 4 hours north of Sydney. Some of the big names were Kai Bates, Harry Maskell, Justin Holland, & James Casey showcasing why these boys are/were on the SUP world tour and blasting every wave and section that presented itself.

This is Part 1 as there was too much good footage to fit into one song, so stay tuned for part 2.

The speed and projection that these boys get on any sized wave is second to none, and I love competing against these guys as it always pushes my surfing and the levels seem to rise in each and every contest.

We know there are waves in the Mediterranean, but it’s being at the right place to score them that can be the challenge! Crete get its fair share of waves and earlier this year that’s where the first ever SUP surf contest was held in Greece… the “SUP Style Challenge by Nixon”. We hear from the organisers WBSF about the first (and by the sounds of it not the last) SUP surf event to hit Greece. 

SUP surf is rather new as a sport in Greece, but growing really fast. Dave Reed, race director from the UK Pro Surf Association, joined us at this event as a Head Judge of the races. Falasarna Beach in Northern Crete, held the event on the 28th July and after a full day with waves and great performances from the athletes, these were the final 4 winners:


The video shows pretty much what happened that day and proves that Greece can provide the right wave conditions, along with good action from the riders and of course the worldwide known Cretan hospitality.

The event was supported by the local authorities in the Region of Crete. This was the first SUP Surf event and will definitely not be the last.

It looks like a really well run event from start to finish. So if you want a SUP trip away with a competition too, Greece is the place to head. 

Stand Up Paddle Surfing Spanish Championship organised by Sports Club Tenerife and the Oversea Sports Club in Las Américas Beach and El Socorro Beach in June 2017.

Campeonato de España de Stand Up Paddle Surf en la modalidad de olas que organizó Sports Club Tenerife y el Club Deportivo Oversea en la Playa de Las Américas y la Playa de El Socorro en junio del 2017.

The 5th edition of the IRISHSUP Surf Classic recently took place in the beautiful Co Sligo in Ireland, and once again conditions and the comp did not disappoint. A great turnout, great waves and a great craic was had by all! SUPboarder catches up with event organiser Paul Byrne, and SUPboarder co-founder Will Rogers shares his first IRISHSUP Surf Classic experience. It certainly sounds like an event not to be missed next year for all abilities … 

Over the past 5 years this event has grown and grown to become not only the premier Surf SUP contest in the UK and Ireland, but a truly international event with competitors present from not only the Republic and Northern Ireland, but also England, Wales, Scotland, Germany, France and even Brazil!!!!

The philosophy behind this event is to come together and surf in a friendly fun environment, while enjoying catching up and having the craic, and the event certainly delivered that!!!

The base for the weekends antics was The Beach Bar, in Aughris, Co Sligo. Darren and his staff provided the perfect base for all athletes. Bed and Breakfast, van parking, food and drink, all right beside our contest site for the weekend.

There were 72 entries across the following categories:

  • First Timers.
  • Ladies.
  • Sub 10ft.
  • 10ft and bigger.

Friday night kicked the event off with a judges workshop for all to attend. This event is unique in that it asks the surfers to judge as well as compete under the watchful eye of an experienced head judge. This allows the unique insight as to what judges are looking for and what scores higher than what!!!

Saturday morning the contest started at 9.30am and ran with heat back to back until 7pm. The surf gods were looking on us and provided world class conditions. The waves were shoulder to head high, with light offshore winds. The skill level of the surfers did not disappoint. Ireland saw extremely high level of competition to match anything around the world. Here’s some drone coverage of the contest site which was recorded by chance and had nothing to do with the contest, pity there wasn’t some of the surf action. Sligo was looking tropical!!!

The surf and the contest was only a small part of what this weekend was all about. It was great to meet new friends, and catch up with old ones. Share tales of woe, and have a few laughs. Obviously, this would never happen without the kind support of our sponsors:

Sunova Surfboards, Academy of Surfing Instructors, Mauka Lodge in Portugal, Mama Johnsons and the Strand Bar in Strandhill, Pure Magic Kitesurfing, C-Skins wetsuits, Surfears, Dirty Dog Eyewear, Atlantic Coast Lifeguards, CoCo Ridge Coconut Water, Huku Blalance boards, SUPBoarder Magazine and finally the Wild Atlantic Soap Co.

Finally, a massive thank you to Dave Owens, my sidekick in the planning and running of this event, without whom I couldn’t do it…thank you Davo!!!

Words : Paul Bryne

For years, the IRISHSUP  classic has been blessed with epic conditions.  Perhaps lucky, but then again perhaps Ireland makes its own luck with its countless beaches and reefs meaning that it turns stormy atlantic swells into epic waves a lot of the time.
My trip to this event was very special….. firstly, scoring the unreal Easky reef for several days before the competition and meeting many of my friendly fellow competitors in the line up put a huge smile on my face.  The Irish SUP Surfing scene is incredibly friendly, inclusive and energetic and as the weekend progressed I met more and more great people.  
Keeping with tradition the conditions for the event were incredible.  Perfect waves, brilliant sunshine and a light offshore breeze.  Event director Paul made a perfect call for the competition location meaning the conditions catered for all.  First timers enjoyed perfect waves and experienced well travelled international competitors were in awe of Irelands waves.
What makes this competition different is that its rider judged, a concept that works really well.  Kicked off with a judging workshop integrated into the Friday night social followed by great mentoring of judges by the head judge throughout the event meant that everyone could attend this event and come away with not only a competition place, but some great development in their understanding of how to be a better competition surfer.  
Not only can you rip it up on your performance SUP in this event, but it also has a longboard category which is a must for all other events – a great way to ensure competitors get more time on the water.  Added to that,  the first timers category ensured the event remained accessible to everyone. There really was smiles all round!
A stand out highlight of this event was its social – the Beach Bar catered for all 72 competitors in a really great, socialble sit down meal, which was followed by drinks, music, more drinks and finally dancing on the tables.  For most competitors attending events is as much about the people you meet as the competing, and the Irish craic did not disappoint!
I would highly recommend this event, its been a great experience, as a competitor, judge and media partner.  I integrated the event into a mini Irish SUP SURF adventure and as I sit writing this on the ferry back to the UK, watching the sun set over the emerald isle I can’t quite believe how many amazing waves, great people, stunning beaches, wild coastlines and fantastic Guinness has been squeezed into my week!
Will Rogers – SUPboarder co-founder
  1. Sarah Gannon. (Ire)
  2. Lucy Hamilton. (Ire)
  3. Michaela Vonstein. (Ire)
  4. Lois Crighton. (Ire)


  1. Robert Sayer (Ire)
  2. Marc Mestl (Ger)
  3. Scott McGlashan (Eng)
  4. Nevan O Connor (Ire)


  1. Marcio Diaz. (Bra)
  2. Ollie Laddiman (Wal)
  3. Steve Laddiman (Wal)
  4. Dave Owens (Ire)


  1. Marcio Diaz (Bra)
  2. Steve Laddiman (Wal)
  3. Ollie Laddiman (Wal)
  4. Francois Colossi (Fra)

To find out more about the IRISHSUP Surf Classic check out their facebook page.

Photos / Louise Carrington




The weekend of October 1st and 2nd 2016, will see many of the UK’s leading exponent’s of Stand Up Paddleboard surfers head to Watergate Bay’s shore to compete in this years BSUPA National SUP Surf Championships.

Over the course of the two days of competition, there will be four main competitions which include Open Men’s, Open Women, Junior Under 16 Boys and Junior Under 16 Girls. The winner of the Open Men’s and Open Women will be crowned The Watergate Bay Waterman/Waterwomen.

This year’s championships will also be the final stop of the newly created BSUPA SUP Surf Series and selections will be made to represent Team GB in the 2017 ISA Stand Up Paddleboard World Championships.

Matt Baker-Smith has confirmed his entry and will be defending his Open Men’s Championship. Matt has every intention of gaining a fourth consecutive title. As with every year, the competition is growing fierce with local Cornishman Alex Murray leading the challenge followed by the young guns of Aaron Rowe, Blue Ewer and Ollie Laddieman. All three ‘pups’, are keen to win this years overall series Championship title.

Tina Beresford from Newquay will be returning to defend her Championship Women’s title, from an ever growing field of women sup surfers. Marie Buchanan, and Nikki Graham are certainly worth keeping an eye on as they have unlimited competitive enthusiasm to win.

Watergate Bay has been a long term supporter of surf, water and beach related sports, located on Cornwall’s North shore, with its dramatic towering coastline, and natural amphitheater bay provides the prefect venue for competitors and spectators alike.

BSUPA and organizing team would like to Watergate Bay for their continued support in assisting with the staging of these Championships.

Entry to these championships is now open. Individuals wishing to entry may do so via the following link:

Further information on these Championships, the association or where you can learn to Stand Up Paddleboard in your area please visit or with Competition Director Richard Marsh via e-mail: masthighltd@me,com

British Stand Up Paddleboard Association, are a non-profit sporting association, established to promote a positive awareness to the sport in the UK and abroad, through its professional training program and competitions.

Words : Richard Marsh Photos : BSUPA/BobBerry/RobJewell

Where are you Groms?

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.47.27

This years first BSUPA wave event held for the first time at Putsborough had a lack of new faces in junior event but was still a tightly contested fleet. With less than perfect conditions it was still a fun and well organised event by South west SUP’s Marc Hambridge.
For the fist time I competed in both the Junior and Open mens fleets too.
My first heat (Open) was in the wind blown choppy 2-3ft waves , besides spending a fair bit of time struggling to stay on my board I managed to get a few decent waves and happily advanced through.
There was some great Paddle boarders in the heats and I was stoked to be competing against them, such as Alex Murray who also advanced forward with me.
A few heats down and I was in with the Junior 3 man Final with Todd Sawyer and Finn Gablin we were all competing in tough on shore windy conditions, all of us struggling to find some quality waves.
Before long I was now in the main open  semi final of the main event, the toughest heat so far the heat read: Matt barker -Smith, Arron Rowe, Matt Argyle and Me!, It was a tricky heat against the best SUP surfer in the country. Although I got some great waves it was no surprise that my contest ended there, (although I did get further than my dad for the first time!).

At the presentation I was super stocked to get my first Junior surf win, and also finishing higher in the ranks than many great SUP surfers inc my dad, it’s put me in a great position for the  start of the year. Looking forward to competing in the up and coming events ahead in the BSUPA surf series.
Blue Ewer (14).

Blue is supported by Naish UK, K4 Fins, and Reactive Watersports.

IrishSUP Surf Classic 2016
Paul Byrne

The 4th annual IRISHSUP SURF CLASSIC took place in early April in the beautiful surf county of Sligo. This SUP Surf event has become the premier event of the UK and Irish SUP Surf scene, and that was evident to see with surfers from Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and the republic of Ireland in attendance.

IrishSUP Surf Classic 2016
Mikee Hamilton

The event provides a variety of categories for the suppers to participate in. There is a ladies, first timers, sub 10ft, 10ft plus and a masters category on offer. This year saw 83 entries for this two-day event.

Conditions for the competition suited the event being run at a beach called Trá BuÍ, just around the corner from our weekend base of the Beach Bar in Aughris Head. It was here that the weekends other events took place; judges workshop, SUP movies, SUP dinner, and the suppers after party celebrations on the Saturday night.

Conditions on both days was challenging with surf well overhead, and a very challenging shore break to negotiate. However, the quality and shape of the waves were perfect for SUP surfing. Glassy faces with light offshore breezes and big fast walls. For most, this was the most challenging conditions they have experience but all rose to the occasion and displayed some fantastic form.

This event is about the suppers and celebrating something that we all love…SUP! The results of the finals are only a secondary factor but nevertheless a massive well done to all that battled their way thru and made the finals.

The sponsors for the event need to be also thanked. Their support for this event allows entry fee money go to the RNLI every year.

Thank you…. Atlantic Soul Co, Starboard, Dirty Dog, Coco Ridge, The Beach Bar, Puremagic, and the Academy of Surfing Instructors.

I look forward to seeing you all again next year!!!!!



First Timer:

  1. Mikee Hamilton
  2. Chris Saunders
  3. Chris O Hagan


  1. Michaella Von Stein
  2. Sarah Gannon
  3. Linda O Dwyer
  4. Nicola Jensen

Sub 10FT:

  1. Alan Corrigan
  2. Chris Saunders
  3. Scott Warren
  4. Simon Dunton

10FT Plus:

  1. Dave Owens
  2. Tony Doherty
  3. Ozzie Jay
  4. Noel Smart


  1. Paul Byrne
  2. Tony Doherty
  3. Ozzie Jay
  4. Mark Gaul
  5. Pauric Deery

Events like this one often rely on a few individuals to make them happen, in this case Paul wanted to single out Dave Owens for his hard work as an organiser over the weekend but also the trophies he makes every year. Great work guys!

Words – Paul Byrne

Images – Lois Crighton

Nice mix of laid back longboard SUP surf styleing and shorter more dynamic SUP surfing from the Santa Cruz Paddlesfest courtesy of the folk at Riviera Paddlesurf. Here’s what they said about the event;

The Santa Cruz Paddle Fest again was a great event…  Like the last 3 years we got great waves.  It was head high to double overhead all weekend.  The team had a great time and Riviera’s Own Brandon Rambo took 2nd Place against some of the best SUP surfers in the world on his 7’2 El Tigre.

There’s more from Riviera Paddlesurf on their website here


Masters of the Ocean 2016
Zane at Master of the Ocean 2015

The Dominican Republic looks like a dream destination for anyone into SUP Surf, Surf (surf?), Kite or Wind surfing. The Masters of the Ocean competition based at Cabarete returns for it’s 14th edition combining the 4 sports to find the best Waterman and Woman. Here’s the press release from the Carribean for the 2016 event that starts later this week; 

Masters of the Ocean 2016
Masters Of The Ocean

Master of the Ocean Kicks Off Its 14th edition.

Known as the elite World Championship for Water Men and Water Women, Master of the Ocean (MOTO) is a multidisciplinary competition that focuses on 4 categories where athletes get to show off their maneuvers in surf, windsurf, kite surf and SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding). Reuniting big local and international competitors, it takes place in both Encuentro and Cabarete Beach, going from Tuesday 23rd till Sunday 28thand it includes live music and social activities.

The event has this year received great support from national and international sponsors, taking a step forward in the collaboration with the Dominican Republic Ministery of Tourism. Event organizers Marcus Bohm and Patricia Hiraldo shares that the event has taken a new shape with this and aiming to set even new standards for the execution of the event this year. After the successful 2015 event and this years BBC The Travel Show feature, the Master Of The Ocean 2016 is expecting a broad lineup of media at the event site.

Within the attendees, important names pop up such as the Venezuelans Diony Guadagnino (windsurfing), Eniel Narváez (surf, kitesurf and sup), Olympic medalist Michael Gebhardt  and Francisco Hernández(surf, sup and longboard). Also the Hawaiian siblings Shelby and Zane Schweitzer, famous for their talent in watersports and family background in windsurf (their grandparents created the sport!) have confirmed their presence in this year’s MOTO. An active participation from the Dominican counterparts is expected, with distinguished personalities like Luciano GonzálezJean Marie Rivera, Samuel Perez-Hultz and others.

“This is the only competition that combines the four most relevant extreme watersports and manages to display each one’s qualities. It is an opportunity for competitors to shine and inspire kids from the community to get involved. Not everything in DR is baseball.” – Emmanuel Rondon, local kiteboarder, former and multi-time winner of MOTO.

The event opens on February 23rd 2016 until February 28th in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

For more details visit the events official web and/or Facebook Page:

And check out the 2015 coverage from SUPboarder here.

Words – Adriana Badía Paulino

All images – Tony Roberts