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We get used to always seeing the best bits of events and competitions through video highlights and post event write ups. But the truth is, racing is hard both mentally and physically, and sometimes things just don’t go to plan! If both parts aren’t working in sync with each other on the day, it can be much harder to achieve those winning results. So much can happen when you leave the start line. And sometimes, however hard you’ve trained and however fast you can paddle, you just have to accept that its just not your day or your race to win. In Casper’s latest Vblog he takes us though his races at the ISA Worlds in China and how things unfolded for him this year.

“I try to be honest and openly share my feelings everytime I win and things go well. But part of losing for me is to remain honest in the same way and not hide from the frustrations and negative feelings. This was my first World Championship in 6 years where I did not win a personal medal.
Check out the VLOG and feel free to reach out if you feel the same or have any questions!”


Ever wondered what the pros get up to? Well its well worth checking out Casper Steinfath’s new Vblog on Youtube. The last three videos have been filmed around the Red Bull Heavy Water Event in San Francisco. 

Casper aka ‘The Viking’ is a top pro and yet still a really nice normal guy, who always has time for everybody.

So check out his blogs for a laugh and a snipped into the Vikings world.


London SUP

The APP World Tour prepares for first stop on the 2018 World Tour with the London SUP Open this week, July 7-8, 2018 at the Royal Docks and on the River Thames.

The action is non-stop and the top athletes, including Kai Lenny, Mo Freitas, Michael Booth, Candice Appleby, Shae Foodie and Travis Grant are gathered and training on the historic river Thames. Multiple opportunities to watch the racing and on LIVE broadcast are available throughout the weekend.


9:45AM            Youth Sprint Racing
10:45AM          Nisco Racing 1.5KM
11:45AM          Pro-Am Sprint Racing Qualifying Rounds
11:45-12PM    Wakeboard Demo
12-1:30PM      Nisco Spring & Amateur Sprint Racing
1:15-1:30PM   Wakeboard Demo
1:45-2:15PM   Dragon Racing Qualifying Rounds
2:15-2:30PM   Wakeboard Demo
2:30-3:30PM   Nisco Distance Race: 5KM
3:45-5:30PM   Pro Sprints:  Men & Women
5:40-5:50PM   Pro-Am Sprint Final Rounds:  Men & Women
6-6:20PM        Pro Sprints Final: Men & Women
6:30-6:50PM  Nisco Finals
7-7:15PM       Team Racing Finals


9-9:45AM       3KM Youth Racing
10-12PM        Amateur 1KM, 3KM & 6KM Races
12-12:15        Wakeboard Demo
12:15-1PM     Dragon Racing Qualifiers
1:15-3:15PM  Pro-AM & Amateur 9KM Race
3:30-5:15PM  Pro 11KM Race
5:30-6PM       Dragon Racing Finals
6:30-7PM       Foiling Exhibition featuring Kai Lenny, Mo Freitas, and others


The London SUP Open has something for everyone. From entry level paddleboarders, to World Championship Tour competitors, there are multiple races to get people out on the water and taking part. Even families are welcome to enter, as the London SUP Open welcomes everyone from ages 6-90+.  There are races for all abilities with a more challenging 10KM distance race or an achievable 3KM race.  There is even a 1KM, predominanty for entry level paddlers wanting to get their feet wet in SUP racing for the first time.


Something for EVERYONE:  In addition to all the activity on the water, what makes the London SUP Open so special is the FULL spectrum of activities down on the Royal Victoria Docks as part of the CITY PADDLE FESTIVAL here in London!

Entry to the event village at the Royal Docks is free of charge all weekend.

The Royal Victoria Docks, East London will be transformed into an urban lifestyle zone with food and drink stands, retail and activities.  Entry to the retail village is completely free of charge.  Registration is only required for those who are planning to race on Saturday or Sunday.

Also on the Docks is a dedicated Wellness Zone for those not interested in getting on the water PLUS multiple activities for the whole family.  The APP World Tour & the London SUP Open wants to create a weekend festival for the entire community.


9-10AM:             Soul Sisters Yoga with Charlotte Holmes
10AM                 Welcome to the London SUP Open:  MC
10:45-11AM:      Lizzie Carr – welcome to London SUP Open, tips from Plastic Patrol
12:05-12:20PM: London SUP Open talks with Michael Booth
1:15 – 1:30PM:   London SUP Open talks with Candice Appleby
2:20 – 2:30PM:   London SUP Open talks with APP World Tour Race Director Anthony Vela
2:30-2:45PM:     London SUP Open talks with young guns Ryan Funk & Annie Reickert
3:15 – 3:25PM    London SUP Open talks with Lizzie Carr
6:20 – 6:20PM    Interviews with winners of Pro Sprints
7:00 – 7:10PM    London SUP Open talks with Casper Steinfath
7:25 – 7:45PM    Awards Presentation
7:45 – 8:00PM    London SUP Open talks with Kai Lenny
8:00 – 9:00PM    Movie Premiere:  Paradigm Lost


9-10AM:              Soul Sisters Yoga with Charlotte Holmes
10AM                  Welcome to the London SUP Open:  MC
10:45-11AM:       Lizzie Carr – welcome to the London SUP Open – tips from Plastic Patrol
12:15-12:30PM  London SUP Open talks with Mo Freitas
1:20 – 1:35PM    London SUP Open talks with Connor Baxter
2:20 – 2:30PM    London SUP Open talks with Danny Ching
3:15 – 3:25PM    London SUP Open talks with Lizzie Carr
5:15 – 5:30PM    Interviews with Winners of Pro Distance
6:00 – 6:30PM    London SUP Open awards

LIVE BROADCASTS will be available all weekend down at the Royal Victoria Docks so whether you’re on the water participating or sampling the retail village, all the action will be brought to your courtesy of the APP World Tour.

Without a doubt some of the most extreme swell conditions were there to push the paddlers to their limits at the Red Bull Heavy Water 2017. This video from Youtube blogger Clayisland captures some pretty cool shots of what the event was really like… even the worlds best had to take a beating!

Press release : APP

SAN FRANCISCO – October 20, 2017 – Red Bull Heavy Water, now undoubtedly the world’s toughest Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) race on the Association of Paddlesurf Professionals (APP) World Tour, today set a new standard for competition. A partnership with San Francisco-based Mapbox, the leading location data and mapping platform, and Spoondrift, the technology company working to increase global access to ocean data, allowed for a Green Light during a swell pattern that predicted over 15ft waves.

19 world-class athletes started in the 7.5mile (12km) SUP race, that began in the impressive triple overhead surf at Ocean Beach, off the coast of San Francisco, and wove around tumultuous waters of Lands End, under the Golden Gate Bridge and through the heavily current-affected San Francisco Bay, emerging at St. Francis Yacht Club. 14 athletes completed the demanding race, showing true displays of determination and athletic ability to come out victorious.

Casper Steinfath secures a dramatic victory in San Francisco

Red Bull Heavy Water

In just 1hr and 15mins, Danish Red Bull athlete Casper Steinfath tackled the course with strategic vigor and a determined focus on podium placement, having placed 4th in the 2016 race. Treating the race like a big wave surf competition, Steinfath powered through the big swell to take an early and dominating lead. “I definitely had motivation coming here and I wanted to improve and learn from my mistakes last year,” said Steinfath. “I was aiming for the podium but I treated it more like an ultimate challenge against Mother Nature.”

Second place went to Ryan Funk (HI) after a battle for the podium with third place winner, Travis Grant (Australia), in times of 1hr and 16mins and 1hr and 18mins, 38 seconds respectively.

Red Bull Heavy Water 2017 winner Casper Steinfath relished the opportunity to race at spectacular and iconic Ocean Beach and San Francisco Bay, “I love it here and enjoy every opportunity I get to come here. How cool is it racing under the Golden Gate Bridge and having the finish line here? I’m just one happy Viking right now.”

APP Racing World Title is decided after an epic battle for the ages at the Red Bull Heavy Water in San Francisco

Going into the competition, Casper Steinfath ranked 3rd in the current APP World Championship standings, behind Mo Freitas (HI) and 2016 Red Bull Heavy Water victor Connor Baxter (HI), who were tied for 1st, with the race acting as a possible tiebreaker for the duo, and culminating event for the 2017 Championships. With results from today’s race collated, the ultimate 2017 World Championship was awarded to Connor Baxter (HI), with 32,500 points, closely followed by Mo Freitas.

Tristan Boxford, CEO of the Waterman League, said, “We are ecstatic to have this epic event wrap up the 2017 APP World Tour — this year’s Red Bull Heavy Water really asserted the name “Heavy Water”. First and foremost, we chose some pretty spectacular conditions to run in, essentially the first big swell of the year, so this was without doubt, hands down, the most extreme race that’s ever been done. We tested the best in the world, and they really came out with flying colors.”

Digital data integration transforms not only the safety management of the event, but the viewing experience

Spectators lining the course got a first-hand visual on the action, and using data collected by Spoondrift, Mapbox provided a live leaderboard with interactive maps. This allowed onlookers to fully immerse themselves in the incredible journey undertaken by the athletes, emphasizing how technology is changing the way that watersports competitions are approached. Boxford said, “This event is always safety first, and the GPS units on each athlete provide us real safety and accountability, being able to see where everybody is on the course. We relay that information into a format that is watchable, and I think it is a really exciting development.” The enormity of the conditions can now be felt beyond the athlete’s personal experience, and monitored closely for safety needs and response.

Steinfath said, “The waves were so solid out there, the sets were like 15ft, it was more survival! It really is a mix of endurance, sprint and wave skills, and for me that’s the ultimate challenge. I think the feeling of this race, no matter if you’re dropping down a big wave or getting a big wave in your head, is alive. You feel really alive because you’re dealing with the elements right there in front of you.”

The APP Racing World Championship has its sights now firmly focused on the 2018 World Tour, with a number of exciting partnership and growth opportunities in the works, and an aim to broaden the engagement and involvement with SUP as a recreational and action sport for those of all abilities.

Final Results of Red Bull Heavy Water 2017:
1. Casper Steinfath, Denmark: 1:15:01
2. Ryan Funk, USA: 1:16:01
3. Travis Grant, Australia: 1:18:38
4. Kody Kerbox, Hawaii: 1:24:16
5. Michael Booth, Australia: 1:27:47
6. Slater Trout, USA: 1:28:35
7. Arthur Arutkin, France: 1:30:12
8. Kai Lenny, Hawaii: 1:30:44
9. Connor Baxter, Hawaii: 1:33:07
10. Mo Freitas, Hawaii: 1:36:20

SUPboarder talks to one of the worlds most passionate and talented paddlers Casper Steinfath aka the ‘Danish Viking’. Casper is a busy man! Not only is he training hard to be one of the fastest paddlers on the World Tour, he is also the International Surfing Association (ISA) vice president and is the man behind bringing the ISA World Championships to Europe this September. And if that’s not enough he has also recently started his own SUP school in Denmark! At a recent Naish N1SCO event Will Rogers from SUPboarder talks to Casper about his busy life and Naish N1SCO racing too.

Feature Image : Red Bull

On the 1st February 2017, 23 year old, 3x ISA SUP World Champion, Casper Steinfath, embarked on the mission of his life… to attempt to SUP across the Skagerrak Strait from his hometown Klitmøller (Cold Hawaii) to Kristiansand in the southern part of Norway. This 130km childhood dream in the midst of the Scandinavian winter, was never going to be easy, but Casper was ready for the challenge. It was all in the hands of mother nature!…

Press release : Red Bull

Since Casper was a young boy, he had a dream to step in the footsteps of the ancient Vikings. A dream that has grown bigger and bigger, but also a dream that developed into a personal challenge between himself and the ocean – the ocean which the only 23-year-old World Champion loves and lives for.

The dream presented itself in the form of crossing the Skagerrak Strait from his hometown Klitmøller (Cold Hawaii) to Kristiansand in the southern part of Norway. Casper would embark on this challenging mission, in the cold and dark Scandinavian winter, and set out to navigate the 130 km long route across the legendary Skagerrak Strait – a mission called the “Viking Crossing”.

A historic and important route, which the Vikings used to trade and to sail goods back and forth between Denmark and Norway – hence came the idea to name the mission “Viking Crossing”. With several years of preparations up to the “Viking Crossing”, the young Viking carefully studied the route and weather conditions together with his team. Casper engaged in energy and diet plans, as well as carefully planning the entire security operation, which was on standby during the mission.

The “Viking Crossing” took place on Wednesday February 1st with a departure from the shores of Klitmøller, Denmark, at 05:20 AM. Although it meant paddling in the dark with a headlamp, perfect wind and weather conditions sent Casper Steinfath well off with a strong tailwind and some lively bumps, which let him hold a solid pace.

During the first 12 hours, everything went as planned, but as darkness approached in the evening, the weather conditions changed rapidly, which made it difficult for Casper and his crew to keep on course. The changing winds grew stronger and a treacherous current combined with darkness and freezing temperatures made it too dangerous for Casper to continue his mission.

After exactly 116 km, 16 hours and 20 minutes of paddling Casper had to realize, that today was not the day, his dream to cross the Skagerrak Strait on the historic Viking route, would come true. With a heavy heart, Casper safely boarded the safety boat and sailed ashore in Kristiansand in Norway.

Although Casper was forced by Mother Nature to forfeit at the doorstep of his destination, the “Viking Crossing” mission has only given the young Viking even more bloodthirst and motivation. Casper is already in the process of evaluating and preparing another attempt to cross the wild Skagerrak in the nearest future.

“My attempt to cross the Skagerrak Strait has been a great experience.  It has given me more energy and desire to make another attempt. I have a lot of experience from this trip, which hopefully will help me to realize this dream.

I feel positive and motivated to make a new attempt in the near future, but still under the same conditions – it must be winter, dark and cold. I see it as both a thrilling battle against myself, to see how far I can push myself, but also as a battle with Mother Nature. Like the Vikings said, sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war!.

The sea is a large playground, which can give you many fantastic experiences when you know how to act. I want to bring more attention to the SUP sport in general, but also highlight the preparation and safety we surfers have every time we go on the water. “Said the current ISA World Champion and Danish Viking Casper Steinfath.

Images :  Mark Wengler, Red Bull Content Pool

About Casper Steinfath:

I am a 23 year old Danish surfer from the Cold Waters of Scandinavia. I live in a small fishing village called Klitmøller also know as “Cold Hawaii”. I was introduced to Surfing at a very young age and became obsessed with the ocean. As the years passed my passion for the water grew stronger and stronger. I picked up many styles of surfing, yet Stand Up Paddling became my favorite. The small competitions got bigger and now I am competing on an international level chasing World Titles and the ultimate adventures that only Mother Nature can provide.

Last year we were impressed by the look and organisation of the SUP Korea Championships. And it obviously caught the eye of one of the worlds best too. Casper Steinfath was there to take part in this years event, along with many other passionate paddlers. The SUP scene in Korea is getting stronger and surely the 2017 event will see more big names getting behind the SUP Korea Championships. 

As SUP is all the rage among people all over the world, River Jaeho Lee held Surf Ocean Cup the 2nd SUP Korea Championship last Saturday, the major annual SUP race in Korea! This year, Casper Steinfath made his journey from Sanfrancisco to Korea and made this SUP event SUPER fun with hundreds of passionate paddles across South Korea and international paddles from nearby countries! Casper drew attention with his breathtaking paddling technique. As Surf Ocean Cup SUP Championship accounts for the major SUP event in Korea every year, we hope to see more people showing off their utmost energy and passion next year in our event too! Words : Surf Ocean Club

The latest SUP film to be opening its doors around the world is ‘Standing On Water’ following the life of  SUP athlete Casper Steinfath, and directed by Peter Alsted. SUPboarder takes a look at the first major SUP film out of Europe so you know what to expect if you head along to a screening this year. 

About ‘Standing On Water’

‘Standing On Water’ shows the real life journey of one of the world’s top stand-up paddleboarders, Casper Steinfath. Casper, the Danish Viking is now well known in the SUP world, but it wasn’t always that way. This film beautifully captures Casper’s life story, starting off being born into a loving family who chose Klitmøller in Denmark as their home. In this quiet, small village, known for its cold water and fierce winter gales Casper found his true love and respect for the ocean. And it was here where the fun he had in the sea with his friends and family, lead to his future becoming tied to it. This film by Peter Alsted is a beautiful journey that uses a collection of old video footage put together with stunning new clips and interviews to give a fascinating insight into Casper’s life story.

SUPboarder verdict

It’s a unique film. Very different from your usual traditional surf film. There’s no thrashing music or clips of tropical waters or epic unrideable waves. This is a real surf life film that will inspire both kids and adults, showing that it’s not all about living in a tropical paradise and surfing in board shorts every day. If you want something bad enough, with a bit of family support and a good group of friends, anything is possible. It will make you forget about the weather outside and go grab your SUP and wetsuit, and live life to the full. And most importantly as Casper shows… have fun doing it.

‘A truly inspirational real world SUP film. Go and see it.’

‘Standing On Water’ is being shown at several film festivals around the world this year, and is opening its doors at Santa Barbara International Film Festival this week. Find out more about the film here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 08.36.54
Casper with his proud parents, brother and crew.

Download & streaming

Peter Alsted told SUPboarder… “We don’t have a schedule yet or date for a streaming release. But it’ll most likely come later this year, preferably in the summer.”


Whether you watch it later in the year via download, or make it to one of the many screenings around the world ‘Standing On Water’ is a great film for the whole family to get stoked on SUP.

Thanks for sharing Casper.

Denmark launches bid to become first European host for ISA SUP World Championship in 2017

Denmark has become the first country to announce a bid for the 2017 ISA World StandUp Paddle & Paddleboard Championship. If successful, Denmark would become the first European country to host the World Championship.

The ISA World StandUp Paddle & Paddleboard Championship has never been staged outside of Latin America, so Denmark is hoping to play a leading part in showcasing the exciting and developing sport to a European audience.

“Personally, it would be a dream homecoming for me if Denmark host the 2017 world championship; professionally I think it would a huge leap forward for our sport,” Casper Steinfath, Denmark’s two-time ISA StandUp Paddle world champion (2013 and 2014), said. “We want to raise awareness of the sport in Denmark and the rest of Europe and show that SUP is a global sport. Having grown up surfing and paddling in Cold Hawaii and competed several times in Copenhagen Harbour I know COPENCOLD HAWAII will deliver.”

By voting this week in favour of supporting the bid, Thisted Municipality provided another vital piece of the funding for the event. It comes a few days after Sport Event Denmark and Wonderful Copenhagen also backed the event. Collaboration between and financial guarantees from local and central government have been a hallmark of Denmark’s bids for international events.

Denmark has successfully hosted many major sporting events in the last decade on and off the water, including the 2011 World Road Cycling Championships, the 2014 World Half Marathon, the 2014 Men’s Handball European Championships, and the 2014 World Badminton Championships. Last year, Aarhus, the host of many world and European class sailing championships, won the bid to host the 2018 ISAF Sailing World Championships.

COPENCOLD HAWAII will be a unique collaboration between Copenhagen and Cold Hawaii, in Thisted Municipality. Copenhagen Harbour will host the long-distance racing, standup paddle and prone paddleboarding whilst Cold Hawaii host the SUP Surf, Technical Racing and the Relay Race.

The major 12-day event would see between 280 and 300 athletes from 50 countries competing across the two venues.

Racing, Copenhagen Harbour, during the Danish Standup Paddle Championship

“By choosing Copenhagen and Cold Hawaii we are combining the best Denmark has to offer the SUP and prone paddleboarding community,” Lars Lundov, CEO of Sport Event Denmark, said. “The combination of the two venues will provide a the perfect settings for an ISA SUP World StandUp Paddle World Championship in Europe.”

COPENCOLD HAWAII was the idea of the Friends of Cold Hawaii, the Danish Surf & Rafting Federation and Copenhagen Water Sports in collaboration with Sport Event Denmark, Wonderful Copenhagen and Thisted Municipality.

“For us, the 2017 ISA SUP World StandUp Paddle & Paddleboarding Championship in Denmark would be about exchange and collaboration; bringing the championship to Europe and linking Copenhagen and Cold Hawaii will inspire not only a growing Danish SUP community but also the SUP community in the rest of Europe,” Finn Jorsal, president of Friends of Cold Hawaii, said.

“We’re sure that the athletes will love Copenhagen, the event capital of Scandinavia, and Cold Hawaii; Casper Steinfath is testament to that already – this is an opportunity to grow our reputation as a city and as a nation of water activities,” Lars Vallentin, head of events at Wonderful Copenhagen, said.

“Every day we experience a growing interest for SUP,” Jakob Færch, chairman of the Danish Surf and Rafting Federation, said. “By hosting an event like this on home water we have the chance to promote and further establish the sport as another important branch in a proud Danish watersports tradition.”

Bidding process:
Submit Security Deposit: January
Submit Bid Application: End of January/beginning of February
Bid Applications Evaluated by ISA: March
Site Survey By ISA: March/April
Bid Application Approved/Final Decision Made: End of April
Hosting Agreement Signed/Sanction Fee Due: May
Guarantee Deposit Due: June

Previous hosts:
2015: Mexico
2014: Nicaragua
2013: Peru
2012: Peru

The 2016 event will be held in one of these four countries:

COPENCOLD HAWAII is an initiative of Friends and Cold Hawaii, the Danish Surf & Rafting Federation, and Copenhagen Water Sports, in collaboration with Sport Event Denmark, Wonderful Copenhagen and Thisted Municipality.