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2019 SUP gear

2019 Starboard PRO 7’10”x29” Blue Carbon / £2299

If you’re looking for a performance shaped surf SUP this year, this is the board everyone is talking about. Similar and yet also very different to the previous years PRO’s. We’ve been testing the 2019 Starboard PRO 7’10” over the past month in a huge range of conditions and have enjoyed every session. It’s clear to see that Starboard have done a lot of development with this new shape, and good intermediate to advanced surfers will love the new changes and feel of this 2019 board.

2019 Starboard PRO 7'10'' ReviewBoard details:
  • Length        7′10”
  • Width         29″
  • Volume      104l
  • Fin set up  US box and 4.75” FCS side-fins 4.5” (quad or thruster)
  • Weight       6.3 kg
  • Rider size   65-85kg (70-80kg ideally)

Other sizes in board range;
7’0″ x 24” 66L
7’3″ x 26” 83L
7′5″ x 26.75” 92L
7′10″ x 28” 102L
7′10″ x 29” 104L
8’3″ x 29″ 110L
8″10″x29″ 131L
8’10″x29″ 143L

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The new shorter outline makes it possible to ride a smaller board with more reactivity. Thinner rails give more control & response to generate more speed. Channeled tail gives bite and drives out of turns. All sizes feature diamond grooved traction pads with tail kick pad with raised centre ridge.


JP Australia Surf 8’6” x 29” WE 2019/ £1449

In this weeks SUPboarder review we take a look at the new JP Australia Surf 8’6” x 29”. A brand new size for 2019.  We have tested this board over 6 different sessions in a variety of wave types. The JP Australia Surf is a great shaped, advanced surf SUP that’s easy to use. This board is going to get intermediate SUP surfers moving into more aggressive turns and faster waves with its more performance outline shape.

JP Australia Surf 8'6'' 2019 Review / Advanced surfBoard details:
  • Length        8′6”
  • Width         29″
  • Volume      113l
  • Fin set up  US box and 5.5′ M7 FCS side-fins
  • Weight       7.9 kg
  • Rider size   65-90kg (75-85kg Ideally)

Other sizes in board range;
7’2″ x 25”
7’6″ x 27”
8′1″ x 28”
8′10″ x 30”
9′2″ x 30”

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The JP-Australia Surf range is designed for the “no-compromise”, top to bottom performance in the proper surf conditions for riders of all sizes. The whole Surf line has unique features; single to double concave flowing into a V tail, pulled in nose and tail, progressive rocker line and thin rails. All new for 2019 is the 8’6”x29”. Werner has slightly thinned out the rails and pulled in the nose and the tail, but the volume remains at 113L.

All of the PRO boards come with a 5 fin setup option and 3 fins. The smaller sizes from 7’2” through to 8’6” all come with 3 FCS plugs for the center fin position instead of the US box to keep the weight down to a minimum. The 3 plugs provide 2 center fin position options and the boards come with a RTM thruster fin set. The 8’10” and the 9’2” have the 5 fin option with the US box for the center fin to be able to accommodate a bigger fin. The Wood Edition come with standard – US box thruster set up.

The PRO layup of our SURF boards has no carbon as we believe that carbon makes the boards too stiff for the surf. We have kept a natural flex pattern with strategic dual density sandwich layup and optimized fiber direction. For 2019 we have developed rail construction with Innegra fiber on the PRO boards and Basalt fiber on the Wood Edition boards. No more paint chipping.

Innegra on the PRO boards adds the abrasion resistance but it doesn’t add stiffness as we didn’t want to alter the flex pattern of the boards. Basalt on the Wood Edition boards adds strength, stiffness and abrasion resistance. Basalt is 100% volcanic rock, a natural and sustainable fiber.

SUPboarders wish list / Xmas ideas for paddleboarders

Are you struggling to know what to buy the SUPer in your family? Or do you SUP and want to give some ideas to avoid receiving another pair of boring socks this Christmas?!! Yes a full carbon board would be great to add to the list but if you’re looking for something a bit more affordable below are afew ideas to bring a smile to any paddleboarders face this Christmas…

Palmless Mitts  – Open palm mitts which keep your hands warm whilst still allowing you to maintain your paddle grip. Available from Palm, Prolimit, Neil Pryde (£23.95-£28.95)

Hydro Holder – A great little gadget to ensure you stay hydrated on the water and your paddling essentials stay secure. Sticks to any hard, flat surface. Ideal for holding a water bottle, radio, phone etc… (£9.95)

SUP Books – Paddling Britain: 50 best places to explore by SUP, kayak & canoe by Lizzie Carr includes top places to paddle, safety tips, kit suggestions and weather advice. (£14.99) Or Beneath the Surface by Zane Schweitzer. True waterman Zane gives a fascinating inside into his life by sharing stories and telling us what makes him tick. An adventure story and self help book all in one! Available on Amazon (£15)

Palm Neoflex Leggings. Extremely comfortable full length leggings made of thin and ultra stretchy neoprene with a soft thermospan liner. The ideal paddling trousers all year round. Available in mens and womens. The SUPboarder teams go to item of clothing when board testing! Other neoflex products also available from Palm including tops & shorts. (£79.95)

Geo SUP – A mobile app which allows you to track, analyse and record your paddles, share your experiences and follow others, so you can search for great new paddle spots all over the world. An easy way to record your paddles as well as being a great training tool too. Currently available on IOS only however an android version coming soon. (£4.99)

Dry Bag – As a paddleboarder you can never have enough dry bags! Available in all different shapes and sizes. Check out some great dry bags from Riber, Palm, & Aqua Marina, (£11.95+)

Red Original Drinks Bottle. A high quality, super insulated, marine grade stainless steel flask which not only looks good it does a great job too. 24 hrs cold, 12 hrs hot. Red Paddle Original does a wide range of other great SUP accessories including deck bags, quick dry towels, board locks, carry straps, performance tees, cool bags and more… (£25)

Wave Pool Voucher – A ticket for guaranteed waves… what’s not to like about that!? Ok you might not get sand between your toes and that salty post surf look but the waves are getting pretty good! Artificial wave pools are being constructed all over the world including Surf Snowdonia in N.Wales, Kelly Slaters surf ranch, NLand Surf Park USA, Siam park Tenerife, Eisbach Munich to name a few. (£30+)

SUPboarder Goodies – Yes you could say we’re bias! But we love our new selection of quality SUPboarder Caps which we have available in a choice of colours and designs. (£19.99 – £28.99) Other SUPboarder clothing also available including tees, hoodies and baby grows!   

And for those paddleboarders who just want to know it all, how about a SUPboarder Pro Subscription. The next level of SUPboarder with extended product reviews, additional tuitional videos and features, a limited edition gift, ask the experts and more… (£24.99 a yr or just £2.49 per month.)

Changing Robe  An essential SUPers accessory to allow you to change with ease and comfort wherever you are and whatever the weather. Available in a range of materials including lightweight micro fleece as well as weatherproof ripstop. From our experience the best ones come with hoods, large hand warming pockets and big arm holes! Check out those from Palm, Red Padddle Co & Robie (£38.99- £120)

Electric iSUP Pump – Don’t waste energy pumping, save it for paddling!. Compact, quiet, quick and easy to use the latest upgraded 12v Bravo electric pump allows you and your iSUP to get on the water with minimal effort. Includes an integrated rechargeable 12v DC battery. (£199)

Neoprene Jacket – Designed to get wet and go over a wetsuit. Perfect to put on post surf, during comp heats or to take with you on a longer paddle. Very cosy! Available from Ion in different styles mens & ladies. (£149)

There really are some great SUP accessories out there. No reason not to keep paddling and stoked on SUP all year round! Hope Santa brings you everything you’ve wished for… including that carbon board!

We wanted to give you all a heads up about the kit we’ve got waiting to be tested over the next month. 5 very different shaped surf SUP boards which will no doubt have a very different feel.

F ONE Madeiro PRO carbon 8’8”x32” 136L
SIC Slice GCC 9’0”x29” 135L
JP Australia Surf WE 8’6”x29” 113L
Fanatic Pro Wave LTD 8’9”x30.5″” 120L  (apologies in the video I call it a 8’6”!)
Starboard Pro Blue Carbon 7’10”x29” 104L

Look out for all the individual reviews on SUPboarder and a full head to head of all these boards on SUPboarder PRO.
Please send us any questions you may have about these boards so we can answer them as we are riding them.

Naish Maliko 14’x24” Pro Carbon / £2399

In this SUPboarder review we look at the race board Naish have been putting all their work into. The Naish Maliko is available in both 12’6” and 14”and shaped for all water states, from flat water to open seas. The Naish Malkio has a very simple design shape, with no big concaves or V’s like on many other boards. Because of that it might not be the most stable board on the race market BUT it feels effortless to paddle and is amazing at riding even the smallest of bumps &swells.

Board details:
  • Length        14′
  • Width         24″
  • Volume      244l
  • Fin set up  US box and 8.75′ race fin
  • Weight       12.8 kg
  • Rider size   85kg & under

Other sizes in board range;
12’6 x 24”
12’6 x 26”
14′ x 26”
14′ x 28”

Our photo gallery
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Drawing a clear and consistent line to victory at such renowned races as the Maui2Molokai, Molokai2Oahu 2-man Relay, Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge and so many more…this competitive race shape is a clear standout for the high-performance scene. Always evolving to be faster, forgiving and more efficient with each season, the Maliko 14’0” is the result of meticulous engineering and impeccable construction. Its rocker is designed to catch each bump with ease for quicker acceleration and higher top speed. Its rounded nose efficiently and effortlessly assists riders in moving through glides granting you more speed and less fatigue on each run.

We have a ‘First look’ at the NEW Starboard Longboard. We were wondering when Starboard was going to join the party, with other brands having had good shaped SUP longboards in their range last year. But by the look of it, it was worth the wait. Our first look at the Starboard ticks all the boxes to be a good longboard surf shape. We can’t wait to give this board a full SUPboarder review and working over soon.

Remember these first look videos are not full SUPboarder reviews, they’re not even close! They are unedited, gut feeling videos showing what’s in the box and how they look for the first time.

Length 10′
Width 29”
Thickness 3.3′
Volume 123L

For more information check out the Starboard website:

RRD AirRace 14’x26” V4 €1249

We have a look at the most user friendly race iSUP we’ve tested… the RRD AirRace. It’s the 4th edition RRD AirRace they’ve made, and year after year they have tweaked and tuned the shape and design. The complete AirRace collection comes in the ‘Prefo construction’ which means they’re made from their very best materials, as well as top RRD R&D going into every board. The AirRace is 14’x26” so it’s the narrowest and longest board in their collection. It’s built for full on racing or very fast touring/cruising.
True to all of the RRD equipment we have tested, this is one good looking iSUP that is fast and super easy to paddle.


Board details:
  • Length        14′
  • Width         26″
  • Thickness   6″
  • Volume      300l
  • Fin set up  Single US box
  • Weight       12 kg
  • Rider size   60-110kg

Other sizes in board range;
14′ x 29″ = 315L
14′ x 26″ = 300L
12′6″ x 29″ = 288L
12’6”x 26″ = 270L
10’6″x 25″  = 230L Kids

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Can you imagine being able to go as fast on an inflatable board as you can on a full carbon board? This is what the AIRACE shapes do. Stable, practical and furiously fast! The special narrow nose and straight outline design, a 6” profile thickness and a super flat scoop rocker line makes the perfect recipe for a great competitive board to be used for flat water races and pure pleasure fast rides. Now available into 6 different sizes! Built with a new SDB “Sandwich Dyneema Belt” on bottom and TPB “Thermo Plastic Belt” on the deck that wraps the whole contour of the board from the deck to the bottom as a stringer, the board becomes about 50% stiffer than any conventional inflatable board. Thanks to the Edge PVC Soft Rail, positioned under the board tail, water flows away fast and clean without turbulences.


  • Sandwich Dyneema belt
  • Superlight PVC dropstitch
  • 70% Double skin construction
  • Thermo Plastic Belt
  • NEW Soft PVC sharp rail edge on the tail drastically improves grip and glide!

Red Paddle Co has announced the launch of a revolutionary inflatable paddle board. The Compact 9’6” on pre-sale now, is a full-sized SUP that folds down to half the size of a regular inflatable paddle board while not compromising on paddling performance. The smaller packed size gives paddlers the convenience of being able to easily carry it around town, jump onto public transport or store in the trunk of your car, with space to spare. The ultra -compact nature of the package also allows for storage within small cars, smaller apartments onboard boats and in your van.

Red Paddle Co, Co-Founder and CEO, John Hibbard explains where the idea for the new board came from – “When I started Red Paddle Co 10 years ago it was motivated by the fact that everyone I took paddling loved the idea of paddling but the large, cumbersome composite boards I was using at the time just didn’t appeal to enough people. Storage, transportation and durability were the main barriers to entry not to mention the weight.”

Hibbard continues, “Our aim since then has been to produce the most compact and transportable board in the world, without compromising on performance. It’s been ten years in the making, but we’re very excited to present the International Patent Pending Compact board which features Red Paddle Co’s new PACT Technology ™.

PACT Technology ™ is a material with a new weaving process which creates an extra-high-tensile thread matrix at the core of the board that is combined with a super-strong but malleable outer layer. This means the Compact board is as stiff and durable when inflated but can be folded down into a bag half the size of standard inflatable boards.

Based on the plan of the award-winning, all-round Ride 10’6″ MSL, the Compact 9’6” is 32”/813mm wide and 4.7”/120mm thick and provides the perfect blend of stability and manoeuvrability. Weighing in at under 8kg (board-only) and supporting riders up to 95kg/209lbs the smaller length board offers a fantastic all-round SUP experience for most riders.

Length: 9’6” Width: 32“/813mm
Thickness: 4.7”/120mm
Volume: 222 litres
Rider Weight: up to 95kg/209lb
Full package weight: 12.7Kg

The Compact board comes as part of a full package including a newly designed backpack, revolutionary 5-piece paddle, Titan pump, leash and removable fins.

The innovation continues into the new backpack as Phil Hawthorne, Head of Design at Red Paddle Co explains, “Everything we do at Red Paddle Co starts with the paddler and how we can make their full experience better. The new highly engineered backpack for the Compact has unique levels of adjustability and comfort, plus incredible shoulder and back support.”

Hawthorne continues, “It’s the most highly engineered SUP bag on the planet, applying approximately 53% less down force on the carrier’s lower back, you can travel for longer in comfort.” The bag also features customisable lumbar support and adjustable height features so is suitable for any size of paddler.

Creating a compact paddle was not an easy task for the Red Paddle Team, but they have found the perfect solution: a five-piece paddle. As a result, it packs away perfectly, but it is still adjustable with no compromise on the water.

The modular design also means sections can be removed to create a paddle for smaller riders or kids, opening up the board package to be used by the whole family. The paddle is made of high-modulus carbon for extra rigidity, with a durable nylon blade.

Plus, the blade of the paddle is laser etched, with no printing or transfers. Meaning the design will stay on forever.

Completing the package, to fulfil their aim to produce the most transportable board on the planet, new click fins are used to enable fast secure fin attachment. The custom designed twin fins allow the Compact 9’6” to easily track through the water.

The Compact 9’6” is on limited pre order now while stocks last, through www.redpaddleco.comand selected retailers with products being fulfilled in November. General release nationwide from December.   RRP £1,299/1499 EUR/$1,899 USD/$2,199 CAD for the full package.

SUPboarder thoughts
We really cant wait to get our hands on this new Compact 9’6” board. Red Paddle Co have never disappointed us with the build quality and design of any of their products before, so we don’t think that we will be disappointed with the new Compact either. The board shape and size will be perfect for midsize paddlers. And with the overall smaller backpack size it will make it even easier to find new places with an iSUP.  We’re also very impressed how it all fits into the bag and its overall weight too.

So, you’ve decided which iSUP you want to buy, but then you might have to start thinking about which construction (if there’s a choice). This is a tricky decision that many paddlers face, so in this video we take a look at one of RRD’s most popular boards – the RRD 10’4”x 34”. A great size and shape board for mid to heavier weight riders wanting to get into SUP. We take a closer look at what the differences are between these two different constructions – the RRD AirSUP in the Prime construction and the AirEVO in the EVO construction. RRD have put a lot of work into both these boards with good quality materials and design. We’ve found this board comparison/review very interesting and it really shows how you can make an iSUP stiffer with extra materials and R&D.

RRD AirEVO 10’4” x34” 9kg €818
RRD AirSUP V3 10’4” x34” 11kg €1145
Board details:
  • Length        10′4
  • Width         34″
  • Thickness   6″
  • Volume      275l
  • Fin set up  Single US box
  • Weight       9 – 11 kg
  • Rider size   70-120kg
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AirSUP V3 Prime

The most wanted SUP range of our collection. This super friendly and allround orientated type of board glides smoothly on flat water and rides effortlessly in small surf, allowing you to enter a new dimension of excitement. Rocker and scoopline together with a perfect fin placement allow for a great experience of pleasure in an incredible variety of conditions.

Built with a new “ Sandwich Dyneema Belt “ that wraps the whole contour of the board on the deck and bottom as a stringer, the board becomes about 30% stiffer than any conventional inflatable board.


It’s the real inflatable board for everyone.
Easy to be paddled and easy to be inflated and rolled up.
Thanks to its special lightweight technology with one middle HD PVC fabric stripe to increase stifness and a lightweight dropstitch body, the EVO SUP becomes the perfect choice for the family or for any type of use, from lakes to waves!

Well, the new 2019 Fanatic Strike has caught our eye for sure. Available in just 2 sizes, 14′ x 21.5” and 14’x25” it says to us just one thing… “If you want to go fast these are the boards to have!” The new Fanatic Strike has been designed for optimum speed and performance in the 14” class, with a 25” wide option for riders over 85kg and 21.5” for those below 85kg. By focusing their efforts on just two widths Fanatic make it easier for paddlers to choose their racing machine!

For us the shape of the Strike does look very promising indeed. We know from testing other race boards that bottom channels/concaves and subtle rail shapes can make a massive difference to speed and stability  The Strike definitely looks very refined and you can see that the board has had a lot of RnD put into the new shape. The recessed deck and large open standing area at the tail will offer a huge stable area for trimming the board forward and back, and help with buoy turns.

And as always, we can’t wait to get our hands on this board and give it a real going over, and compare it to the other worlds fastest race boards.

Please let us know your comments and thoughts on this new Strike shape for 2019. Have you seen it? Have you used it?

Thoughts from our race doctor Bryce Dyer
“I think this board really illustrates where race boards have been going over the last couple of years. i.e. The narrowest profile possible but with shaping measures applied to then make it as stable as feasible. Other aspects include that the 12’6 raceboard interest is slowly being phased out by manufacturers, a flatwater boards design being tweaked to accept that most racers will see some level of chop or small waves and that the widths are now coming down to levels that will dettach them from use from all but dedicated racers. The Fanatics design seems smart and well thought out on paper if speed is the game. 

What is interesting for me was that the widths of the strike in this case are wide apart (at 21.5 and 25) with nothing in between. Unless the 21.5 is attainable for club level racers, I feel this may well be a risky strategy as once you get past elite team paddlers, it may see one version too narrow for most and the other too wide to justify for a relatively specialised board type.  The Strikes design makes complete sense though for those who race in events typical of those seen in the UK. Whilst I have more general concerns that the direction that manufacturers are taking their race boards in will kill off mass participation racing in the long run (and therefore ultimately hurt their own sales), personally the Strike only makes me curious as a scientist to know whether I can personally tame it and how much faster can I paddle when being on one ?” 

2019 Fanatic Strike

Read on for brand details and website

Redesigned for 2019, the Strike is our out-and-out speed machine. Quite simply the fastest board you can put your feet on! Its unique shape defies convention, delivering the stability of a wider board with the efficiency of a much narrower one.

Everything about this design is feature packed for speed and efficiency.  The forward rake in the nose cuts a sleek line through the water and ensures that all 14’ of the Strikes length is put to good use.  Plenty of volume up front ensures that the nose rides high for speed and control.

The bottom shape is where much of the Strike’s magic happens.  Starting out with a double concave at the bow to deliver a smooth, efficient glide, the hull soon blends into a deep monoconcave for tracking and stability, designed to keep the rider fresh and fast mile after mile.  The wider tail profile of the Strike further boosts stability, whilst plenty of tuck delivers manoeuvrability when required.

The recessed deck is another new feature for 2019 enhancing both the stability and efficiency of the Strike.   The 14’ long Strike is offered in two sizes with widths of 21.5” and 25”.  The 21.5” is the go-to race board for the super competitive.  Nothing paddles quicker over flatwater, and yet the Strike 21.5” still retains enough stability for chop and messy water conditions in experienced hands.   The 25” is the first choice for riders over 85kg and for all-round racing on flatwater, combined with a few open ocean races.

We were impressed with the last inflatable race touring SUPs from RRD. And it looks like they have upped their game again by increasing the drive and focus to make an iSUP that can compete with the hard boards. Have they done it? We aren’t sure yet but we like the way the first clips you see in the video are with the raceboard in the surf, which is usually far from an iSUP race boards ideal conditions. We look forward to getting these boards on the water.

Check out what’s in these boards!

For more infomation and all the sizes check out the RRD website here :