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In this weeks review/comparison video we look at 4 paddles from the Starboard paddle range. Starboard make a wide range of paddles in different types, sizes and constructions, to suit every paddlers needs – from the worlds fastest racers to the first time paddlers. We talk through the paddles we’ve been testing over the last 2 months, to help you understand more about the Starboard paddles available and which one would suit different paddlers best.

Paddles in review
  • Lima Carbon Balsa – blade size M & oval carbon shaft S40 : £325
  • Enduro Carbon Balsa – blade size M & round carbon shaft S40 : £299
  • Enduro Carbon T10 – blade size M & round hybrid shaft S40 : £189
  • Enduro Tiki Tech/Sonni Wave – blade size S & skinny hybrid 2pc adj shaft : £199

Paddle weights 

  • Lima Carbon Balsa : 400g
  • Enduro Carbon Balsa : 400g
  • Enduro Carbon T10 : 570g
  • Enduro Tiki Tech : 690g

Reuben unpacks a board that could be another game changer in the world of racing on an iSUP. The Starboard Airline range of race boards with their hard nose cone and high tension cable is meant to significantly stiffen the board. We look forward to getting the 14’x28” Starboard All Star Airline on the water. At the same time we will be using and comparing the 18’x27” All Star Airline and the 14’x26” All Star (composite board).

Look out for this interesting comparison SUPboarder video soon.

For more information check out the Starboard website:

Remember these first look videos are not full SUPboarder reviews, they’re not even close! They are unedited, gut feeling videos showing what’s in the box and how they look for the first time.



Reuben unpacks the newest board from Quroc – the All Water 12’6”. The Quroc All Water comes as a package with a 3 piece carbon paddle, Triple action GRI pump, bag, fin and leash.  Meant for touring, racing and general cruising. We look forward to getting the Quroc All Water 12’6” on the water and giving you the full review soon.

Length 12′6”
Width 31”
Volume 265L

Remember these first look videos are not full SUPboarder reviews, they’re not even close! They are unedited, gut feeling videos showing what’s in the box and how they look for the first time with not a brand catalog in sight!

Full review coming soon on SUPboarder.

For more information check out the Quroc website:

Reuben unpacks the new Fanatic Stubby Foil board in the 8’7” size. This board is designed to be used for SUP surfing with or without the foil, and can be used as a windsurf / windsurf foil board too.

Length 8′7”
Width 29.25”
Volume 120L

Remember these first look videos are not full SUPboarder reviews, they’re not even close! They are unedited, gut feeling videos showing what’s in the box and how they look for the first time with not a brand catalog in sight!

Full review coming soon on SUPboarder.

For more information check out the Fanatic website:


In this video we talk about the basics of leashes for paddleboarding. A leash is an important part of paddleboarding equipment. There are different types of leashes which should be used for different types of paddleboarding. So you should consider and look after your leash just as much as your board and paddle.

A leash for paddleboarding is a necessity not an accessory, and is there to safe lives.

Thomas Oschwald - paddling in the cold

Extreme adventure paddler Thomas Oschwald recently spent afew weeks in Finland. A layer of ice covering his kit and the risk of frostbite are just afew of the challenges faced when paddling in colder climates. So why do it?!! And how do you do it?!! SUPboarder caught up with Thomas to talk super cold SUPing and get some tips on the best things to wear when paddleboarding in the extreme cold…

Hi Thomas. Just looking at your pictures makes us feel cold! Paddling in a chilly wind is one thing, but paddling in minus temperatures with ice on your board and your boots is a whole another challenge! 

SB/ How do you do it?And what do you wear when paddling in extreme cold climates?
TO/ On the water I wear a breathable drysuit from DADOR. Depending on the temperatures, I can put on more or less layers of clothing and thus optimally vary the climate within the dry suit. I always wear a life jacket, which also protects my upper body from the cold, along with base layers from ION. The side pockets and the front pocket of the ION Booster X lifejacket offer enough space for the most important accessories, such as my emergency sender, GPS and energy bar, which I always carry with me at hand. Down trousers ensure enough warmth on the legs. And to protect my feet from the wet, I wear rubber boots, which I can waterproof connect with the dry suit. At very low minus temperatures normal rubber boots without an inner lining are no longer sufficient. Then I use waterproof winter boots. The feet must remain dry in any case, otherwise they would cool down in no time. At temperatures above freezing on my hands I wear Open Palm Mittens 2.5 ION, which are very good for paddling, as they keep my hands nice and warm aswell as allowing easy operation of the camera. At temperatures below freezing I wear normal mittens since the isolation of Neoprene gloves is no longer enough. It is important that these gloves stay as dry as possible, which is not easy in bad weather. Therefore, it is always advisable to take replacement gloves.

SB/ What else do you do to stay warm and keep your kit dry?
TO/ In freezing temperatures, it is important to keep the inside of the gloves dry. Otherwise your hands will soon be very cold. For rubber boots, it is important to ensure that they are waterproof connected to the dry suit and have a sufficiently high insulation value. Otherwise, the cold penetrates mercilessly through the thin rubber layer of the boot inside and there is a risk of frostbite on the toes. When camping on land, in addition to a warm sleeping bag, the insulation mat is very important. In cold and humid environments I prefer sleeping bags and mats with synthetic filling. Down filling which gets wet quickly loses its insulation value. All my equipment I wrap twice in waterproof pack sacks. I use a waterproof Duffle Bag by EXPED as a first layer and additional packs as a second layer.

SB/ What are you the biggest challenges when paddling in the cold?
TO/ Due to the cold, the feel-good room is extremely reduced. On the water I can move freely and discover the world. But on the shore is the only place where I can feel warmth and security – in my sleeping bag in the tent. Especially for tours over several weeks, this is a psychological challenge, which should not be underestimated. For day trips, the biggest challenge is to leave the comfortable sofa in the warm living room! Paddling in the winter is extremely nice. With good equipment it is as much fun as it is in summer.

SB/ How do you stay motivated during the winter months?
TO/ Whether summer or winter, rain or sunshine, I always find a way to motivate me. To be outside and to experience a real adventure is for me something of the most beautiful thing there is.

There is only one paddle season for me and it starts on the 1st of January and ends on the 31st of December!

For me, there is only one reason that I do not paddle even in the rain and snow… and that is my own laziness! To overcome this convenience always requires the greatest motivation.

SB/ Any top tips for winter paddling? !!
TO/ Invest in good winter gear and you’ll have a great time on the water all year round. Mirror-smooth lakes, deserted shores, crystal-clear water and a fresh breeze that will sweeten your day… that’s paddling in the winter.

Overcome the inner bastard and you will experience a real adventure that will warm your heart (and hopefully your body) even in the lowest freezing temperatures.

So… no excuses. Get yourself kited out properly and you can enjoy 365 days of paddling wherever you are!If you want to paddle everyday, you can. 

Thomas Oschwald - paddling in the cold

So… no excuses. Get the right kit and you too could enjoy 365 days of SUPing this year.

Where’s the coldest place you’ve paddled? We’d love to hear from you and know how you stayed warm on the water.

Follow Thomas and his adventures via his Facebook page

This board from Fatstick is something very different from other boards on the market. The short and wide design looks like it would work well for heavier riders wanting a fun, manoeuvrable board to surf in small to mid size waves. We look forward to getting this board on the water. Full SUPboarder review coming soon.

Length 8′
Width 32”
Thickness 3.74″
Volume 130

More information check out the Fatstick website:

In this SUPboarder PRO video series ‘Repairing a SUP’ we continue to repair the crack around the handle of a board. In part 1 we looked at preparing and drying the board. Now in part 2 we focus on glassing and sanding the repair to get the board strong and water tight using epoxy and fibreglass.

If you have any questions about repairing a board send us an email to and we will get back to you.

Repairing a SUP can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Wherever your SUP is damaged the steps to repairing it are the same.
In this SUPboarder PRO video ‘Repairing a SUP #1’ we look at doing a repair to a crack around the handle of a board. And preparing and drying the board for a repair in a few days time.
Look out for the Epoxying and Fiberglass work video Part 2 out next week.

If you have any questions about repairing a board send us an email to and we will get back to you.


Xmas wish list / What to buy a SUPboarder

Once again Christmas is nearly upon us, and for many of us it’s when we start to get that Christmas present buying panic on! But fear not, if you have a SUP mad partner or a newbie SUP friend/family member then SUPboarder is here to help! Whatever your budget and whatever their paddling ability these super SUP Christmas present ideas will be sure to bring a smile to any paddleboarders face this Christmas…

The Aqua Pack Waterproof Waist Pack £34.99 $46.95

The Aqua Pack waterproof waist pack is the perfect way to carry and keep your small paddling essentials dry. Made from tough, waterproof vinyl the 3L capacity waist pack with easy to seal roll down velcro fastener also includes a Splashproof quick-access pocket, and internal zippered pocket. Compact, comfortable, and easy to access whilst afloat, this practical waist pack is available in a choice of two colours – acid green or cool blue. It’s a quality piece of kit which at £34.99 makes the perfect day time cruiser or adventure paddlers accessory. The SUPboarder team love taking their’s on their mini adventure paddles.

Overboard Phone Case £18.99 $29.95

If you’re someone who likes to take your mobile device afloat then the Overboard phone case is a must have for any paddleboarder. This quality case is available in different sizes (phone, multipurpose, iPad, GPS etc…) and compatible for both iPhone and Android. Made from tough environmentally friendly biodegradable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with an easy to use Slide Seal System, and welded seams this 100% waterproof case is guaranteed submersible to 19ft/6m taking the worry out of paddling with a phone.  Touchscreen compatible, and with a transparent front window it allows you to use all the phones features, so you can browse, chat or snap away on the water whilst the phone is safely sealed in a case. The SUPboarder team regularly take their phone afloat to take shots of kit as well as track their paddles, and trust this phone case 100%. Perfect for keeping both sand and water out. Available in blue or black and very well priced at £18.99.

Ion Open Palm Mittens £27.99 $44.95

No need to worry about having cold hands whilst paddling this winter! These 2.5mm neoprene, pre-shaped, open palm mittens from Ion are the perfect neo accessory providing wind protection even when your fingers aren’t slid inside the mittens. The cut out palm gives you that bare hand feeling allowing you to easily hold your paddle without getting forearm cramp, as well as allowing you to easily use your fingers without taking the entire glove off. Super flexible and with non irritating flatlock seams these mitts are ideal for all types of paddling, keeping your hands toasty on those chillier paddling days. Available in XZ/S/M/L/XL and at £27.95 these mitts will keep every SUPboarder on the water this winter – me included! Full/half finger and other neoprene gloves also available from Ion. Check out more of Ion’s great products here.

SUPboarder Pro Subscription £24.99 $33.25

Get them even more stoked on SUP with a SUPboarder Pro subscription. SUPboarder PRO is the next level of SUPboarder providing exclusive content, extended product reviews, additional how to features, ask the experts, as well as a limited edition SUPboarder PRO t-shirt. They certainly won’t be bored over Christmas! Only £24.99/year or £2.49/month. To guarantee t-shirt delivery before Christmas last orders are the 20th Dec for the UK and the 14th Dec for Europe/World wide orders. Find out more about SUPboarder Pro here.

Buy here :

The SUP Movie £24.99 $24.95

The SUP movie is an all action 40 minute SUP film with plenty of big drops, bad ass barrels, insane airs and good wipe outs! Featuring many riders including Kai Lenny, Not Gisela, Kody Kerbox, Zane Schweitzer, Connor Baxter, Sean Pointer, Izzi Gomez, Lori Park, and Mo Freitas in top spots around the globe, this 90 % surf movie is a must see for any SUP mad surfer. Watching Kai and mates rip the stuffing out of great waves around the world will be sure to make them a tad jealous and get the travel urge again. At £24.99 (but now majorly reduced in many stores as available to download online for free) it’s the perfect stocking filler for someone who still likes watching movies that come in their own box!

GeoSUP – The Stand Up Paddleboarding App £4.99 $4.99

GeoSUP – The Stand Up Paddleboarding App for every paddler across the globe. A newly released SUP mobile app that not only allows paddlers to track their SUP activity but also allows them to share their sessions with others creating a global searchable SUP spot guide. The perfect training tool, paddle diary and much much more. If they haven’t already got it, gift the GeoSUP App via the App Store. Read more about GeoSUP here.

Palm Neoflex Womens Bra Top £44.99 $59.95

Neoflex womens bra top – Not everyones underwear choice but this thin and ultra stretchy neoprene sports bra top is a must have for any keen water women. Extremely comfortable and supportive with its soft thermospan liner and supporting chest band you can be sure it will still be in place when you come in off the water! The ideal bikini top to wear either under a wetsuit or on it’s own if you’re lucky enough to head to sunnier climates this winter. Matching neoprene shorts also available.  Available in S, M L and XL  so you can be sure you’ll find a size to fit. £44.99. Check out more of palm’s great products here.

GoPro Paddle Mount £13.99 $16.99

For great shots of your friends or selfy shots the GoPro Paddle Mount (also called a bike mount) is our SUPboarder go to mount for filming all SUP action from the water. Very light weight and strong enough to take a beating. This is a must have camera mount, for every paddler wanting to catch the action. Warning – don’t buy a cheap copy – they won’t thank you!

ION Neo Cosy Coat £149.95 $225.99

ION Neo Cosy Coat

You’ll be wishing you had one too this winter! The Neo Cosy Coat from Ion is the perfect winter wetsuit accessory keeping you warm and toasty on and off the water. Made from 2.5mm neoprene with a cosy fleecy lining, deep pockets, adjustable hood and long cuffs it will keep you warm whether wet or dry. Ideal to wear over your wetsuit on the beach or as an extra layer when paddling in colder conditions. Available in both mens and ladies styles and a range of sizes. They’ll love you forever and wonder how they ever managed without one! A generous gift at £149.95 but a quality piece of clothing and worth every penny. Read the full SUPboarder review here.

Palm’s Heavy Duty Cam Straps £19.95 $29.99

We’ve all done it… tied our shiny new board on the roof of the car on Christmas day with rusty and frayed roof rack straps! So why not treat the SUPer in your family to some shiny new ones. Palm’s Heavy Duty Cam Straps are ideal to ensure their new shiny board gets to the beach in one piece. The 7m long pair of cam straps, are made from heavy duty 35mm polypropylene webbing and  non-corroding galvanised cam buckles with neoprene protection.  Worth every penny at £19.95 (and much cheaper than a new board!) Paddleboarders can never have enough roof rack straps! The SUPboarder team included! (why can you never find them when you want them!)

SUP Lesson Voucher 

Buying a SUP voucher for a lesson at your local SUP school is the perfect present for someone wanting to get into SUP. Learn on the best kit from those in the know. Check out SUPboarders SUP club/school directory map to find the SUP school nearest to them.

Hopefully you can now take a sigh of relief and tick something else of your Christmas shopping list!

There’s a massive range of boards on the market but surf SUPs generally fall into 3 main categories – longboard surf SUP 9′-11′, traditional surf SUP 7′-10′ and the shorter stubby nose surf SUPs 6′-8′. Before buying a surf SUP it’s important to consider the style of riding you’re wanting to achieve, alongside your paddling ability and the local conditions you’re most likely to be surfing in. This will then help you decide which type of surf SUP is best suited for you… longboard, traditional or stubby?

ION 4/3mm ladies Trinity Amp & mens Onyx Amp – £259/€319/$375*

Wetsuits come in all shapes, sizes and price tags. In this new SUPboarder review we look at 2 performance wetsuits from ION. Both ladies and mens suits are 4mm thick in the body/legs and 3mm on the arms, making them the ideal suits for water temperatures 13-20 °C or 55-65°F. These suits are super supple which makes them ideal for paddlers who want comfort as well as warmth high on their priority list. If you ‘re looking to have one wetsuit that does it all, the Trinity Amp or Onyx Amp could just be it.

Visit the ION website for more details about these wetsuits and their full range.

*All prices are approx due to current ex-change rates.