White Water

White Water

GoPro tips and tricks for SUPvideo

Using a GoPro is a great way of getting some good video clips & photos of yourself and others out SUPing. But there are...
SUPboarder Pro video breakdownsvideo

New for 2018 on SUPboarder PRO - video breakdowns.  Do you want to find out where you're going wrong with your paddling? Are you struggling with...
Dan Gavere - whitewater SUP

Who's riding what in the world of SUP this year? In this mini series SUPboarder catches up with some of the top paddlers in the...
Fiona Wylde photo John Carter

Another year has gone by (almost as fast as Kai Lenny on a downwinding SUP foil!) and for many of us we wonder what...

With the growth of Whitewater SUP it's no surprise that the Kayaking world has noticed and that SUP is now making inroads into established...

Sometimes you see a photo posted on social media and need to know the story behind it. When Tim Trew from SUP Bristol posted an...
Photo Greg Dennis

When most people think about SUP, they think about a board and a paddle. A leash is often overlooked and seen as an accessory...

Here on SUPboarder we are seeing more and more paddlers taking to rivers around the world to try their hand at White Water (WW)...
JP- Australia RivAIR

SUPboarder Magazine columnist Chris Jones looks at some of the shapes of SUP we have in the industry today... from white water shapes to...

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