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Reuben pulls out the bag and has a look at the new Starboard Pro 7’10”. This is a brand new board shape and size for 2019. Diamond shaped shorter nose and channelled bottom are some of the new features you with see on these new Starboard Pro’s. We look forward to getting these new compact style Pro boards on the water soon to see if they’re as good as they say they are.

Length 7’10”
Width 29”
Volume 104L

Remember these first look videos are not full SUPboarder reviews, they’re not even close! They are unedited, gut feeling videos showing what’s in the box and how they look for the first time.

After the release of our ‘First Look’ video of the JP Australia foil board Starboard share with the world their take on the dedicated SUP foil board. Just like the JP the Starboard Hyper Foil board is set up for foiling straight out of the box.

Hyper foil

Starboard have definitely added everything on to the foil board. Including a recessed deck that lowers your centre of gravity for extra stability, a full EVA centre ridge making it easy to feel and identify the middle of the board, to massive channels down the length of the board to give a clean release of water until on the foil. And the list of features does go on! Read more about the Starboard Hyper foil on their website here :

The Starboard Hyper Foil board is available in 4 sizes from 6’4” to 7’7” so it certainly has a wide range of paddlers in mind. And it looks pretty impressive and well designed.

As always if you have seen or used the Starboard Foil board please let us know. Its always good to hear what you all think.

There are now a number of specific foil boards on the market including the one from Naish. Which foil board is best? Well if only it was that easy! But one thing is for sure… we will do our best to find out! So watch this space…

Starboard Longboard 10’x29” Blue Carbon  £2225 / Pine Tek £1599

After wondering when Starboard were going to bring a performance longboard surf shape to the market, we now have the board that we were waiting for. The Starboard Longboard is a very good all round surf shape. Ideal for lighter SUP surfers getting into small waves, as well as having enough performance for the more experienced mid-weight surfers to enjoy too. If you’re looking at getting into the smooth longboard surfing style then the Starboard Longboard really will put a smile on your face, in knee to head high waves!

Starboard Longboard 2019 / Surf SUP video review
Board details:
  • Length        10′
  • Width         29″
  • Thickness   3.3″
  • Volume      123l
  • Fin set up  2+1 Fin setup (6.7” US Centre fin -2 x FCS 4.5” side fins)
  • Weight       8.2 kg
  • Rider size   50-90kg

Other sizes

9’x 28” 3.3” 101L

Our photo gallery
Read on for brand video, details and website

Inspired by our legendary Starboard Surf Longboard model, designed to perform in waves from 1ft small beach breaks to head high reef breaks. The boards offer fast down-the-line surfing, as well as the ability to perform in the critical section of the wave. These cutting-edge shapes are totally well received by our team riders and anyone who have tested them. Congrats to designer Ollie O’Reilly for setting his mark on the sport.

More about Starboard new Blue Carbon and Gold Level Status ECOBOARDS

The Brushed Carbon Sandwich technology we pioneered in SUP 10 years ago has been gradually improved year by year. Winning 7 out of 8 Gold medals in the ISA SUP Surf Worlds over the last 4 years may indicate the Innovation Quality obtained. Now the new 2019 Blue Carbon boards have achieved a level of performance and sustainability unpreceded in our industry. It’s the first ever Gold level ECO SUP board and our World Champions swear by them with their class act performance. The only black carbon remaining is a UD 80 strip in the rail area with the highest overall total failure potential, continuing our Zero breakage voyage by utilizing other better suited materials where basic impact resistance is vital.

Starboard – a SUP and windsurf brand with 25 years of innovative board building and design – reaches Sustainable Surf’s Gold Level status for their Blue Carbon technology board range.
It’s no small task – requiring multiple audits of source materials, building facilities and processes, and for a brand as large as Starboard, commitment to helping the environment on a company-wide level.
“One of the most satisfying parts of my work is the challenge to redesign our products to lower the environmental impact and achieve higher performance.  Sustainable Surf is setting the goal posts for the industry to not only fast track, but to showcase how quickly and easily it can be to change the way we build better boards for the planet.”
Ollie O’Reilly – SUP Product Manager
‘Starboard becomes the first major SUP brand to produce Gold Level EcoBoards – verified by Sustainable Surf’
“The team at Sustainable Surf continue to be impressed and inspired by Starboard’s holistic commitment to sustainability and ocean-health. Our mission to protect and preserve ocean health starts with people and brands making better choices everyday – just like the ECOBOARD SUPs produced by Starboard, especially their new range of Gold Level models. We look forward to seeing the next round of eco-innovations from the team at Starboard.”
Brett Giddings – Sustainable Surf.
Eco Innovations involved in reaching gold level include:
  • Natural end grain balsa replaces PVC foam on the full deck and bottom. “End Grain” Balsa is a natural sandwich structure that is lightweight with incredible sheer strength when compared to conventional petroleum PVC foam. The carbon footprint is actually climate positive, meaning it offsets more than it consumes to use it.
  • ECOBOARD Project Verified 33% Plant-based bio Resin is used to laminate the entire board.
  • Main Inserts switching to be made from up-cycled fishing nets sourced from India. Akulon ECO is produced by DSM, a leader in sustainability.
  • IQ centre carry handle is made from recycled ABS.
  • All traction pads will be made from post-industrial waste. Recycled EVA has a high UV resistance in some colours than virgin EVA, so the pads stay the same colour for longer. Using recycled EVA reduces the amount of petroleum used by 50%.
  • Natural Balsa wood is now at the core of all of Starboard’s composite fins, avoiding plastic while improving flex and reducing weight. Balsa core fins made with bio-resin are up to 31% lighter on certain fin sizes.
  • For every board made, Starboard plants one mangrove tree, absorbing 1 ton of CO2 over a 20 year lifespan.
  • All packaging for accessories is now made of cardboard, with the exception of the dust bag made out of recycled plastic

We have a ‘First look’ at the NEW Starboard Longboard. We were wondering when Starboard was going to join the party, with other brands having had good shaped SUP longboards in their range last year. But by the look of it, it was worth the wait. Our first look at the Starboard ticks all the boxes to be a good longboard surf shape. We can’t wait to give this board a full SUPboarder review and working over soon.

Remember these first look videos are not full SUPboarder reviews, they’re not even close! They are unedited, gut feeling videos showing what’s in the box and how they look for the first time.

Length 10′
Width 29”
Thickness 3.3′
Volume 123L

For more information check out the Starboard website:

There’s no better way to get you in the racing mood than launching your new race board range with a video. And at SUPboarder, Starboard have already got us saying ‘we want more!’  For over a decade Starboard have been at the top of the race board market and in the last few years they’ve allowed us to paddle faster and ride narrower boards than ever before. The graphics and colour ways of this years 2019 Starboard race boards look very similar to last years, but don’t be fooled! Starboard’s 2019 boards are more refined and have been tuned to paddle even faster.  

As always, we are looking forward to getting these new boards on the water and giving you our honest feedback. But until then, here are some first look thoughts from our Race Dr Bryce Dryer on the new 2019 Starboard race board range…

“As far as things go, I’m generally cynical of SUP’s 12 month R&D cycle that we see each year. That’s the shortest of any sport or industry I’ve ever been involved with and it’s hard sometimes to see the real value to us as consumers. Despite this, having seen Fanatic’s offerings the other week, I was really keen to see what Starboards brochure had in store for us in 2019.

In my opinion, Starboards heavy adoption of deep bottom concaves from around 2015 were game changing for intermediate race paddlers such as myself. It allowed many of us who were stuck on boards of 26 inches in width or greater to suddenly go sub 25 with no loss in stability and to gain some speed in the bargain. Those bottom shapes continue to be tweaked in 2019 with the promise of yet more stability. If that’s truly the case, it sounds promising. 4 years ago, the thought of racing on a 23 inch width board seemed absurd for most of us – now it’s within reach and not just for some of us with ballerina-like balance.

Looking at the Allstar, (and depending on your power output and weight), it’s a risk that the volumes on offer are getting very high for smaller paddlers and could lead them to feel ‘corky’ or a struggle in the wind but some other brands also often offer too little. It’s impossible to please everyone but the huge choice of widths and sizes on offer here may go some way to address that. The extremely large and boxy tail changes of the 2019 Allstar design also jumped out to me. Like the concavities underneath, it looks like that feature may increase confidence to the everyman racer when manoeuvring the board. The brochure also includes a nice overlay of the 2018 vs the 2019 boards in section that illustrates the underside profile changes. For me though, the strength of the 2019 Allstar design will be purely a question of whether the new bottom profile can compensate for the potential stability lost by moving to its slightly narrower tail next year. I want to go faster but keeping its stability is a fine balancing act. The proof of the pudding will be in the paddling there I think.

The 2019 Sprint is a board I liked the look of since this year’s model came out. The 2018 model compromised some of its raw flatwater speed by accommodating the ability to handle some light open water conditions. This I feel is actually a reflection of what many of us actually see in most of our races. Again though, there is also the promise of more stability. We’ve been told that there is increased stability year on year so the question remains if this is really the case ? I personally think the elite or pro riders are so well trained they are the wrong people to be asking. It’s your novice or club level racer whose feedback is most critical here as they’ll be far more sensitive to such changes. If such racers can handle something like the 12’6 or 14ft in the 23 width here, then Starboard have really come somewhere from as a little as 2-3 years ago and we’re all going to go faster as a result. Either way, if you look beyond the practicalities and went on looks alone, it’s a great looking board to my eye.

The Ace is something of a design classic that has stood the test of time for downwinding. It’s only available as a 14ft this time around and gets a few shaping tweaks. Interestingly, it says the outline is by NASA (I’m not sure this shouldn’t be NACA – an organisation that ratifies aerofoil profiles). Either way, this is the first time I’ve seen something like this mentioned before in SUP and gives the board some credibility in its design. An increase on the tail inner width is also a nice touch as pin tails can be a handful when you want to step backwards. Whether you like or need it or not, the Ace has remained relatively the same for some years now which is only testimony to its dugout design.

The Starboard brochure finishes with its illustrations regarding their construction options. Research has shown that weight has been shown to be less critical in rowing or kayaking boats but I feel that the lower speeds and high deceleration of SUP boards when paddling may mean every kilo may well count for us. I also know that an extra couple of kilo’s can feel more uncomfortable when carrying the board around so the build choices here should not just be seen as if they are faster when on water but also with respect to your everyday experience when going from storage to the finish line and home again (plus their durability when doing so).

Lastly there are their ‘energy storage and board recoil’ performance benefits. I’m somewhat sceptical of the claim. Partly as, again, there’s no evidence out there to show this is possible with SUP’s but also that when you put energy into something, you actually get less back and it remains to be seen if what you do get back is consistently in a vector (or direction) that is actually beneficial to you moving forwards. I’d love to investigate if this is possible. I personally find this is where Starboard unnecessarily risk letting themselves down from time to time. These claims (or their occasional time trial head to head videos) appear too fast and loose in design to me to be credible. In my view, the strength of Starboards 2019 range isn’t the jargon, straplines or any dubious scientific claims – it’s actually that behind that is a well thought out range that sees comfortably small levels of evolution from 2018 that ultimately make them more useable and enjoyable when in the real world. For me, that’s going to be the main intrigue when many of us demo these soon.”

Read on for brand details and website


Starboard  2019 SUP  Race Range

Leading the SUP racer world ranking every day, 5 years straight,
with all riders using stock production boards.

An exhausting hunt for the highest-performance and more environmentally-friendly materials, the new designs are tested by our multiple World Champions; Connor Baxter , Michael Booth, The  Hasulyo brothers, Fiona Wylde and Sonni Hoenscheid. Only the best shapes survive and go to production to yet again produce more titles in 2019.

Starboard’s 2019 race range is faster and again more stable, breaking new boundaries in our sport.

For every board sold, we are picking up plastic equivalent to 200 plastic bags from our coastlines.
We also plant one mangrove for each board sold, absorbing one ton of CO2 over the next 20 years.

Live a deep blue life and paddle for the planet with us.


One board, all conditions. Be an all-star at every race.

 High-performance race shapes designed by world-class athletes.

  • From progressive level riders to elite racers. The All Star is the world’s most successful, user-friendly and versatile race design.
  • The updated bottom shapeis more stable when switching between strokes, allowing you to maintain a smooth and balanced glide without disrupting the speed.
  • Narrower tail outlineoffers faster acceleration and gives you more glide with every stroke.
  • The Flatter tailmakes turning easier and gives a smooth release.
  • The Boxy taillet the waves push the board forwards on downwind courses.
  • 14’0”x22.5” & 12’6”x23” All Star remain the lower-volume models with a thinner overall profile and the narrowest width for lighter riders.
  • Target rider: Riders up to 115 kg.
  • Key features: Boxy rails. Fast center channel, flatter tail concave, stable side planes.
  • Conditions: All.



Meet our fastest board.

The ultimate speedster for flat water and chop. Instant acceleration, amazing top end speed.

  • The all-new 2019 Sprint – instant acceleration, direct turning and controlled stability.
  • A refined bottom shape with a straighter channel, flatter side planes has a faster and more stable glide.
  • The new extended standing area with straighter tail angle makes for more controlled trimming and buoy turning.
  • Flat-rockerextends the glide for fastest speed, while the sunken standing areawith high side rails gives stability and control in chop.
  • Carbon Sandwich. Only available in the lightest, fastest and strongest Carbon Sandwich Technology.
  • Target rider: Riders up to 115kg.
  • Key features:  Boxy rails. Fast center channel, flatter tail concave, stable side planes, sunken standing area, flat rocker.
  • Conditions: Flat-water to small chop.

The 2019 Sprint is hands down the fastest race board we ever produced. Refinements in the standing area increase the overall comfort and control, while the improvements in bottom shape upgrade the overall stability and speed.



When there’s chop, you need pop.

The downwind game-changer for choppy water and open-ocean conditions.

  • Narrower nose outline for less resistance and better  glide through waves.
  •  Refined nose design and rail height allows more pop and stability in chop.
  • Lowered nose rocker andraised tail kickhelps the swell push the board into bumps earlier and gives greater maneuverability when surfing on the tail.
  • Widened inside tailgives more room for greater control and comfort when surfing and in buoy turns.
  • High sidewalls block water entering the tray, offers increased pop & secondary stability, and greater control surfing on rail. New rounded rail edge in the sunken standing area makes for a friendlier entry getting into the board.
  • Target rider: Riders up to 100kg.
  • Key features: NASA outline with full nose and narrow tail, sunken standing area, high volume nose, curved rocker.
  • Conditions: Open ocean, upwind and downwind races.

All models feature new diamond grooved deck pad in the standing area. All Star and Sprint have diamond grooved tail pad for extra grip and control for buoy turns.

All models feature multiple handle mount positions for beach starts.