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Red Paddle Co has announced the launch of a revolutionary inflatable paddle board. The Compact 9’6” on pre-sale now, is a full-sized SUP that folds down to half the size of a regular inflatable paddle board while not compromising on paddling performance. The smaller packed size gives paddlers the convenience of being able to easily carry it around town, jump onto public transport or store in the trunk of your car, with space to spare. The ultra -compact nature of the package also allows for storage within small cars, smaller apartments onboard boats and in your van.

Red Paddle Co, Co-Founder and CEO, John Hibbard explains where the idea for the new board came from – “When I started Red Paddle Co 10 years ago it was motivated by the fact that everyone I took paddling loved the idea of paddling but the large, cumbersome composite boards I was using at the time just didn’t appeal to enough people. Storage, transportation and durability were the main barriers to entry not to mention the weight.”

Hibbard continues, “Our aim since then has been to produce the most compact and transportable board in the world, without compromising on performance. It’s been ten years in the making, but we’re very excited to present the International Patent Pending Compact board which features Red Paddle Co’s new PACT Technology ™.

PACT Technology ™ is a material with a new weaving process which creates an extra-high-tensile thread matrix at the core of the board that is combined with a super-strong but malleable outer layer. This means the Compact board is as stiff and durable when inflated but can be folded down into a bag half the size of standard inflatable boards.

Based on the plan of the award-winning, all-round Ride 10’6″ MSL, the Compact 9’6” is 32”/813mm wide and 4.7”/120mm thick and provides the perfect blend of stability and manoeuvrability. Weighing in at under 8kg (board-only) and supporting riders up to 95kg/209lbs the smaller length board offers a fantastic all-round SUP experience for most riders.

Length: 9’6” Width: 32“/813mm
Thickness: 4.7”/120mm
Volume: 222 litres
Rider Weight: up to 95kg/209lb
Full package weight: 12.7Kg

The Compact board comes as part of a full package including a newly designed backpack, revolutionary 5-piece paddle, Titan pump, leash and removable fins.

The innovation continues into the new backpack as Phil Hawthorne, Head of Design at Red Paddle Co explains, “Everything we do at Red Paddle Co starts with the paddler and how we can make their full experience better. The new highly engineered backpack for the Compact has unique levels of adjustability and comfort, plus incredible shoulder and back support.”

Hawthorne continues, “It’s the most highly engineered SUP bag on the planet, applying approximately 53% less down force on the carrier’s lower back, you can travel for longer in comfort.” The bag also features customisable lumbar support and adjustable height features so is suitable for any size of paddler.

Creating a compact paddle was not an easy task for the Red Paddle Team, but they have found the perfect solution: a five-piece paddle. As a result, it packs away perfectly, but it is still adjustable with no compromise on the water.

The modular design also means sections can be removed to create a paddle for smaller riders or kids, opening up the board package to be used by the whole family. The paddle is made of high-modulus carbon for extra rigidity, with a durable nylon blade.

Plus, the blade of the paddle is laser etched, with no printing or transfers. Meaning the design will stay on forever.

Completing the package, to fulfil their aim to produce the most transportable board on the planet, new click fins are used to enable fast secure fin attachment. The custom designed twin fins allow the Compact 9’6” to easily track through the water.

The Compact 9’6” is on limited pre order now while stocks last, through www.redpaddleco.comand selected retailers with products being fulfilled in November. General release nationwide from December.   RRP £1,299/1499 EUR/$1,899 USD/$2,199 CAD for the full package.

SUPboarder thoughts
We really cant wait to get our hands on this new Compact 9’6” board. Red Paddle Co have never disappointed us with the build quality and design of any of their products before, so we don’t think that we will be disappointed with the new Compact either. The board shape and size will be perfect for midsize paddlers. And with the overall smaller backpack size it will make it even easier to find new places with an iSUP.  We’re also very impressed how it all fits into the bag and its overall weight too.

Lets start the new year with a board that is set to make a mark in the SUP world in 2019. We take our ‘First Look’ at the new Red Paddle Co Compact. It’s definitely the smallest and most transportable iSUP we’ve ever seen. But its also packed with new technology and features making this Red Paddle Co board the most innovated design yet. We look forward to travelling with, and using the Red Paddle Co Compact so we can give you a full SUPboarder review soon.

Length 9’6”
Width 32”
Volume 222L

Read more here :

Remember these first look videos are not full SUPboarder reviews, they’re not even close! They are unedited, gut feeling videos showing what’s in the box and how they look for the first time.

Red Paddle Co - Dragon World Championships 2018

Press Release from Red Paddle Co :

On the 31st of August – 2nd September 2018 the Dragon World Championships, the world’s only team SUP racing event, arrived on the mystical mountain lined shores of Lake Fuschl, Austria.

36 teams representing 17 countries congregated at the event village Fuschlseebad to battle it out on their 22ft inflatable Dragon boards and claim the title of Dragon World Champion 2018.

Almost a year after the inaugural event held in Barbados, Austria brought with it a completely new set of challenges for competitors who were also competing against the changeable conditions and cooler temperatures. Last year’s winners, team Paddle Barbados, arrived in the driving rain with eager anticipation of the new terrain, defiant to defend their world SUP title. Yet, with so many new teams making their mark during a misty open practise session, it became clear there were some strong contenders – the Bajans would have to work hard to retain their trophy.

Friday saw the event village quickly come to life as teams from across the globe arrived in high spirits, eager to register and quite literally test the water. Headline partner Nike Swim were on hand to kit out each competitor, ensuring they looked the part, while an open practise session gave the teams a chance to familiarise themselves with the course ahead of the first days racing.

After a day of travelling, training and talking, the teams came together at the official opening ceremony hosted by Hotel Mohrenwirt. Located in the picturesque village of Fuschlsee, competitors were greeted to the sounds of a traditional Austrian zimmerman band and feasted on local specialities as the welcome drinks provided by Red Bull Austria flowed. The stage was set for an epic two days of non-stop, fun fuelled SUP racing.

An ominous scene greeted the competitors the following morning as a thick mist grappled at the steep alpine shores. Dark, rolling clouds and a light wind tugged at the moorings of the giant RED marker buoys, jeering the teams to take on the 850-meter square course. In stark contrast, the contestants arrived in high spirits, sharing stories, advice and laughter as the morning briefing got underway and individual team strips were revealed in the form of pink tutu’s, dragon onesies and everything in between!

As the first races got underway, excitement grew as the eclectic tunes and commentary boomed across the water. Crowds cheered, and fellow competitors supported their opponents based on friendships forged the night before.

Round one saw family, ladies, men, mixed and even some ‘first-timer’ teams go head-to-head in 6 board heats. This was their time to earn valuable rankings for round two and weigh up their fellow competition. 

Chief event organiser, Sam Wonnacott said “It is great to see so many teams come together from around the globe to join forces here in this stunning location. This year, we have many individual entries with varying sup experience. It’s an incredible feeling to watch a team come together for the first time, find their rhythm and stride on the water and make new friends for life.”

As the dust began to settle after a full day of action, the reigning world champs proved their worth coming in a cool second, sandwiched between the two Hungarian teams – the Wog Boys (3rd) and SUP Race Team Hungary in 1st.  They had each earned key positions and promotion through to the early stages of round two. As the course lay dormant and the sounds from the day echoed and faded into the mountains it was all still very much to play for. 

However, this is a story of two halves and as a spirited day of non-stop racing came to a close, a night of partying dawned. The Red Paddle Co team ramped up the good time vibes as the Red Bull poolside party got underway at the bustling Fuschlsee event site. DJ Richie Mack took to the decks as the Daffy’s Gin flowed. Brought together through their love of SUP, the international crowd showed their worth on the dancefloor and in the true spirit of the DWC, competitors become comrades – Dragon warriors by day and a global community by night. The atmosphere was electric as team Paddle Barbados took over the decks for the final set of the night.

A bright, still morning greeted the paddlers on day two as the sun poked through the clouds and illuminated the mirror flat, turquoise waters of the lake. The worries from the day before long since forgotten, it was a last chance for some teams and for others it was their moment to be crowned the Dragon World Champions of 2018! 

As the first heat exploded from the beach, it was clear to see the improvements from the day before as teams surged forwards, all four blades working in sync, powering their 22ft Red Dragon boards onwards, in hope of victory. 

A stand out performance from ‘The Puffins’ had the crowd roaring from the shore as the family team, with a member as young as nine, advanced into the Quarter finals – a triumph in their own right. 

Georgie Puffin explains, “I can’t believe there are many competitions in which families can enter in the same races as the elite teams – but somehow Red Paddle Co manage to blend both intense competition with inclusiveness and fun.
The experience for the kids is unbelievable – parenting as well as racing is brilliant, we have absolutely grown as a family and come together in our memories that we’ll keep forever.”

All was not over for teams who had been knocked out, as the mighty Gauntlet presented one last challenge and opportunity to reach the podium. The time trial challenge required teams to over-come four giant, floating obstacles, testing teamwork and camaraderie as much as strength and power. And with a separate prize purse at stake and the stress of the competition behind them, teams threw themselves at the task with renewed vigour. 

The semi-finals saw the course change for the remaining teams. Having raced a box course for the entire competition an additional mark was added less than a board length from the shore, requiring the teams to make a near-perfect 180 degree turn right in front of the crowd. It was a time for teams to keep their cool, apply their SUP skills and master the 22 ft Dragon. 

This new, shallower hammer turn lengthened the course by almost 500 meters, asking even more of the competitors. Fighting against tired muscles to navigate the tight turn under the pressure of other teams and the proximity of the crowd, this new choke point in the race had teams rallying for position, before heading back out into the open waters once more.

The resilient all-female teams demonstrated their strength throughout the main competition, culminating in the ladies’ final.  After two days of racing in a mixed environment, it was clear there was to be no let up as the women attacked this last race with as much ferocity, as if it was their first. An agonisingly close finish saw the paddlers stream towards the finish line with the Dragon Angels laying down one massive effort to snatch the victory from the Flamingos with the BZH ladies coming in third. It was a final that set the tone for what was to come!

As the remaining six teams lined up for the last time, silence fell over the event site and the rumble of drums resonated to fill the void. Tension grew as all eyes were fixed on the teams lined up on the shoreline ready to be released. As the paddlers thundered from the beach it was SUP Race Team Hungary who showcased their superior speed and power by reaching the first mark with Paddle Barbados hot on their tail. Faces grim with determination and paddles tearing at the water, the teams powered their way around the inside mark and away for the final showdown. 

The cheers roared from the shore as SUP Race Team Hungary powered past the final mark continuing their dominance as they again stamped their authority on the fleet. Paddle Barbados proved their metal once more as they streaked in second, closely followed by the Wog Boys in third, Wet Turtles in Forth, Dragon Ane in fifth and Green bears in sixth – all welcomed across the line by cheers and admiration from the crowd. 

DWC will once again go down in history. This truly international event, brought together elite and novice paddlers in a unique and extraordinary way to celebrate the amazing sport of SUP. As the closing ceremony marked the end of the championships it was not just the victors who were celebrated but each and every participant. A special, Spirit of the Dragon award was presented to the Flamingos for encompassing what the Dragon World Championships is all about.

Friends were formed, memories were made, and the mighty dragon has its new masters – Team SUP Hungary will see you on the water. 

Until next year…

Red Paddle Co - Dragon World Championships 2018

About Red Paddle Co:

Red Paddle Co is an inflatable paddle board manufacturer based in the UK which is selling its products to 60 countries worldwide. They believe that riding an inflatable paddle board shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on performance, looks or quality. Riding a Red Paddle Co board offers the ultimate in convenience while delivering an authentic experience. Find out more at 

Red Paddle Co Dragon World Championships 2018

Red Paddle Co Racing will be hosting the ultimate team SUP world championships on the shores of Lake Fuschl, Austria, from August 31st – 2nd September 2018.

The Lakeside event will lead on from last year’s success of the Dragon World Championships held on the white sands of Carlise Bay, Barbados, and will see teams of all abilities, from all over the world battling it out to be crowned the 2018 victors. Red Paddle Co Dragon World Championships 2018

The Dragon World Championships 2018 promises to be themost entertaining SUP event on the planet with headline partner Nike Swimjoining the ride and a totalprize package of over £7,000/$9,000 up for grabs, this event will be a true celebration of SUP and style.

Races throughout the weekend, featuring the 22ft four-person Red Dragon board, will vary in length and format, designed to not only test speed and power, but team camaraderie, coordination and determination.

Red Paddle Co Dragon World Championships 2018Charlie Green, Head of Marketing at Red Paddle Co says:

Following a large number of Dragon races taken place this year all over the world, it’s clear that the teams who work together have the biggest advantage – an advantage which far outweighs any gender or age classification.We have team entries confirmed from around the world and although last year’s event definitely set the bar high, DWC 18 is setto be bigger, better and ultimately the most fun you’ll have on your SUP this year.”

Red Paddle Co Dragon World Championships 2018Once again, there will be no divisions with both men, women, all ages and mixed teams competing for the title of Dragon World Champions and a chance to take home the first prize package totalling £4,000/$5,100.

The expansive prize packages include three highly desirable premium waterproof radio and Bluetooth speaker Stereo Activefrom Fusion Entertainment, limited edition Red Paddle Co gin from Scottish gin brand Daffysalong with the winning team taking home their very own 22-ft Dragon board and Carbon paddles.

Dragon World Championships Prize Packages

1stPlace Team

PRIZE PACKAGE TOTAL = £4,000/4,500/$5,100

2nd   Place Team

PRIZE PACKAGE TOTAL = £1,600/1,800/$2,000

3rd Place Team

PRIZE PACKAGE TOTAL = £450/500/$580

Dragon Warrior (stand-alone obstacle race on Sunday)

PRIZE PACKAGE TOTAL = £330/270/$420

To further cement the Dragon World Championships as an event for all abilities, Red Paddle Co’s sister accessories brand, Red Original, are sponsoring the Spirit of Red award, awardedto one team for their positive attitude and representing the true spirit of the DWC.

The Red Original, Spirit of Red Award –

PRIZE PACKAGE TOTAL = £700/785/$900

The Dragon World Championships isn’t just about the on water action, the entertainment will kick-start on Friday night with a traditional Austrian themed opening party Red Paddle Co Dragon World Championships 2018  at Mohrenwirt Hotel where all participants and spectators are welcome.

The first day of racing will be rounded off with Saturday evening’s pool party at Fuschlseebad with an exclusive appearance by DJ Richie Mack from London, (Ministry of Sound, recently opened for DJ Yoda and Norman Jay MBE) The Red Paddle Co team will also be joined by local Fuschlsee based brand Red Bull and Daffy’s Gin for a memorable sunset pool party.

Entries are still open with limited spaces still available for individual and team entries. Admissions will be closing on Sunday 26th Augustso make sure you secure your place at the Dragon World Championships 2018.

For more information on the Dragon World Championships visit:

During summer 2018 we have been reviewing loads of inflatable SUPs (iSUPs).  And with boards now available at a huge range of price points we appreciate that when buying an iSUP it can be a tricky decision to make.

Many of you ask us “Why should I spend more money on a well known iSUP brand such as Red Paddle Co when I can buy a cheaper board for half the price?” Well, this video from Red Paddle Co shows just what lengths they go to, to ensure they are making what they believe to be the best iSUPs out there.

We’ve been using Red Paddle Co boards from the beginning, and we have to say that we agree with them. We aren’t saying that everybody has to buy a Red Paddle Co. But if you do,  you won’t be disappointed.

The idea of paddling with more than one person on a SUP is still a very new concept for many of us. But as soon as we saw the new Red Paddle Co Tandem board earlier this year,  a joint adventure paddle was on our SUP bucket list for sure! Myself and Reuben were all setup for a childfree weekend SUP adventure away, camping on the beach etc… but unfortunately the weather had other ideas and made us have to rethink our  Red Tandem adventure plans.

This is the video blog of the paddle we recently did with our 4 year daughter in Cornwall, UK – ‘One board, one family & one micro adventure.’ It wasn’t the long weekend SUP adventure we had initially planned but it was great fun all the same. Paddling to a beautiful remote spot only assessable by water was amazing. And being able to enjoy it together as a family on one board was even better…

Our overview of the Red Paddle Co Tandem

As soon as we saw the Tandem we were keen to give it a try, but weren’t convinced about the idea of paddling together. Would we still be talking to each other at the end of it?!!! And a board can’t be that stable can it? But we soon got the feel of the board and after just 5mins on the water we were off paddling comfortably together as a family of 3. It was a great feeling being able to chat and share our experiences without having to shout across the water and ruin the moment we set-out to enjoy. As Reuben mentions in the blog the stability of the board is unreal and this is something that we didn’t expect. It almost feels like the more weight you put on the board the more stable it becomes.

“For a family or a couple the Red Tandem is a great paddling experience that will have you enjoying the social side of SUP even more…  smiles all round.”

Words : Lucy Ellis

The Red Paddle Co Tandem 15′ / Package prices from £1649

Board details:
  • Length        15”
  • Width         34″
  • Thickness   8″
  • Fin set up   US box center fin
  • Rider size   up to 3

View the paddle on GeoSUP here :

Read on for brand video, details and website


MSL fusioncomposite and airtight coating, MSL involves fusing a second layer of hard-wearing polymer to the dropstitch core at the raw material stage, removing hand gluing errors. The high-tech industrial process saves almost 2kg in weight whilst making the boards stiffer at lower pressures. With our third generation of MSL material now in use, our boards are more durable than ever, if you don’t believe us then check out this videoof us driving a 22 tonne digger over it!


When you unpack your Red Paddle Co board for the first time, inside you’ll find the lightweight Titan pump. It’s the world’s best SUP pump and was created by our expert engineers to make inflating your board a cinch. The secret is in the dual-chamber system and high-flow handle, which pumps air into your board at up to 60mph, ensuring it inflates to the recommended pressure level while using less of your energy. The tandem is also supplied with our classic HP Pump so you can share the load of pumping and both keep going until you have reached the desired pressure.


Our Red Original All Terrain Backpack is a perfect travel partner for paddleboarders everywhere. Enhanced for 2018, it’s now more comfortable to carry thanks to improved straps (which are also easier to stow), while the red detailing adds a stylish, contemporary feel. Find out moreHere


The Voyager Tandem comes fitted with two special fixings that are compatible with Railblaza and Ram Mounts products, enabling you to securely attach a mobile phone, action camera, your paddle when you’re taking a dip, or even a fishing rod.

After numerous questions and comments about which board is best, the Starboard Airline or Red Paddle Co Elite? we decided it was time to get hold of the 2 boards to do the ultimate SUPboarder head to head comparison video.  The Starboard Airline Vs Red Paddle Co Elite was going to be a showdown for sure as they are both review and race winning boards.

Thanks to you, our SUPboarder Pro supporters we can bring you this battle of the race boards. Remember if there’s a board you’d like to see go head to head let us know.

Testing notes and observations
The deflection test results this time were different from when we tested the Starboard Airline previously. This time the Airline dropped 2mm less. This could be due to the Airline cable being tighter or readjusted whilst being used by others as a demo board. We try our best to match test and review conditions but this is not always possible.

GeoSUP data screen shots

Not got GeoSUP? Find out more here : 
And check out GeoSUP paddles on the online world view map here :

Red Paddle Co is definitely one of the worlds biggest iSUP brands, and many of their paddlers would say the best too. They have been making high quality inflatable SUPs since 2008. And now in their 10th year they have launched their Red Original range of accessories to go alongside their top end SUP board range.

From drinks bottles to dry cool bags they have brought out a great range of quality products to suit every paddler and their needs.

Read more about the Red Original range on their website here :

Red Dragon World Championships 2018

Mixing fast, fun racing with a party vibe like no other, the Dragon World Championships are back for a second year of SUP team racing! The world’s only dedicated, global Team SUP competition is set to be unleashed on the shores of Lake Fuschl, Austria on the 31st August to September 2nd 2018. Each race will vary in length and format, designed to not only test speed and power, but team camaraderie, coordination and determination! No matter what your ability – this event is for you!

For more information about this great event, check out the Red Paddle Co Racing press release below :

The countdown has officially begun for the Dragon World Championships 2018, the world’s only dedicated SUP team racing event, where anyone can enter. Red Paddle Co Racing are inviting paddleboarders from all over the world to come together and join them in Lake Fuschl, Austria.

Dragon World Championships 2018 – 10 things you need to know!
1. The location

The 2018 Dragon World Championships will be based in the picturesque village of Fuschl am See at the Alpine leisure resort of Fuschlseebad, twenty minutes from Salzburg, Austria. The races will take place on the emerald waters of Lake Fuschl surrounded by incredible mountains and alpine scenery. 

Red Dragon World Championships 2018
2. The board

Red Paddle Co believe team SUP racing is taking the sport to the next level so have designed their first four-person race board; the 22’0’’ Dragon. This board promises to redefine the competitive SUP racing scene with competitors benefiting from the power of eight arms and team camaraderie.

At 22 feet long, 34’’ wide and 8’’ thick, the Red Dragon is a world apart from any other board on the market. Featuring a slim body, high sides, a profiled nose and built using leading MSL© technology, the Red Dragon rises out of the water and slices through the waves whilst being light and easy to transport. It is also covered in an extra-large deck with a large dragon design, warning other competitors to watch out if they don’t want to get smoked!

3. The mission

Following on from the success of last year, the Dragon World Championships mixes fast, fun team racing with a party vibe like no other with a mission to create an event that is inclusive to all. Each race will vary in length and format, designed to not only test speed and power, but team camaraderie, coordination and determination! To further cement the DWC as an event for all, there will be a Grand Prize for one lucky team chosen at random no matter their race ranking!

4. No qualification required

For 2018 there is no entry or qualification requirements for the Dragon World Championships. This means that anyone and everyone who has a passion for SUP is welcome! We already have family teams made up of mums, dads and their children, groups of friends looking for a unique, fun weekend away, plus some winning teams from the 2017 Dragon World Championships in Barbados looking to defend their titles

5. The races

The Dragon World Championship races will see teams battle it out in two competitive elimination rounds. Round one will pit the teams against each other to secure a strong position and progress through the races to decide on a ranking/seeding system for round two. Round two is then a chance for any teams who were knocked out in the earlier races to re-group and charge through the heats to take on the victors in round one.

6. Divisions

The races are designed to test team camaraderie as much as flat out speed and power. As such there will be no divisions with both men, women and mixed teams competing for the title of Dragon World Champions. Since the launch of the Dragon it is clear that the teams who work together have the biggest advantage – an advantage which far outweighs any gender classification.

7. Country participation

Since originating in Hawaii, SUP has seen a global growth in participation. The Dragon World Championship wanted to represent this. Bringing together paddlers from across the globe the event allows all nations to unite and share the sport.

Red Dragon World Championships 2018
8. The schedule

The following schedule is subject to change. All racers must be available to compete during the below scheduled racing times unless released.


11.00: Dragon World Championship event village and registration opens

11.30 – 17.30: Open practice session. Guru bar support

17.30: Event village and registration closes for day one

18.30: Opening party at Mohrenwirt Hotel for all 

18.30 – 21.00: Continued registration at Mohrenwirt Hotel


08.00: Event village opens

08.00 – 09.00: Final opportunity for late registration (prearranged only)

08.00 – 10.00: Practice session

10.00: Dragon World Championship race briefing

10.30: Round one racing begins

17.00: Day one racing finish

17.30: Event village closes

18.30- 21.00: Poolside Party for all at Fuschlseebad 


08.00: Dragon World Championship event village opens

08.30: Race briefing

09.00: Round two racing begins

15.00: Racing ends

16.00: Closing ceremony and prizes

17.00: Event ends

9. Hundreds of dragons

Whether you are wanting to train for a Dragon World Series event or the Dragon World Championships, there are hundreds of the 22ft Red Dragon Inflatable paddleboards available to hire at Red Paddle Co SUP schools and centres around the globe. For your chance to test out the beast, talk to your local Red Paddle Co school or get in touch with

10. Social media

Red Paddle Co will be posting live updates, photos and videos from the competition on social media. Follow along on Facebook, Instagram and twitter and don’t forget to use the official hashtags #unleashthedragon #DWC2018

Facebook: Red Paddle Co

Instagram: @redpaddleco

Twitter: @RedPaddleCo

Youtube: RedPaddleCo

For more information on the Dragon World Championships and to enter please visit:

– END –

About Red Paddle Co:

Red Paddle Co is an inflatable paddle board manufacturer based in the UK which is selling its products to 60 countries worldwide. They believe that riding an inflatable paddle board shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on performance, looks or quality. Riding a Red Paddle Co board offers the ultimate in convenience while delivering an authentic experience. Find out more at 

For over 10 years Red Paddle Co have been making inflatable SUPs. And you can see that 10 years worth of RnD and quality control has gone into the new Red Paddle Co Ride range. In this SUPboarder comparison video we look at 3 of Red Paddle Co’s most popular boards – the Ride 9’8”, 10’6” and 10’8”, and we talk about the changes for this year and who the boards will be best suited for.

Red Paddle Co Ride 10’8” / £899

Red Paddle Co Ride 2018 range

Red Paddle Co Ride 10’6” / £849

Red Paddle Co Ride 2018 range

Red Paddle Co Ride 9’8” / £849

Red Paddle Co Ride 2018 range

Read on for brand video, details and website

Our award-winning Ride boards are bestsellers, offering fantastic versatility and boasting unrivalled quality, innovation and design. Designed for use across a wide range of conditions, by all kinds of riders. The shorter models are better suited to surf conditions, while the longer wider models are aimed at the bigger paddler or at families who will be paddling together on one board.

9’8″ Ride MSL

Who’s it for? Perfect for lighter riders who want a versatile board for every circumstance and also for heavier riders for surfing.

10’6″ Ride MSL

Who’s it for? A swiss army knife board – it can be used by almost any rider for any purpose.

10’8″ Ride MSL

Who’s it for? Versatile SUP suited better for bigger riders and great for taking passengers

In this SUPboarder video we look at 6 of the most popular paddles from the Red Paddle Co paddle range, in their most popular adjustment systems. We’ve been using these paddles over the last month and one thing is clear – that Red Paddle Co make more than just good  inflatable SUPs. Their new paddle range really has something for everybody. From first time paddlers to real performance racers, the Red Paddle Co paddle range has it all. And all at very competitive prices.

We hope this video helps you understand a bit more about the Red Paddle Co paddle range and which paddles would best suit your paddling needs.

Find out more about their paddles on Red Paddle Co website here :

Award winning inflatable paddle boarding giant, Red Paddle Co has launched its own accessories brand, Red Original, to offer everything you need for the ultimate paddle boarding experience, before, during and after getting on the water.

Red Paddle Co is renowned for products that are loaded with cutting-edge innovation and attention to the smallest detail. The new Red Original brand, featuring a range of accessories and clothing, is no exception, with performance, style and user – centric design at the forefront of the new collection.

Products include a watertight cool bag, which provides a host of unique features not available from any other British brand. The range also boasts an insulated drinks bottle, uniquely made from marine grade stainless steel and a luxury changing robe which will keep you warm and your modesty intact whilst getting changed, as there aren’t always dressing rooms when on an adventure!

The Red Original range isn’t just about what you carry and use on your favourite activities, it’s also about what you wear. The collection will soon include performance clothing to keep you dry, protected and bursting with stylish confidence when you’re out doing what you love the most! All are perfect for paddling, but also compliment any active lifestyle.

John Hibbard, CEO and co-founder explains: “Over the past 10 years we’ve grown a global brand that is built on designing quality products that exceed expectation.”

“However, whilst we had the paddle boards, we were frustrated that well thought out products designed with our sport and active lifestyle in mind were still missing. So, we set out on a mission to design our own premium range, featuring all the elements we personally wanted, utilising the expertise we have built up over the past 10 years.”

“Red Original signifies that these are signature products for us, we decided to focus on doing a few things really well, so when someone tries them for the first time, they really get the value of it. We’ve tried to take a no compromise approach to materials and construction, so the quality that our loyal followers know and have come to expect, is a given.”

To celebrate the new brand and product launch, Red Original are offering one lucky winner the opportunity to win the full range of products, including a Red Paddle Co Sport board of your choice (with paddle and leash), so you can go out and create your own #OriginalAdventure. To be in with a chance to win just head to the competition page on the Red Original website:

The Red Original range can be purchased through, a new ecommerce store which is now live.

Some key products and features include:

Watertight Cool Bag- RRP £160-£180

This is a soft sided, but seriously robust cool bag that leaves all others in its wake! With many an adventure lost or made with a cold beer and, trust me, we’ve tried it, we decided that in order to create that ultimate experience, we’d make our very own Red Original cool bag.

The bag has a totally waterproof YKK Aquaseal Zip, meaning water can’t get in or out. Together with the premium, high density waterproof fabric and thermal lock insulation which deliver what can only be described, as remarkable insulating capabilities, we’re confident that you won’t find a British designed cool bag like this anywhere else in the UK. You will be amazed at how long ice lasts for. This is a one off and we’re pretty chuffed with it! Not least because this bag can carry (tried and tested, obviously!) up to 54 ice cold cans! It also features an international patent pending system to attach it securely to your board, so you can easily take it with you for any paddling adventure as well as for an epic day at the beach.

Some key features of the cool bag:

  1. 100% waterproof, corrosion resistant zip so liquids don’t get in, or out. What goes on tour stays (cold) on tour!
  2. Luggage Tensioning System, allows users to attach the bag directly to the deck of the board without fear of it moving around or falling off
  3. Thermal-Lock Insulation which keeps contents properly hot or cold (for hours)
  4. Premium high density waterproof fabric for durability, during rugged adventures
  5. Adjustable Shoulder strap with expandable exterior pockets for storing other travel essentials
  6. Wave webbing daisy chain for attaching almost any additional kit using a carabiner or bungee
  7. Reinforced carry handles, designed so you can carry heavy loads with ease, or with a friend

Available in 2 sizes

Insulated Drinks Bottle RRP £25

Ever had that amazing drinks bottle that you can never leave home without, that failsafe bottle that doesn’t leak, is the perfect size, and does the ‘do’ when you’re out doing what you do? No? Nor us! So, we set forth and designed our own!

The water is our playground – rivers, lakes and the sea – and with plastic pollution at an all-time high we crafted a premium quality, marine grade stainless steel bottle for our ultimate drink experience. This baby won’t corrode like some other metal drinks bottles can and with a canteen and sports cap as standard, you can enjoy your drink hot or cold – all 750 ml of it!

Some key features of the insulated drinks bottle:

  1. Insulated double-walled construction, which creates a vacuum between the outside environment and inside liquid, helping to keep cold drinks cold for 24hrs and hot drinks hot for 12hrs with no external condensation
  2. The sports cap attachment enables easy drinking whatever adventure or sport you’re enjoying, with a comfortable rubberised mouthpiece
  3. Field tested for leakage and passed with flying colours!
  4. Large 750ml/25oz capacity, so big enough to carry 3 cups of coffee or a whole bottle of wine!

Luxury Changing Robe RRP £45 for adult size, £32 kids

Seizing the moment and getting ‘out there’ – whether you’re paddling, wild swimming, surfing or puddle jumping – might mean getting wet! 

Don’t struggle with the cold indignity of a beach towel. Put it away under a Red Original luxury towelling robe and eliminate those awkward car park moments praying the towel doesn’t spring open mid-change! Bit cold out there was it?!

Available in three sizes these super soft towelling change robes will get you dry in a flash and warm in the process – perfect for kids at the beach. The sleeves have been designed to ensure your modesty is kept intact but won’t get in the way whilst you get changed.

Some key features of the luxury changing robe:

  1. Heavy weight 430 gsm 100% cotton, so the absorbent fluffy towelling dries you quickly with minimal fuss – you can really tell the difference to any other robe you might have tried before, and we have tried lots! / you won’t want to take it off!
  2. Generous cut to avoid any unwanted exposure, and pockets to keep your hands warm and out of the wind
  3. Drawcord hood, so you can shield yourself from the elements when the wind starts to blow
  4. Three sizes (small / Kids 4”- 5’1” / Medium: Recommended for 5’1″-5’11” /Large: Recommended for 5’11” – 6’5″)

Soft Microfibre Towel RRP £25

Generally speaking, we hated microfibre towels, until we created our own. The brand new Red Original one is compact, lightweight and super absorbent, but still a large beach size. We searched hard to find the softest microfibre fabric we could which can also absorb four times its weight in water but dries much faster than a standard beach towel. The anti-bacterial properties will also keep your towel fresh, so this neat design really packs a punch, even when you’re away for a period of time.

The towel has been specially designed for multiple uses, with the integrated strap and hanging loop ideal for all watersports, the gym, a day at the beach or your next trip away.

Some key features of the microfibre towel

  1. Ultra Absorbent – four times its weight in water in fact
  2. Has Anti-Odour and Anti-Bacterial properties, which means it stops it smelling when wet and stays fresher for longer
  3. Uber lightweight so perfect where space is at a premium and you want to reduce load.
  4. Super soft meaning you have the benefits of a regular towel, yet it won’t stick to your skin like other microfibre towels can
  5. Easy pack strap, so hang it up to dry or keep it rolled up tight – it’s these small things that make a big difference
  6. Doesn’t compromise on size 80 x150cm