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SMIK Hipster Twin 7’8″x28″ (2020)

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Kia ora, great test guys, been hanging out for it for a while. Nice sizing too, I’m 78kgs so they are right there. Love that Beau joined you too, one of the more flowy and rad surfers out there. Spent some time on those exact Smik and Fanatic sticks earlier this year, really liked both of them, and can fully relate to your comments about them. Ended up buying a Starby 7 10 x 28 blue carbon which I’m really happy with, quite techy to ride, you have to be on your game to get most out of it, goes… Read more »

Reuben Ellis

hey Gary , Thanks for the comments and great to hear your feedback on how we can improve the tests. Smik.. Scotty hasn’t said of any changes in the shape to us to be aware of. I will drop him a mail and see what he says and get him to get back to you about that one. A 7’6 Smik would be a board that could be a real winner and I would love to have a go on one. I was only talking to Scotty the other day about how the needs some smaller Hipsters! Stability wise I… Read more »


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