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We get used to always seeing the best bits of events and competitions through video highlights and post event write ups. But the truth is, racing is hard both mentally and physically, and sometimes things just don’t go to plan! If both parts aren’t working in sync with each other on the day, it can be much harder to achieve those winning results. So much can happen when you leave the start line. And sometimes, however hard you’ve trained and however fast you can paddle, you just have to accept that its just not your day or your race to win. In Casper’s latest Vblog he takes us though his races at the ISA Worlds in China and how things unfolded for him this year.

“I try to be honest and openly share my feelings everytime I win and things go well. But part of losing for me is to remain honest in the same way and not hide from the frustrations and negative feelings. This was my first World Championship in 6 years where I did not win a personal medal.
Check out the VLOG and feel free to reach out if you feel the same or have any questions!”


Team Australia continued their reign atop the sports of Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard to earn their sixth Gold Medal in seven years at the 2018 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship in Wanning, China.

Overall Team Ranking
Gold – Australia
Silver – USA
Bronze – France
Copper – Spain
5 – New Zealand
6 – Japan
7 – Italy
8 – Denmark
9 – South Africa
10 – Great Britain
Team Relay
Gold – Australia
Silver – USA
Bronze – New Zealand
Copper – Denmark

Men’s SUP Distance
Gold – Michael Booth (AUS)
Silver – Bruno Hasulyo (HUN)
Bronze – Vinnicius Martins (BRA)
Copper – Daniel Hasulyo (HUN)

Women’s SUP Distance
Gold – Olivia Piana (FRA)
Silver – Terrene Black (AUS)
Bronze – Shakira Westdorp (AUS)
Copper – Yuka Sato (JPN)

Men’s SUP Sprint
Gold – Arthur Santacreu (BRA)
Silver – Trevor Tunnington (NZL)
Bronze – Connor Baxter (USA)
Copper – Noic Gariou (FRA)

Women’s SUP Sprint
Gold – Tarryn King (RSA)
Silver – Caterina Stenta (ITA)
Bronze – Jade Howson (USA)
Copper – Terrene Black (AUS)

The Gold Medal for Australia extends their win streak to three in a row and represents a historic first Gold in the event’s history to be awarded in Asia.

Six Golds in seven years for Australia – true SUP and Paddleboard dominance. Photo: ISA / Pablo Jímenez

“We really wanted to win the relay and we came out today and put the nail in the coffin,” said Australia’s Team Captain Shakira Westdorp.

“We have a lot of fun and put the hard work in the water. We are great friends and you can’t manufacture that. I think that is why we keep on winning the overall team points.”

USA earned the overall Silver Medal, their best finish since earning the Gold in 2015, Team France earned the Bronze, and Team Spain earned the Copper.

Team Australia put the icing on the cake with a Relay Race Gold Medal on Sunday, followed by USA with the Silver, New Zealand with the Bronze, and Denmark with the Copper.

In a great display of the ISA’s push for the global growth of SUP, ten nations from all five continents – the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania – earned individual medals throughout the week of competition.

Australia’s dominant performance was buoyed by five individual Gold Medals from Westdorp(SUP Surfing), Grace Rosato(Paddleboard Technical and Distance Races), Lachie Lansdown(Paddleboard Technical Race) and Michael Booth(SUP Distance Race). To go along with the five Golds, Australia earned eight other individual medals from star athletes such as Terrene Black, Sam McCullough, and Harry Maskell.

Rosato shined as the only athlete to take two Golds and Westdorp showed her versatility by winning medals across two disciplines (SUP Surfing Gold and SUP Distance Race Bronze).

Team USA, the only nation to ever dethrone Australia (2015 in Mexico), was the only competitor to threaten Australia for the pole position.

USA came up short with the Silver, but their young contingent of medalists 18 years and under shows a promising future and a changing of the guard for Team USA.

18-year-old Ryan Funkand 16-year-old Jade Howsonswept the Gold Medals for USA in the SUP Technical Race Junior Divisions, while 15-year-old Kailyn Wintersearned the Bronze in the Women’s Paddleboard Distance Race.

The final day of competition at Shenzhou Peninsula featured the Relay Race, where 14 nations competed in a four-lap course that features a man and woman each from the SUP and Paddleboard disciplines to comprise a team of four.

Each athlete took a turn in the relay, navigating around the buoys before sprinting up the beach to tag their teammate into the race.

Team Australia emerged victorious, followed by USA with the Silver.

Bronze came down to a final, thrilling sprint between New Zealand’s Trevor Tunningtonand Denmark’s Casper Steinfath. Tunnington edged out Steinfath by fractions of a second to take the Bronze for his nation, leaving the Copper for Denmark.

Wanning, China, November 28, 2018 – Hungary’s Daniel Hasulyo and USA’s Candice Appleby claimed the SUP Technical Race Gold Medals in exciting fashion on the sixth day of competition at the 2018 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship in Wanning, China.

SUP Junior Boys
Gold – Ryan Funk (USA)
Silver – Oliver Houghton (NZL)
Bronze – Sam McCullough (AUS)
Copper – Noic Gariou (FRA)
SUP Junior Girls
Gold – Jade Howson (USA)
Silver – Melanie Lafenetre (FRA)
Bronze – Caroline Küntzel (DEN)
Copper – Laura Dal Pont (ITA)
Paddleboard Men
Gold – Lachie Lansdown (AUS)
Silver – Hunter Pflueger (USA)
Bronze – Daniel Hart (NZL)
Copper – Jadon Wessels (RSA)
Paddleboard Women
Gold – Grace Rosato (AUS)
Silver – Judit Verges (ESP)
Bronze – Katrine Zinck (DEN)
Copper – Kailyn Winter (USA)
Gold – Daniel Hasulyo (HUN)
Silver – Connor Baxter (USA)
Bronze – Trevor Tunnington (NZL)
Copper – Bruno Hasulyo (HUN)
SUP Women
Gold – Candice Appleby (USA)
Silver – Terrene Black (AUS)
Bronze – Shakira Westdorp (AUS)
Copper – Olivia Piana (FRA)
Team USA flexed their junior SUP talent and swept the historic first-ever Under-18 Technical Race Gold Medals. Jade Howson and Ryan Funk were respectively crowned World Champions in the Girls U-18 and Boys U-18 Divisions.
Team Australia continued their dominance in the Paddleboard discipline earning Gold in both the Men and Women Divisions. Lachie Lansdown repeated as Technical Race World Champion and Grace Rosato emerged victorious in her first ISA appearance.
With a Silver Medal in the Men’s Race, Connor Baxter earned a spot in the 2019 Pan American Games as the highest finishing athlete from the Americas. Appleby took the slot for the women with her Gold Medal performance, double qualifying her for the Technical Race as well as the SUP Surfing competition.
USA’s triple Gold Medal performance gave them a valuable boost into the lead of the team ranking with six individual medals and the Team Relay medals remaining to be awarded through the back half of the event. Australia earned five medals across the six finals, leaving them in a close second place behind USA.
The powerful Hungarian brother duo, Daniel and Bruno Hasulyo, made their presence known at their first participation in the ISA Worlds in 2017, with Bruno notably earning the Distance Race Gold.
Daniel followed in his brother’s footsteps in the Men’s Technical Race today to match him with an ISA Gold Medal.
USA’s Connor Baxter, who was trading off the lead with Daniel Hasulyo for a large part of the race, fell behind in the surf zone on the final lap and finished with the Silver, another great result for USA.
“This is the best feeling ever,” said an emotional Daniel Hasulyo. “I got sixth in the Technical Race and fourth in the Distance last year. This year I put all my dedication into it. Hard work paid off and today I did it. I can’t describe it.
“In three days I am competing in the Distance Race and I don’t want to do any worse than this.”
New Zealand’s Trevor Tunnington earned the Bronze and Bruno Hasulyo earned the Copper.
USA’s Appleby and Australia’s Terrene Black battled neck and neck for the lead in the Women’s SUP Technical Race Final. Appleby ended up nudging into the lead and earned her second Gold in the discipline.
Australia’s Shakira Westdorp, who recently took the SUP Surfing Gold, earned the Bronze Medal and France’s Olivia Piana earned the Copper.
“It feels awesome to win the Gold,” said Appleby. “I never imagined that I would be StandUp Paddleboarding all the way in China.
“The women’s side of the sport has been pushing it to the next level. We know that we have to support each other to have progress.
“I’ve been racing for 12 years now and to continue to see the level rise here in the ISA is great.”
The Boys and Girls Junior SUP Technical Races kicked off the string of finals this morning, with USA’s Ryan Funk and Jade Howson respectively winning the Boys and Girls Finals. Both athletes finished with convincing leads, giving a glimpse into the promising future of SUP Racing in the USA.
New Zealand’s Oliver Houghton earned the Boys Junior Silver, Australia’s Sam McCullough the Bronze and France’s Noic Gariou the Copper.
On the Junior Girls side of the race, France’s Melanie Lafenetre earned the Silver, Denmark’s Caroline Küntzel the Bronze, and Italy’s Laura Dal Pont the Copper.
Australia’s Lachie Lansdown robbed Team USA from a fourth of Gold in the Men’s Paddleboard Race. Having overcome a fall on the first lap, Lansdown trailed USA’s Hunter Pflueger on the final stretch, but was able to pass Pflueger with the help of a small wave when heading into the beach towards the finish line.
New Zealand’s Daniel Hart followed with the Bronze and South Africa’s Jadon Wessels with the Copper.
The Technical Race Gold for Lansdown is his second consecutive after he was victorious at the 2017 edition in Denmark.
The women’s Paddleboard Technical Race was one of the most closely fought through the first half of the race. Australia’s Grace Rosato, who was replacing an injured ten-time ISA Gold Medalist Jordan Mercer, had big shoes to fill and did not disappoint. Rosato managed to pull away and earn Gold in her ISA debut followed by Spain’s Judit Verges with the Silver, Denmark’s Katrine Zinck with the Bronze, and USA’s Kailyn Winter with the Copper.
Thursday will be a lay day in Wanning, China as the event repositions from Riyue Bay to Shenzhou Peninsula where the Distance, Sprint and Relay Races will close out the event and crown the Team World Champion.
Featured image :FRA – Olivia Piana. PHOTO: ISA / Pablo Jimenez

Red Bull Heavy Water, arguably the most intense stand-up paddling event in the world, will return as part of the 2018 APP World Tour circuit, with an event happening between a weather window of October 15 and November 2. The location will guarantee 36 of the world’s best SUP athletes, waves over 10 feet high and consist of an open course stretching 12 km (7.5 miles) starting from the San Francisco Bay and finishing at Ocean Beach. 

In this third annual event, a true test of physical strength, strategic planning and determination, athletes from the Men’s and Women’s APP World Tour circuit will be welcomed to the start line. Along with the welcome addition of new athletes and a change in course structure, Red Bull Heavy Water will be an ocean-friendly Deep Blue Event™. Red Bull and the APP World Tour will be working with Sustainable Surf and the local Ocean Beach community to leave a positive impact — keeping waste out of oceans and landfills, supporting the local community, going plastic straw-free and minimising the carbon footprint. Words APP World Tour

Polkerris SUP Festival 2018

After a successful first ever alternative Swim-SUP-Run triathlon last month in Cornwall, which saw competitors swim 750m, SUP 1km and then run 6km, the Polkerris Team are really looking forward to their first SUP only event in afew weeks time.

Polkerris SUP Festival 2018

What : SUP Race Festival (including sprint, distance, technical and team SUP racing)
Where : Polkerris Beach, Cornwall, UK
When :  Sat 16th June. 
Entry prices : 200m Sprint Race £15 / 5km Race £25 / Technical Race £10 / All Individual Races £35 / Team Large 4 person XL RED Board Race £20 (total cost £20 includes board)    
Includes : Fun racing / event T-Shirt / free hot drink / prizes for overall 1st, 2nd, 3rd male and female and age category winners.

Participants have the choice to take part in one, more or all of the following events during the day:

  • Sprint Races of 200m with a buoyed start and finish. This is a straight line sprint race with a floating start. The race will be run in a minimum of two heats.
  • Distance Race 5km (two laps of the 2.5km course) This is a beach start race. The planned SUP course will be an anti-clockwise triangular route of 2.5km finishing with a beach sprint.
  • Technical Challenge (around a number of buoys) This is a beach start race. The planned course will be 3 laps of an anti-clockwise 100m route involving three buoyed turns in both directions. After completing each lap you will exit the water for a beach transition back into the water, you’re board will be transitioned for you.
  • Team Race (4 people on a large paddle board) This is a 1km race for teams of 4 people on XL RIDE Red Paddle Boards. The course will be a straight out and back to a buoy with a beach start and finish. This race will be run in a minimum of two heats. 

This fun, friendly and challenging SUP event certainly has something for everyone! The 5km distance race is set to be a great race for both newer and more experienced stand up paddleboarders, whilst the XL board team race is set to be a great laugh!

Polkerris Beach is a unique location on the South Coast of Cornwall, a small cove set in an area of outstanding natural beauty. So whether you win or not the scenery is sure to be spectacular!

To find out more check out the Polkerris Beach website and Facebook page

To enter click here.

Check out the recent Swim – SUP – Run triathlon event video held at Polkerris Beach:

Are you thinking about doing some more SUP races this year or want to give your first race a go but don’t know where to start? Then the we can tell you that the Naish N1SCO race series are great events to get involved in. Fun and friendly for complete novices and the high level racers too. We’ve been following N1SCO one design inflatable racing for years and it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face for sure.

Get involved with this years races here :

Leonard Nika is getting ready for his 2018 Euro Tour. His highlight video from last years tours has some great angles showing the hustle and bustle of competitive SUP racing. If you manage to make it along to a race this year as a spectator, this is what you should expect to see.

Head of the Dart Challenge

Starboard have been a long-time sponsor of the iconic Head of the Dart SUP Challenge, an event covering a vast range of paddler abilities and providing both serious racers and recreational paddlers an opportunity to paddle the scenic River Dart. It was no surprise the event sold out within three days!

This year the fresh to strong SW breeze on event day, Sunday 15th April, was side-on along the long “Longstream” section of the river, making paddling extremely challenging or perhaps impossible for some of the paddlers so it was decided to implement “Plan B” – a seven mile “down-and-back” paddle starting and finishing in Totnes. Battling the incoming tide and facing mostly headwinds, the first half of the route was particularly challenging, as was the solitary buoy turn, exposed to a stiff breeze and strong current, making for numerous wobbles and falls!

With tidal flow at its peak for the return leg, tiring paddlers were given a welcome boost all the way to the finish.  Many of the 200+ paddlers had reservations ahead of the event due to the windy conditions so as many of the leisure fleet crossing the finish-line, emotions were a blend of relief and sense of achievement and for some exhaustion, still (mostly!) smiling.

The bulk of participants simply look to complete the distance or battle friends but at the sharp end of the race fleets positions are keenly contested and our Starboard paddlers enjoyed fantastic success:

  • Marie Buchanan won the ladies’ 14ft division (9th overall, under four minutes behind the fastest man!)
  • Ryan James won the men’s 14ft division and fastest paddler overall
  • Ben Pye (14′ Sprint) was second youth (placing 5th overall)
  • Paul Simmons (12’6″ Airline All Star) was second 12’6″ and first inflatable (ahead of the first 14′ inflatable by almost 5 minutes)

A massive thanks to everyone that helped make HOTD SUP the best yet:

  • Dart-Totnes Rowing Club and all their safety crews
  • Fiona and Allan for running the event (putting in countless hours behind the scenes!)
  • All the volunteers who marshalled, helped with registration and spotted on the finish line and braved the elements all day.
  • A huge thanks to the fantastic team from Salcombe Gin for stepping up with some superb prizes for this year’s event, with a few of them even taking part!

With the GB SUP national events now encompassing a “challenge” fleet as well as the recognised racing divisions, there has never been a better opportunity to enjoy stand up paddling amongst a bunch of like-minded paddlers.

Words : Starboard UK

On February 10th 2018 over 230 competitors making up 58 teams came out to the first ever Red Bull Privateers Stand UP Paddle Race in the Ten Thousand Islands, Florida. But this was no ordinary SUP race. It was all about map reading, hidden treasure, and team work. Competitors from Florida, California, Costa Mesa, Cleveland and England were all out racing against the clock. But it was Team Choinski that made it home first to take the podium win in 2018.

David DeLooper at Red Bull tells us more…

In this unique racing event, teams of four paddlers had two and a half hours to navigate through the mangrove mazes of the Ten Thousand Islands to retrieve treasure from fifteen hidden treasure chests.

“The team to collect all fifteen gold doubloons (treasure coins) and cross the finish line in the shortest amount of time wins.”

The race format and theme was inspired by Native American Tribes, Buccaneers and Outlaws that called the Ten Thousand Island area of South Florida home in the early 1700s. The most famous of which was Captain “Calico Jack” Rackham. Inspired by Calico Jack’s knowledge of the area and his tales of hidden treasure, there are legends of treasure still buried somewhere in the Ten Thousand Island/Cape Romano area.

In the end, Team Choinski became the inaugural Red Bull Privateers champions. Their local knowledge of the area and planned strategy put them ahead of all competition.

“There was some tough competition but we gave it our all. Once we received the map, we split based on our speed and endurance to target specific treasure chests,” said RJ Choinski the captain of Team Choinski. “To be honest, this was our first stand up paddle race, but definitely won’t be our last. The setting and event course was beautiful along with the community of paddlers that came out today.”

Additionally, a portion of the entry fees will be donated to the Rookery Bay Estuarine Research Reserve whose mission is to provide a basis for informed stewardship of estuaries in Southwest Florida through research and education.

“The relationship Red Bull has formed with the Rookery Bay Estuarine Research Reserve is very special and has been in the works for over two years. Before the event, there was even a Rookery Bay ‘Clean Up’ day to help remove debris from the reserve caused by Hurrican Irma,” said Race Director Rob Alfeiri.

“Red Bull Privateers really is the most unique and fun SUP Event format out there that takes place at a historically, beautiful setting of the Ten Thousand Islands.” – Rob Alfeiri (race director)

Champion Results:
1. Team Choinski
• RJ Choinski – Fort Myers Beach, FL
• Sara Falkowski – Naples, FL
• Nick Metcalfe – Kingham, England
• Sefanie Spear – Cleveland, Ohio

Red Bull Privateers Event 2018

The Red Bull Privateers Stand Up Paddle Race looked great fun and a big success. A nice change from the usual race format! We hope to see it on the SUP events calendar again next year. 

Michael Booth and Yuka Sato picked up a bag full of pre-season Paddle League points on the Gold Coast this weekend, with the Starboard duo overcoming a hot field and even hotter conditions to salute at the 7th Annual 12 Towers Ocean Race.

The Paddle League
Photo : Georgia Schofield

Boothy overpowered world number two Titouan Puyo (NSP/QB) and fast-finishing Lincoln dews (DEEP/QB), while Yuka stunned the strong Aussie women led by dark horse Kate Baker (ONE) and international star Terrene Black (ECS/QB).

With dead calm winds greeting the 236 paddlers early Saturday morning, race organisers had to switch to plan B and reverse the course. The northerly “devil’s wind” picked up just enough during the race to make drafting difficult but still not produce the Gold Coast’s signature downwind bumps. In other words: it was a grind.

The Paddle League
Photo : Georgia Schofield

After a deep water ocean start, which could only be described as “rolling” (good luck getting 200+ paddlers to line up straight), the pre-race favourites immediately set a pace that nobody else could match.

Boothy took an inside line closer to the coast, while Titou battled in a virtual stroke-for-stroke dogfight 500 metres further out to sea. It would stay this way for much of the 15km course, before the two converged in the closing stages to reveal the Aussie had a 100 metre lead that he was never going to relinquish.

The reigning EuroTour champion crossed the line all smiles to claim his third 12 Towers title and in the process earned himself 40 points on the new-look Paddle League World Rankings (an evolution of the old SUP Racer World Ranking).

Boothy was clearly satisfied to start the year with a win and reclaim the title he lost 12 months ago: “It was a real grind but I felt good considering I’ve only been back full-time training for a month. Titou and Linc are always strong, and it was a really strategic race with all the different lines the boys took. Pretty stoked to start 2018 on a winning note.”

Titouan wasn’t far behind though, and the New Caledonian showed more than enough fight to suggest 2018 will be the most exciting race season yet as the big guns battle for The Paddle League championship title. As always, the humble star was understated with his own performance but looked confident going into the new season.

“When I finally saw Michael he was already too far ahead, I tried to catch up and steer towards the beach but not enough glide today. But it was fun and looking forward to main The Paddle League world tour starting in Tahiti and then Carolina next month.”

Titou also explained why the New Caledonian crew were able to score 4 of the top 10 spots despite their beloved downwind bumps failing to appear: “We always paddle and train together and have a great coach with Vincent Guillaume. There are lots of young guns coming from the island, and we prefer downwind bump because conditions are so good in New Cal, but we still love to compete against the international guys and girls no matter what the race.”

Behind the big three, there were plenty of fine performances throughout the 12 Towers field.

New Zealand national champion Marcus Hansen looks to have recovered from his rollercoaster results in 2017 — the NSP/QB team rider was sitting in the virtual bronze medal position for most of the race before finally being reeled in by the determined Dews.

Lincoln finished season 2017 with a bang – famously going toe-to-toe with Connor Baxter at the PPGs – and looks to be in great form both physically and mentally heading into the new year.

Another fine performance came from New Caledonian junior star Noic “Chicken” Garioud, with the 16-year-old from Team Sunova showing he’s not just a one-trick pony. Famed for his downwind skills, Noic was forced to paddle a flat water board but still held his own against more than a dozen of the world’s best.

Close behind were fellow young guns Clement Colmas (Starboard/New Caledonia) and the Peruvian Prince Itzel Delgado (Infinity/QB), while the fact that big names like Matt Nottage and Kenny Kaneko couldn’t even crack the top 10 highlighted the quality of the field (and difficulty of the conditions) in Australia’s biggest ocean race.

But the real story of the day was Yuka Sato’s dominance of the women’s field.

Still a relative unknown on the international scene, Yuka led from start to finish despite having to contend with both a strong local field and sweltering Queensland sun. The win gave Starboard a double victory and a sense of déjà vu, while Yuka made it clear that the established order of the women’s racing is due for a bit of a shake-up.

You’ll be lucky to ever meet a paddler that smiles as much as Yuka, and when she crossed the line that grin stretched from ear to ear. Her post-race interview was the shortest and most succinct of the day, with Yuka simply screaming “I’m so happy to win!”

Aussie dark horse Kate Baker worked hard the whole day and earned local brand ONE the second step on the podium, holding off Team Australia rep Terrene Black by a few seconds despite a panic-inducing fall at the first and final buoy turn of the course just 100 metres from the finish.

Kate’s ONE team mate and pre-race favourite Angie Jackson was a casualty of the extreme temperatures — Angie limped home in sixth after nearly fainting mid-race.

It was a United Nations podium in the juniors, with Sam McCullough from Western Australia wedging himself in between young New Caledonian star Noic Garioud and Japan’s new name to watch, 14-year-old Rai Taguchi.

The 7th Annual edition of the 12 Towers attracted 236 competitors in its biggest year yet, and despite the draining conditions, there were plenty of smiles at the finish line as paddlers of all levels enjoyed a hot day on the water.

The Paddle League pre-season continues on March 24/25 with a California/France/New Zealand triple-header weekend, before the international season kicks into gear with the first official Paddle League World Tour event in Tahiti on April 7.

Follow ‘The Paddle League’ on Facebook and @paddleleague on Instagram for more coverage, and visit to find out what it’s all about.



Entries: 236

Course: 15km (9.3 miles)

Conditions: HOT (with very little wind)



1st: Michael Booth (1:30:30)

2nd: Titouan Puyo (1:32:09)

3rd: Lincoln Dews (1:33:00)

4th: Marcus Hansen (1:33:44)

5th: Noic Garioud (1:34:39)

6th: Clement Colmas (1:36:13)

7th: Itzel Delgado (1:36:20)

8th: Kelly Margetts (1:37:44)

9th: Nathan Cross (1:37:58)

10th: Ben Riviere (1:38:12)



1st: Yuka Sato (1:46:05)

2nd: Kate Baker (1:47:03)

3rd: Terrene Black (1:47:24)

4th: Charlotte Spicer (1:53:33)

5th: Chloe Walkerdene (1:55:37)


Long Course Junior Men

1st: Noic Garioud (New Caledonia)

2nd: Sam McCullough (Australia)

3rd: Rai Taguchi (Japan)


Long Course Unlimited Men

1st: Ty Judson (Australia)

2nd: James Casey (Australia)

3rd: Chad Islip (Australia)


Long Course Women 40-49

1st: Charlotte Spicer (Singapore)

2nd: Vanesa Caley (Australia)

3rd: Savannah Fitzimmons (Australia)


Long Course Men 50+

1st: Gavin Houghton (New Zealand)

2nd: Tony Strang (Australia)

3rd: Kevin Johnson (Australia)


Long Course Men 50-54

1st: Peter Luck (Australia)

2nd: Paul Mackie (Australia)

3rd: Dale Chapman (Australia)


Long Course Men 40-49

1st: Paul Jones (Australia)

2nd: Olivier Garioud (New Caledonia)

3rd: Steve Walker (Australia)


Long Course Women 50+

1st: Sue Dorries (Sue Dorries)

2nd: Maria Williams (Australia)

3rd: Di Tunnington (Australia)


Long Course Men 60+

1st: John Gerlach  (Australia)

2nd: Michael Jenkins (Australia)

3rd: Phil Pretty (Australia)


Short Course Open Women

1st: Matsumoto Natsuki (Japan)

2nd: Ellis Puatea (Tahiti)

3rd: Jennifer Grahame (Australia)


Short Course Open Men

1st: Neil Pearson (Australia)

2nd: Troy Fazakerley (Australia)

3rd: Nathan Schmidt (Australia)

Long Course spec ski


Long Course Unlimited Prone

Champion: Mick di Betta (Australia)


Long Course stock prone women

Champion: Jessica Miller (Australia)


Long Course stock prone men

Champion: Lachie Lansdown (Australia)


Short course prone women

Champion: Jule Wieckhorst (Germany)


Long Course open ski men

Champion: Hayden Lester (Australia)


Long Course spec ski women

Champion: Allie Britton (Australia)


Long Course spec ski men

Champion: Carl Greenhalgh (Australia)

Long Course double ski

Champions: Matt Howell/Jeanny Terry (Australia)


This is an interesting video from Starboard SUP showing their new 2018 Allstar race board range going head to head… iSUP v hard.

Top international racers Michael Booth and Bruno Hasulyo put the Starboard Carbon (hard board) and the new technology Starboard Allstar Airline (iSUP board) in a drag race test, in perfect flatwater conditions.

It’s interesting to see the boards performance on the water. And the results look pretty close over these short tests.

But look out soon for SUPboarder’s full comparison review of the 14′ x 28” Allstar and 14′ x 28” Allstar Airline, where we will be really looking into the pros and cons of each board. We can’t wait!