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Naish Glide 14′ Inflatable

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1 year ago

Purely personal but the graphics are a little pedestrian, Naish would do well to include more Hawaiian/Polynesian design elements and symbolism in their iSup range thus leveraging their Hawaiian heritage. Definitely think they have lost their way when it comes to graphic design across their whole range. As suggested by Reuben a bigger rear bungee a must for any serious touring paddler. Having said all that I would buy the Glide 14’x30″ in a heartbeat, as I think it is one of the most advanced Touring iSUP’s in the current market. Would like to see an equivalent sized contender from… Read more »

Jan Landa
Jan Landa
6 months ago

I’ve been riding this board since last August. I’ve paddled about 1500 km on it so far(here is a link to an article about my 1000 km journey along the Elbe from the Czech Republic to the North Sea, if anybody is interested it is in Czech, but a google translator might do the trick …). So far, the board meets all my expectations. Both on flat water and in medium waves, but mainly as an adventure SUP. Unfortunately some time ago I noticed that a coloured stain appeared on the underside of the board just in front of… Read more »


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