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At this time of year with the launch of all the new gear, we see videos from brands sharing their new SUP ranges. The Italian SUP brand RRD has certainly taken the top lifestyle brand video for us. From start to finish it makes us want to grab a board and explore, surf, share SUP with friends and more. Stand Up Paddling is a different thing to all of us. The important thing is to get out there and do it.

”Explore your dream discover your passion” RRD

Paddling on lakes can give you some of the most beautiful paddling around the world. Paddling through out the seasons gives you the changes of plant and wildlife, so every day can be different. And when the conditions are right, paddling on lakes can give you some of the flattest water to offer paddle perfection. So don’t always head to the coast for your next paddle adventure. Go on a search for lakes instead.

This video is filmed on and around Caragh Lake, a large scenic lake in County Kerry, Ireland and produced by Tadhg Hayes Video Production.


Summer is the perfect time to get out on the water and make a summer SUP film. It can be about anything – surfing, fishing, just taking the kids paddling, or paddling with friends along the coast on a calm day like this short film by James Dart. You don’t have to have loads of clips, just mix up the angles and find some nice music and get editing… give it a go!

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Getting up early before sunrise might not be your perfect idea on a day off. But it can be well worth it on a SUP. Paddling anywhere around the world at sunrise is a really special time. Just check out this video of a sunrise paddle off Gibraltar to show you what you’re missing!

Some SUP films are meant to entertain and amp to the core, and some films are meant to inspire you. This is certainly what the short film ‘Wild Coast’ from Lee Visual does. SUP surfing is a beautiful dynamic sport, and putting it together with searching out new spots that are off the beaten track and making the most out of all weather conditions is what the SUP lifestyle is really all about for many. Emre Bosu and Glen Pearson have a passion and love for their home area of British Columbia and riding waves. Together with Director Kelsey Thompson they searched, rode and filmed this epic SUP adventure in BC.  
British Columbia 'Wild Coast' / SUP lifestyle short film
We shot for six days in Tofino, BC in January. Being on Vancouver Island the area is known to be extremely wet with mild temperatures but we got the opposite, no rain and much colder than normal… well below freezing most mornings which made for some chilly shoots. Emre and Glen are among the few paddle surfers in Tofino and work at an SUP outfitter in the area called T’ashii Paddle School which is owned by Emre and his girl friend Tsimka. Our goal with the project was to showcase SUP surfing in the area and the beautiful natural environment that surrounds the many beach breaks. Words : Director Kelsey Thompson
British Columbia 'Wild Coast' / SUP lifestyle short film
We look forward to seeing more stunning SUP films from the guys and Lee Visual soon.  Until then find out more about Lee Visual and their stunning films on Facebook here and Instagram
The guys would also like to thank Blackfish paddles for supporting the project. A company that solely makes SUP paddles in British Columbia.

SUP is most definitely a lifestyle sport. Paddling with friends, sharing new experiences and getting off the beaten track are all parts of the SUP life. RRD rider Francesco Leggio has a passion for paddling in beautiful locations and producing films, and ‘Somewhere Tomorrow’ is his latest video.

Somewhere Tomorrow is the story of a journey through a land of wonders: Friuli Venezia Giulia. A discovery through the path of water, from the mountains, down the rivers, into the Adriatic Sea.

Diving in the water breaks down the walls and removes the ground, opens up to the experience of what’s above and below, it reminds us to float around and see what comes next.
This life is ours…and it’s the only We have got…so keep moving, don’t stand still…be everywhere…be Somewhere Tomorrow. Words Francesco Leggio

Please note : We recommend you always wear a leash unless on moving water.

Standing on a paddleboard you get to see some amazing things… and paddleboarding with Orcas has to be up there with some of the best. This video shot by Sam Thom shows a group of paddlers having a pretty cool and close encounter with a pod of Orcas off Auckland harbour in New Zealand. The Orcas were probably just as intrigued with the people hovering over the water as the paddlers were with the Orcas…. “So that’s what paddleboarding is!”

Stand Up Paddling has so many different disciplines. But sometimes you just can’t beat paddling on mirror flat water with friends, and exloring the world by water. This video shot by York Leusink gives you a great idea of what’s out there.

Paddling around the 4 rivers that lead into the Bay of Biscay. River SUPing can take you to some stunning places. And it’s even more exciting when you don’t know what’s around the next corner!

Stand up paddleboarding isn’t just about riding waves, racing or pottering down a calm river/lake. It can be about adventure and expedition too as SUPboarder’s Will Rogers found out when he joined The Big Stand creators Kiko Matthews and Charlie Head, along with talented film maker Benjamin Sadd on a 125km circumnavigation of Ibiza by SUP.  

WR / When I heard about the plans for this trip, as a keen SUP adventurer I booked straight on without really knowing what to expect or what the plan was! When we landed in Ibiza, we still didn’t know what to expect or have a plan but I quickly learnt that this was what makes SUP adventures so incredible.

As an island known well for its nightlife I was blown away by the stunning beauty and idilic peacefulness of this small island in the Mediterranean.  Travelling by SUP we experienced a really unique taste of every piece of its dramatic coast line as well as camping in some incredible spots, sharing travel stories around our camp fires.

After a week of paddling, the simple routine of our SUP life became strangely comforting.  I don’t think any of us wanted to really go home!

This brilliant film by Benjamin Sadd / The Trail to Anywhere documents the trip. Here’s what Benjamin had to say;

BS/ In 2014 I learnt to paddleboard by traveling the length of the river Thames. I hadn’t set foot on a board since then – now a year and a half later it was time to get back on a board and give paddling on the sea a go. At the end of the summer party season the flights to Ibiza are both cheap and practically empty, so what better choice for a bit of autumn sun and sea? Over the course of a week we camped on cliff tops, in abandoned houses and empty restaurants as we attempted to circumnavigate the island on paddle boards. Paddling with the co-founders of “The Big Stand” Kiko Matthews and Charlie Head as well as co-founder of SUPBoarder Will Rogers, I felt a little intimidated!

Enjoy some of Benjamin’s great photography from the trip below;

Shot on a night SUP session at 1am, this short film from the guys at  shows how moonlight paddling can be a truly magical experience. Pick the right weather and a safe location and you could have the paddle of your life. But trying to capture the true mood of a night paddle is not easy to do, and takes the right kit and the right camera man. The Harbour Media crew have done a great job. Read about the technical stuff below;

“After seeing the lowlight capabilities of the Sony a7s, I decided to test both the camera and another product in moonlight. I was amazed at what the camera could achieve at such high ISOs recording only internally using XAVCS format. Un-graded footage shot on PP4 Slog 2

All scenes were shot over 32,000 iso and the bulk of the scenes were shot at 50,000 iso.
I used the metabones adapter for canon lenses and shot on 50mm prime lens at F1.8.
There is some purple fringing from a light leak with the metabones in the bottom left corner.

This could have been brighter if I shot at the end of the year as the moon would be in a better position, but the camera performed fantastically well as it was pretty dark to the eye.”