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This video from Alex Aguera gives us a sneak peek into what the surf foil young guns are up to on Maui. Speed and as much air as possible is the way these young groms are pushing it. It’s a surf video yeah… but you can guarantee the extreme SUP side of foiling wont be far behind!

Riders Austin Kalama, Kelson Lau, and Sky Lickle

This action was all filmed by Go Foil master Alex Aguera of the 2018 China Uemura Surf Contest at Waikiki. It’s not the first surf contest that has had a SUP foiling division but the level of the riders was definitely up with the worlds highest. Riders like Austin and Dave Kalama, Leleo Kinimaka, Nick Bennett, Derek Hamasaki are leading the charge for sure. And it looks like the board shapes are starting to push into certain directions too… shorter, thicker boards packed with volume seem to be most riders choice. But we’re sure there’s a lot more still to come from both the riders and the development of the foils and boards.

Things don’t just happen over night, they progress from other things. Different sports combine and grow together to make new sports. One of the guys who has been mixing up sports on waves since the early days has been Dave Kalama. From surfing, windsurfing, tow in surfing, to SUP foil surfing – Dave has helped push the sports to where they are today. And just as Dave is starting to sit back, relax and enjoy his new favourite sport of SUP foil surfing,  the next Kalama generation is there to push it even further! Austin Kalama is already doing some crazy stuff on a SUP foil,  but we know there’s a lot more to come! Much like his father he’s keen to progress SUP foil surfing to the next level. Watch this space!

This newest video from the Go Foil guru Alex Aguera, shows some great action and interesting board designs of where the sport is going.

Foiling is perfect for the ultimate glide on swells and bumps, but it can also produce a lot of pop/lift for jumps. Austin Kalama is right at the front of the extreme SUP foil movements, and we believe that this will be the way that the higher level of the sport will go… big airs and multiple rotations. Boards like Austins in the video will have super soft/sloppy rails all over the board to ensure they never catch on the wave face. And as for the foils… who knows where it will end, foils that can perform tighter turns, bigger airs and maybe even go backwards?! Who knows but it’s going to be fun to watch!

Riders: Austin Kalama, Dave Kalama, Marlon Lewis, Brett Lickle, Chris Padilao, Junya McGurn, Kalia Aguera, Alex Aguera, Paul Polgar, Scot Mackie