Bryce Dyer - triathlon

SUP triathlons... what's involved, what do you need and how do you train for one? Experienced triathlete and passionate paddleboarder Bryce Dyer is not...

Passionate SUP racer Dr Bryce Dyer is back, but this time sharing his top tips on how to gain more speed and up your overall...

There are many different types of SUP race fins designed for different uses (long straight courses or multiple buoy courses) but they are all...

A SUP paddle is just a paddle right? Wrong! SUP paddles come in all shapes and sizes, and choosing the right one is just...
Emily King on SUP

Chasing Tails - Where One Becomes a Team Excitement, relief, shock, frustration. Pregnancy can bring along with it a number of different emotions, many of which can...
what to wear when paddling winter

Going for a paddle on a crisp sunny day is one of the pleasures of winter that all paddlers enjoy. But when the temperature...

When many people hear the words 'SUP performance analysis' they think just about racing. But it doesn't have to all be about racing! Improving...
SUPboarder lone SUPer

As the editor in chief at SUPboarder I am lucky to get to read, review and share the massive amount of SUP related content...

Sometimes a combination of things can conspire against you when planning a trip away and you end up somewhere completely unexpected. That’s what happened...

Inflatable paddleboards or iSUPs as they're more commonly called, are now regularly seen at most paddling locations around the world. And there's a good...

In the second of his articles on race analysis Dr Bryce Dyer sums up the BaySUP winter racing series with a series of detailed...
JP- Australia RivAIR

SUPboarder Magazine columnist Chris Jones looks at some of the shapes of SUP we have in the industry today... from white water shapes to...

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