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After the release of the Starboard Longboard review this week we thought that we’d take a look at 5 main brand SUP surf Longboards that are available all over the world. Don’t think that these are the only Longboards out there that are worth looking at. They’re just the ones that most of you have been asking about.

Please remember, if you’d like to know about another brand of Longboard or which board would best suit you, send us an email to . If you can include information such as your, size, ability, boards you have already used,  conditions you like to surf in and of course any particular brands you wish to know about, that would be useful. We haven’t used all the boards out there, but have probably seen it or have heard about it from other riders, so we can definitely give you an honest, independent opinion.

“What can I expect from a hard or ‘real’ raceboard?” is a question many paddlers are asking. Maybe you have an iSUP race shape already and are thinking of switching to a hard board. Or maybe you are trying to decide between the two as your first race board.

Both iSUPs and hard composite race boards have their place in the SUP world. (although an iSUP will always win the transport issue!) But understanding the differences between these 2 types of boards and how they both feel and perform on the water is the important bit.  And that’s what we’re going to answer in this video.

Remember guys and girls… if you have any other questions about this subject or other SUP related questions please email us a question to

So, you’ve decided which iSUP you want to buy, but then you might have to start thinking about which construction (if there’s a choice). This is a tricky decision that many paddlers face, so in this video we take a look at one of RRD’s most popular boards – the RRD 10’4”x 34”. A great size and shape board for mid to heavier weight riders wanting to get into SUP. We take a closer look at what the differences are between these two different constructions – the RRD AirSUP in the Prime construction and the AirEVO in the EVO construction. RRD have put a lot of work into both these boards with good quality materials and design. We’ve found this board comparison/review very interesting and it really shows how you can make an iSUP stiffer with extra materials and R&D.

RRD AirEVO 10’4” x34” 9kg €818
RRD AirSUP V3 10’4” x34” 11kg €1145
Board details:
  • Length        10′4
  • Width         34″
  • Thickness   6″
  • Volume      275l
  • Fin set up  Single US box
  • Weight       9 – 11 kg
  • Rider size   70-120kg
Our photo gallery
Read on for brand video, details and website

AirSUP V3 Prime

The most wanted SUP range of our collection. This super friendly and allround orientated type of board glides smoothly on flat water and rides effortlessly in small surf, allowing you to enter a new dimension of excitement. Rocker and scoopline together with a perfect fin placement allow for a great experience of pleasure in an incredible variety of conditions.

Built with a new “ Sandwich Dyneema Belt “ that wraps the whole contour of the board on the deck and bottom as a stringer, the board becomes about 30% stiffer than any conventional inflatable board.


It’s the real inflatable board for everyone.
Easy to be paddled and easy to be inflated and rolled up.
Thanks to its special lightweight technology with one middle HD PVC fabric stripe to increase stifness and a lightweight dropstitch body, the EVO SUP becomes the perfect choice for the family or for any type of use, from lakes to waves!

After numerous questions and comments about which board is best, the Starboard Airline or Red Paddle Co Elite? we decided it was time to get hold of the 2 boards to do the ultimate SUPboarder head to head comparison video.  The Starboard Airline Vs Red Paddle Co Elite was going to be a showdown for sure as they are both review and race winning boards.

Thanks to you, our SUPboarder Pro supporters we can bring you this battle of the race boards. Remember if there’s a board you’d like to see go head to head let us know.

Testing notes and observations
The deflection test results this time were different from when we tested the Starboard Airline previously. This time the Airline dropped 2mm less. This could be due to the Airline cable being tighter or readjusted whilst being used by others as a demo board. We try our best to match test and review conditions but this is not always possible.

GeoSUP data screen shots

Not got GeoSUP? Find out more here : 
And check out GeoSUP paddles on the online world view map here :

In this SUPboarder comparison board review we look at two of RRD’s small advanced shaped surf SUPs – the RRD iWave 7’7” and the RRD COTAN 6’11”. 
We put these two boards head to head to see what two boards of very similar size but completely different shape, feel like in lots of different conditions, and who they would best suit.

2018 RRD COTAN 6’11” x 27” Pro Model V2 / €1999
Board details:
  • Length        6’1”
  • Width         27”
  • Thickness   4”
  • Volume      98l
  • Fin set up  5 Future fin boxes
  • Weight       6 kg
  • Rider size    50-78kg
  • Rider ability Intermediate / Advance

Other sizes in board range;
7′6” x   28″ = 110L
7′11” x 29″ = 121L (Watch SUPboarder review)
7′11” x 31″ = 129L Wide model

2018 RRD iWAVE 7’7” x 27” Pro Model V2 / €2017
Board details:
  • Length        7’7”
  • Width         27”
  • Thickness   3 3/4”
  • Volume      89l
  • Fin set up  5 Future fin boxes
  • Weight       5 kg
  • Rider size    50-78kg
  • Rider ability  Advance

Other sizes in board range;
7′5” x 26″ = 81L
8′   x 28″ = 102L
8′4” x 29″ = 116L

Read on for brand video, details and website


As the development of this special shape on surfboard and kiteboard designs has taken off, proving it works great (up to the point that some riders only ride this type of C.O.T.A.N. shapes), it was time to develop a specific board line also for SUP. Two new shapes that will increase your stoke for supping in waves! Available in the Classic construction. Bamboo sandwich stepping area and superlight composite carry handle box. The C.o.t.a.n. pro and classic features two possible fins setup combination thruster-fins or quad fins.


4 x new shapes for expert level only, used worldwide by advanced riders that want to push the boundaries of the sport or compete as professionals. The shapes and construction technologies keep evolving depending on the latest trends on sup wave riding, and the I wave V2s represent the latest status quo of the sports’ evolution.


Available in full LTD technology with Vectra Carbon fabric on CNC Eps core, finished with matt pro speed paint and Carbon net layup top and bottom. Bamboo sandwich stepping area and a superlight composite carry handle box.

So, when it comes to racing a hard board is always going to be fastest… right?! Well yes (at the moment!) but with the new Starboard All Star and its patent pending Airline design coming on all their inflatable race boards, it looks like Starboard are closing the gap between carbon and air. In this video we look at the 18′ Starboard Airline and the 14′ Starboard Airline All Star, and compare them to the 14′ All Star Carbon Sandwich board.

2018 Starboard Airline All Star 14′ x 28” / £1299
Board details:
  • Length        14′
  • Width         28″
  • Thickness   6″
  • Volume      345l
  • Fin set up  Single US box
  • Weight       12 kg
  • Rider size   60-115kg

2018 Starboard Airline All Star 18′ x 27” / £1399
Starboard Airline All Star Vs Carbon All StarBoard details:
  • Length        18′
  • Width         27″
  • Thickness   6″
  • Volume      384l
  • Fin set up  Single US box
  • Weight       13 kg
  • Rider size   60-140kg

Other sizes in board range;
14′ x 28″ = 345L Downwind
14′ x 26″ = 320L
14′ x 24″ = 301L
12’6”x 27″ = 299L

View the sprint data on GeoSUP here :

Read on for brand video, details and website

18’0″ x 27″ All Star Unlimited Flatwater. Jump on board and be amazed. The 18’0″ x 27″ flat water board simply is the quickest way to get from A to B and it all packs up into a small bag. With the Airline tech, the long inflatable hull maintains rigidity and the fin is positioned far forward to help turning.

14’0″ x 28″ All Star Downwind. The perfect solution for those wanting a downwind race board that’s fast and easy to travel with. 28″ width offers extra stability and control in choppy ocean conditions, while the curved rocker with raised nose kick prevents the nose from diving when connecting bumps.

14’0″ x 28″ All Star. Widest outline provides added stability so the rider can reserve energy from balancing and instead use it to maximize paddle power. The wider outline gives extra control in choppy conditions, while the flat rocker maximizes glide for the fastest speed on flats.

14’0″ x 26″ All Star A popular size for many riders that gives enough stability to be in control when conditions get choppy, yet fast and slippery to cover distances quickly. With the extra stiffness and rigidity from the Airline system coupled with the lightweight technology, this board will make you question a hard board.

14’0″ x 24″ All Star Extra fast from the narrow outline. Insanely lightweight and now incredibly stiff from the Airline technology, the 24″ is the real companion for any serious racer. Narrow width is designed for lighter and higher skilled riders that want the fastest speed from the reduced wet area.

12’6″ x 27″ All Star New 27″ width has a slightly wider nose for extra pop in choppy water and wider tail for greater control and stability when buoy turning. Twin stringers on the deck combined with the Airline Technology creates the fastest and smoothest glide ever.


For over 10 years Red Paddle Co have been making inflatable SUPs. And you can see that 10 years worth of RnD and quality control has gone into the new Red Paddle Co Ride range. In this SUPboarder comparison video we look at 3 of Red Paddle Co’s most popular boards – the Ride 9’8”, 10’6” and 10’8”, and we talk about the changes for this year and who the boards will be best suited for.

Red Paddle Co Ride 10’8” / £899

Red Paddle Co Ride 2018 range

Red Paddle Co Ride 10’6” / £849

Red Paddle Co Ride 2018 range

Red Paddle Co Ride 9’8” / £849

Red Paddle Co Ride 2018 range

Read on for brand video, details and website

Our award-winning Ride boards are bestsellers, offering fantastic versatility and boasting unrivalled quality, innovation and design. Designed for use across a wide range of conditions, by all kinds of riders. The shorter models are better suited to surf conditions, while the longer wider models are aimed at the bigger paddler or at families who will be paddling together on one board.

9’8″ Ride MSL

Who’s it for? Perfect for lighter riders who want a versatile board for every circumstance and also for heavier riders for surfing.

10’6″ Ride MSL

Who’s it for? A swiss army knife board – it can be used by almost any rider for any purpose.

10’8″ Ride MSL

Who’s it for? Versatile SUP suited better for bigger riders and great for taking passengers

In this SUPboarder video we look at 6 of the most popular paddles from the Red Paddle Co paddle range, in their most popular adjustment systems. We’ve been using these paddles over the last month and one thing is clear – that Red Paddle Co make more than just good  inflatable SUPs. Their new paddle range really has something for everybody. From first time paddlers to real performance racers, the Red Paddle Co paddle range has it all. And all at very competitive prices.

We hope this video helps you understand a bit more about the Red Paddle Co paddle range and which paddles would best suit your paddling needs.

Find out more about their paddles on Red Paddle Co website here :

We take a look at the two big players in the 2018 Starboard race range… the Starboard All Star and Starboard Sprint. They’re both already proven race winning boards, but the 2018 boards have been refined and the range of conditions they work well in widened (from the 2017 models) to give all level of riders the best boards under their feet in a wider range of water states.

In this video we compare and dissect the two boards to give you real world facts and feedback – what conditions we found the boards work best in and who we think the boards will be best suited for.

Boards other sizes;

2018 Starboard All Star
14’0”x28” – 14’0”x26” – 14’0”x24.5” – 14’0”x23.5” – 14’0”x22.5”
12’6”x28” – 12’6”x26” – 12’6”x24.5” – 12’6”x23.5” – 12’6”x23”

2018 Starboard Sprint
18’1”x23” – 14’0”x25” – 14’0”x23” – 14’0”x21.5” – 12’6”x23”

Visit the Starboard website for more information on these boards.

The App used to track data was GeoSUP. More information about GeoSUP can be found here :