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Today saw amazing conditions for the final day of competition here in Gran Canaria. Massive congrats to Sean Poynter from the USA and Iballa Moreno from Spain both taking their first ever World Championship Crowns on the APP World Tour. We also crowned two new event champs as Izzi Gomez and Poenaiki Raioha took the event wins here in solid surf to wrap up the 2018 season in Gran Canaria. Words : APP World Tour

Full Results


Position Athlete Nation Points
1 Poenaiki Raioha Tahiti 10,000
2 Sean Poynter USA 8,000
3 Julien Bouyer France 6,500
3 Sebastian Gomez Peru 6,500
5 Luis Diniz Brazil 5,000
5 Leonardo Gimenes Brazil 5,000
5 Zane Schweitzer Hawaii 5,000
5 Wellington Reis Brazil 5,000
9 Dave Boehne USA 4,000
9 Alexis Deniel France 4,000
9 Tamil Martino Peru 4,000
9 Mo Freitas Hawaii 4,000
13 Fernando Perez Spain 3,000
13 Moritz Mauch Germany 3,000
13 Camille Bouyer France 3,000
13 Pablo Valencia Spain 3,000
13 Carsten Kurmis Germany 3,000
13 Leco Salazar Brazil 3,000
13 Oscar Perez Spain 3,000
13 Benoit Carpentier France 3,000
13 Dario Ojeda Spain 3,000
13 Daniel Cesar Ferlin Brazil 3,000
13 Juan de los Reyes Barrios Spain 3,000
13 Medhi Oudani Morocco 3,000
25 Luciano Esteves Martins Brazil 1,000
25 Arthur LeMenn France 1,000
25 Javier Lezcano Spain 1,000
25 Federico Benettolo Italy 1,000
25 Arthur Arutkin France 1,000
25 Eduardo Diaz Spain 1,000


Women’s :

Position Athlete Nation Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
1 Izzi Gomez USA 10,000
2 Iballa Moreno Spain 8,000
3 Vania Olivieri Torres Peru 6,500
3 Shakira Westdorp Australia 6,500
5 Nicole Pacelli Brazil 5,000
5 Gabriela Sztamfer Brazil 5,000
5 Candice Appleby USA 5,000
5 Alazne Alonso 5,000
9 Dominique Miller Hawaii 4,000
9 Terrene Black Australia 4,000
9 Lara Claydon 4000
9 Annette Qvisgaard 4,000

After the recent NewYork APP World Tour event last week Sean Poynter and Iballa Moreno were crowned king and queen of the event. The 2 Starboard Team members ripped apart the small clean swell at the competition. But we also feel there is something else that these two paddlers deserve a little more credit for.

The New York waves were mostly lefts during the competition so this meant that both the Starboard surfers were surfing mostly on their backside. To win a competition at this level by riding on your backside really does deserve a mention in our eyes. Having to produce speed, power and flow on a wave is way harder on your backside than surfing on your frontside. And if that wasn’t hard enough imagine Sean having his fellow team mate Zane Schweitzer charging on his frontside throughout most of the competition.

To hold off other competitors and take the win at New York really shows the level of these two paddlers…. Respect!


1.  Sean Poynter (USA)
2.  Zane Schweitzer (USA)
3=  Luiz Diniz (Brazil)  & Poenaiki Raioha (Tahiti)


1.  Iballa Moreno
2.  Nicole Pacelli
3=  Terrene Black & Dominique Mille

The Rottnest Classic is one of those SUP surf comps that is rich with good SUP surf talent, from local Australians to other international riders. This film from Benjamin Delfs shows us some of the best action from the comp. Such a good level of SUP surfing from the guys and girls. But in the video Benoit Carpentier is a clear stand out for us, with his powerful and planted backside hacks he is looking unstoppable on a wave. Also both Starboard riders Iballa and Shakira are killing it for the ladies.

1. Kai Bates (Mollymook, NSW) 16.56 – $2,500
2. Beniot Carpentier (Brittany, France) 14.83 – $1,500
3. Rick Jakovich (Gracetown, WA) – 11.40 – $900
3. Jake Jakovich (Gracetown, WA) – 5.73 – $900

1. Iballa Moreno (Canary Islands, Spain) 11.34 – $1,600
2. Shakira Westdorp (Tugun, QLD) 7.83 $800

The latest video from Smik has got some great riding from some of the worlds best, out in Sumatra. The action is great, but what really caught our eye were the shapes of the Smiks. Just look at how thin the tails are on those boards! Smik rider Wes Fry can definitely crank a hard bottom turn on them.

Good to see all the riders charging hard out there. Really looks like a great trip.

Iballa Ruano Moreno is a name well known in not only the SUP world but the windsurf world too. Growing up on Pozo in the Canary Islands alongside her equally talented twin sister Daida, the Moreno Twins have been enjoying the sea from a young age. Now a professional SUP surfer and windsurfer, and with an easily recognisable powerful surfing style Iballa is definitely one of those waterwomen that girls (and guys!) aspire to! She has a rack of SUP surfing podium results to her name including this years Spanish and the European SUP surfing champion. And she is also the current windsurf World Champion in waves. Together with her sister Daida they have been World Champions 26 times between 1999-2016!  The Moreno Twins have definitely had their fair share of podium finishes!

SUPboarder caught up with Iballa in the next ‘Who’s riding what?’ feature, to talk SUP kit. ..

Name: Iballa Ruano Moreno
Age: 39
Weight: 61kg
Height: 1,73cm
Home Country: Spain-Canary Islands. Pozo Izquierdo
Main SUP Discipline: SURF
No. of Boards in Quiver: 5

Photo : Alfredo Vera

7’2 68L Starboard Pro Model: Perfect for small and medium surf. Glassy Conditions. I use this board the most. 7’5 Pro Model: Love this board when its bigger surf over head and a little choppy.
7’7 Pro Model: For bigger surf than over head.
12’6×24 and 14’x23 allstar: For race training when there is no surf.
Paddles: 2. I use an Enduro paddle for SUP surfing. And a BOLT 38 for SUP racing as it’s a little more flexible for my weight.
Favourite Leash: 7 foot
Favourite Fins: Maui Ultra fin set up. New models for SUP.
Sponsored by : Starboard, ANFI, Volkswagen and Maui Ultra Fins.

To find out more about Iballa check out her website and Facebook page.

So come on girls… if Iballa can do it, you can too!


Iballa Moreno is a formidable water woman with countless windsurfing wave world titles to her name.  We haven’t seen Iballa on the Stand Up World Tour since last year at the Turtle Bay event. But going by her free surfing videos over the last year, and in this latest video, we see her laying down her usual calm, controlled and powerful SUP surfing style. If Iballa turns on her competition head in 2016 the girls are going to have to watch out. She is definitely a force to be reckoned with!

Stephane Etienne & Nicole Boronat ‘The Lovers’ and good friend Iballa Moreno have just come back from a great SUP surfing trip in Dakhla, Morocco with Soufiane Hamaini. An epic break on the Western Sahara coast, that produces clean predictable rights that are ideal for SUP. Dakhla is a place that rewards travelers who make the long journey via plane and taxi down south.

This is the start of Season 3 , Ep 1 of the 2015 “Serial Lovers”, a Web series featuring Stephane Etienne & Nicole Boronat. Watch their Season 2 Web series here.

To find out more about Stephane Etienne & Nicole Boronat ‘The Lovers’ read their feature here.