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For over 10 years Red Paddle Co have been making inflatable SUPs. And you can see that 10 years worth of RnD and quality control has gone into the new Red Paddle Co Ride range. In this SUPboarder comparison video we look at 3 of Red Paddle Co’s most popular boards – the Ride 9’8”, 10’6” and 10’8”, and we talk about the changes for this year and who the boards will be best suited for.

Red Paddle Co Ride 10’8” / £899

Red Paddle Co Ride 2018 range

Red Paddle Co Ride 10’6” / £849

Red Paddle Co Ride 2018 range

Red Paddle Co Ride 9’8” / £849

Red Paddle Co Ride 2018 range

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Our award-winning Ride boards are bestsellers, offering fantastic versatility and boasting unrivalled quality, innovation and design. Designed for use across a wide range of conditions, by all kinds of riders. The shorter models are better suited to surf conditions, while the longer wider models are aimed at the bigger paddler or at families who will be paddling together on one board.

9’8″ Ride MSL

Who’s it for? Perfect for lighter riders who want a versatile board for every circumstance and also for heavier riders for surfing.

10’6″ Ride MSL

Who’s it for? A swiss army knife board – it can be used by almost any rider for any purpose.

10’8″ Ride MSL

Who’s it for? Versatile SUP suited better for bigger riders and great for taking passengers

Reuben unpacks the new 2018 Red Paddle Co Ride 10’8” ready for the full SUPboarder comparison/ review in a few weeks. The Red Paddle Co 10’8” is a great board for a bigger rider or for carrying extra passengers.
The boards in full review will be:

Ride 9’8” x 31”
Ride 10’6” x 32”
Ride 10’6” x 32” (10 year Special colour-way)
Ride 10’8” x 34”

Remember these first look videos are not full SUPboarder reviews, they’re not even close! They are unedited, gut feeling videos showing what’s in the box and how they look for the first time.