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After riding and loving last years RRD COTAN’s, when we heard  they were making an inflatable version we just had to take a look. This is the ‘First Look’ video of the new RRD COTAN, an iSUP with a surfing shape which can be windsurfed too. We’re looking forward to getting this board on the water and can’t wait to see how the PVC sharp rail edge works on a wave. Could it take surfing an iSUP up a level?

Length 8’6”
Width 29.5”
Volume 155L

Remember these first look videos are not full SUPboarder reviews, they’re not even close! They are unedited, gut feeling videos showing what’s in the box and how they look for the first time.

Today saw amazing conditions for the final day of competition here in Gran Canaria. Massive congrats to Sean Poynter from the USA and Iballa Moreno from Spain both taking their first ever World Championship Crowns on the APP World Tour. We also crowned two new event champs as Izzi Gomez and Poenaiki Raioha took the event wins here in solid surf to wrap up the 2018 season in Gran Canaria. Words : APP World Tour

Full Results


Position Athlete Nation Points
1 Poenaiki Raioha Tahiti 10,000
2 Sean Poynter USA 8,000
3 Julien Bouyer France 6,500
3 Sebastian Gomez Peru 6,500
5 Luis Diniz Brazil 5,000
5 Leonardo Gimenes Brazil 5,000
5 Zane Schweitzer Hawaii 5,000
5 Wellington Reis Brazil 5,000
9 Dave Boehne USA 4,000
9 Alexis Deniel France 4,000
9 Tamil Martino Peru 4,000
9 Mo Freitas Hawaii 4,000
13 Fernando Perez Spain 3,000
13 Moritz Mauch Germany 3,000
13 Camille Bouyer France 3,000
13 Pablo Valencia Spain 3,000
13 Carsten Kurmis Germany 3,000
13 Leco Salazar Brazil 3,000
13 Oscar Perez Spain 3,000
13 Benoit Carpentier France 3,000
13 Dario Ojeda Spain 3,000
13 Daniel Cesar Ferlin Brazil 3,000
13 Juan de los Reyes Barrios Spain 3,000
13 Medhi Oudani Morocco 3,000
25 Luciano Esteves Martins Brazil 1,000
25 Arthur LeMenn France 1,000
25 Javier Lezcano Spain 1,000
25 Federico Benettolo Italy 1,000
25 Arthur Arutkin France 1,000
25 Eduardo Diaz Spain 1,000


Women’s :

Position Athlete Nation Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
1 Izzi Gomez USA 10,000
2 Iballa Moreno Spain 8,000
3 Vania Olivieri Torres Peru 6,500
3 Shakira Westdorp Australia 6,500
5 Nicole Pacelli Brazil 5,000
5 Gabriela Sztamfer Brazil 5,000
5 Candice Appleby USA 5,000
5 Alazne Alonso 5,000
9 Dominique Miller Hawaii 4,000
9 Terrene Black Australia 4,000
9 Lara Claydon 4000
9 Annette Qvisgaard 4,000

In this becoming a ‘Better’ SUP surfer video we get you on the waves as early as possible. Whether you’re riding a longboard or a shorter board being able to catch waves early still requires good board and body trim to get you down the wave face. Mastering this will get you on the waves earlier and will make you a better SUP surfer by allowing you to catch more longer waves and better quality waves too.

Watch the other SUPboarder Pro – Becoming a ‘Better’ SUP surfer videos here.

2019 Fanatic ProWave 8’9”x30.5” LTD / £1499

The next board up in our 2019 Pro shape board test is the Fanatic ProWave 8’9” in the new LTD, Custom Surf technology construction. This board is geared up for performance from nose to tail. With its rocker-line and thinned out rails it really is a board that an advanced SUP surfer will love. But those lighter intermediate surfers will find it’s happy to ride in less radical conditions too. The SUPboarder testers loved this board for its top to bottom surfing style, especially being a 120L 30+” wide board.

2019 Fanatic ProWave 8'9'' Review / Advance surfBoard details:
  • Length        8′9”
  • Width         30.5″
  • Volume      120l
  • Fin set up  5 multi fin boxes comes with 3 x 4.75”fins
  • Weight       7.8 kg
  • Rider size   70-90kg

Other sizes in board range;
7’6″ x 26.5” 80L
8’0″ x 27.5” 92L
8′5″ x 29.5” 108L

Our photo gallery
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Whether you’re going for fast carves in powerful reef breaks, radical hacks in sloppy beach breaks or charging massive surf, we’re sure there’s a ride for you in our high performance ProWave line.

The four new ProWave shapes are based around the needs of our International team riders who are pushing the boundaries of powerful new surfing performance with these models. Balanced and easy to paddle, yet super radical once unleashed onto a wave, they offer a responsive ride with quick acceleration, great speeds and lots of drive. The ProWave is designed for deep carves and tight arcs in the pocket whilst handling mushy days with ease. The controlled flow gives you the confidence and comfort even on the biggest days. The ProWave comes in our new Custom Surf technology and with five boxes to give you the choice of either a Quad or Thruster fin setup allowing you to adapt the board to your style of riding and conditions on the day.

2019 Fanatic ProWave 8'9'' Review / Advance surf


Every time we see Nicole Pacelli and the Brazilian SUP surf crew on the water it’s well worth a watch. All of the riders have great styles and surf with power. And on their day, when competing they can all be unstoppable, as Luiz Diniz showed us again at the 2018 ISA world champs by taking the win for a second year.  And don’t let the petite, smiling Nicole fool you into thinking she only surfs small waves like those in New York.

The picture below from Nicole Pacelli’s Facebook shows you what she is really capable of!

Nicole Pacelli

2019 Starboard PRO 7’10”x29” Blue Carbon / £2299

If you’re looking for a performance shaped surf SUP this year, this is the board everyone is talking about. Similar and yet also very different to the previous years PRO’s. We’ve been testing the 2019 Starboard PRO 7’10” over the past month in a huge range of conditions and have enjoyed every session. It’s clear to see that Starboard have done a lot of development with this new shape, and good intermediate to advanced surfers will love the new changes and feel of this 2019 board.

2019 Starboard PRO 7'10'' ReviewBoard details:
  • Length        7′10”
  • Width         29″
  • Volume      104l
  • Fin set up  US box and 4.75” FCS side-fins 4.5” (quad or thruster)
  • Weight       6.3 kg
  • Rider size   65-85kg (70-80kg ideally)

Other sizes in board range;
7’0″ x 24” 66L
7’3″ x 26” 83L
7′5″ x 26.75” 92L
7′10″ x 28” 102L
7′10″ x 29” 104L
8’3″ x 29″ 110L
8″10″x29″ 131L
8’10″x29″ 143L

Our photo gallery
Read on for brand video, details and website

The new shorter outline makes it possible to ride a smaller board with more reactivity. Thinner rails give more control & response to generate more speed. Channeled tail gives bite and drives out of turns. All sizes feature diamond grooved traction pads with tail kick pad with raised centre ridge.


In this video #2 we look at weather forecasts, tides, and how to find the best locations to get you on the water for your first successful downwinder. This video is done in a vblog style and we aim to provide you with all the information and inspiration needed to give downwinding a try.

Downwinding is great fun, and to give it a go for the first time you really don’t need to have the latest specialist kit or be a super athlete. We really hope that this video series will give you the confidence to get out on the water in the wind with the kit you’ve got in the garage, and give downwinding a go!

About the series & other information
This new SUPboarder video series is all about feeling the wind on your back and how to get into one of the most exhilarating sides to our sport… Downwinding. It’s one of the simplest SUP disciplines and it can be done almost anywhere, from narrow rivers to open seas. This series of 3 videos is going to give you all the downwind information you need to get you on the water safely.

Watch part 1 here : Get into Downwinding series # 1 The basics & getting started

If you want to find out more about the route paddled in this video check out the paddle on GeoSUP for the full detail, and also look at the web link here, to finds out the highlight information :

Boards used
Lucy on SIC Bullet 14’x27”
Reuben on SIC RS 14’x26”


We get used to always seeing the best bits of events and competitions through video highlights and post event write ups. But the truth is, racing is hard both mentally and physically, and sometimes things just don’t go to plan! If both parts aren’t working in sync with each other on the day, it can be much harder to achieve those winning results. So much can happen when you leave the start line. And sometimes, however hard you’ve trained and however fast you can paddle, you just have to accept that its just not your day or your race to win. In Casper’s latest Vblog he takes us though his races at the ISA Worlds in China and how things unfolded for him this year.

“I try to be honest and openly share my feelings everytime I win and things go well. But part of losing for me is to remain honest in the same way and not hide from the frustrations and negative feelings. This was my first World Championship in 6 years where I did not win a personal medal.
Check out the VLOG and feel free to reach out if you feel the same or have any questions!”


It’s a board that leaves Reuben a little a lost for words (which doesn’t happen that often!). The F-one Madeiro Pro series of boards is F-one’s answer to pure performance SUP surfing shapes. But unlike most pro shaped boards this is a big board. At 136L its got volume to float bigger riders who want a pro feel on a wave, and at 32” wide it’s going to offer a good amount of stability too. And then there’s the weight!…  at 7.7kg its a very light board for its size.

Length 8’8”
Width 32”
Volume 136L

Remember these first look videos are not full SUPboarder reviews, they’re not even close! They are unedited, gut feeling videos showing what’s in the box and how they look for the first time.

Team Australia continued their reign atop the sports of Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard to earn their sixth Gold Medal in seven years at the 2018 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship in Wanning, China.

Overall Team Ranking
Gold – Australia
Silver – USA
Bronze – France
Copper – Spain
5 – New Zealand
6 – Japan
7 – Italy
8 – Denmark
9 – South Africa
10 – Great Britain
Team Relay
Gold – Australia
Silver – USA
Bronze – New Zealand
Copper – Denmark

Men’s SUP Distance
Gold – Michael Booth (AUS)
Silver – Bruno Hasulyo (HUN)
Bronze – Vinnicius Martins (BRA)
Copper – Daniel Hasulyo (HUN)

Women’s SUP Distance
Gold – Olivia Piana (FRA)
Silver – Terrene Black (AUS)
Bronze – Shakira Westdorp (AUS)
Copper – Yuka Sato (JPN)

Men’s SUP Sprint
Gold – Arthur Santacreu (BRA)
Silver – Trevor Tunnington (NZL)
Bronze – Connor Baxter (USA)
Copper – Noic Gariou (FRA)

Women’s SUP Sprint
Gold – Tarryn King (RSA)
Silver – Caterina Stenta (ITA)
Bronze – Jade Howson (USA)
Copper – Terrene Black (AUS)

The Gold Medal for Australia extends their win streak to three in a row and represents a historic first Gold in the event’s history to be awarded in Asia.

Six Golds in seven years for Australia – true SUP and Paddleboard dominance. Photo: ISA / Pablo Jímenez

“We really wanted to win the relay and we came out today and put the nail in the coffin,” said Australia’s Team Captain Shakira Westdorp.

“We have a lot of fun and put the hard work in the water. We are great friends and you can’t manufacture that. I think that is why we keep on winning the overall team points.”

USA earned the overall Silver Medal, their best finish since earning the Gold in 2015, Team France earned the Bronze, and Team Spain earned the Copper.

Team Australia put the icing on the cake with a Relay Race Gold Medal on Sunday, followed by USA with the Silver, New Zealand with the Bronze, and Denmark with the Copper.

In a great display of the ISA’s push for the global growth of SUP, ten nations from all five continents – the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania – earned individual medals throughout the week of competition.

Australia’s dominant performance was buoyed by five individual Gold Medals from Westdorp(SUP Surfing), Grace Rosato(Paddleboard Technical and Distance Races), Lachie Lansdown(Paddleboard Technical Race) and Michael Booth(SUP Distance Race). To go along with the five Golds, Australia earned eight other individual medals from star athletes such as Terrene Black, Sam McCullough, and Harry Maskell.

Rosato shined as the only athlete to take two Golds and Westdorp showed her versatility by winning medals across two disciplines (SUP Surfing Gold and SUP Distance Race Bronze).

Team USA, the only nation to ever dethrone Australia (2015 in Mexico), was the only competitor to threaten Australia for the pole position.

USA came up short with the Silver, but their young contingent of medalists 18 years and under shows a promising future and a changing of the guard for Team USA.

18-year-old Ryan Funkand 16-year-old Jade Howsonswept the Gold Medals for USA in the SUP Technical Race Junior Divisions, while 15-year-old Kailyn Wintersearned the Bronze in the Women’s Paddleboard Distance Race.

The final day of competition at Shenzhou Peninsula featured the Relay Race, where 14 nations competed in a four-lap course that features a man and woman each from the SUP and Paddleboard disciplines to comprise a team of four.

Each athlete took a turn in the relay, navigating around the buoys before sprinting up the beach to tag their teammate into the race.

Team Australia emerged victorious, followed by USA with the Silver.

Bronze came down to a final, thrilling sprint between New Zealand’s Trevor Tunningtonand Denmark’s Casper Steinfath. Tunnington edged out Steinfath by fractions of a second to take the Bronze for his nation, leaving the Copper for Denmark.

JP Australia Surf 8’6” x 29” WE 2019/ £1449

In this weeks SUPboarder review we take a look at the new JP Australia Surf 8’6” x 29”. A brand new size for 2019.  We have tested this board over 6 different sessions in a variety of wave types. The JP Australia Surf is a great shaped, advanced surf SUP that’s easy to use. This board is going to get intermediate SUP surfers moving into more aggressive turns and faster waves with its more performance outline shape.

JP Australia Surf 8'6'' 2019 Review / Advanced surfBoard details:
  • Length        8′6”
  • Width         29″
  • Volume      113l
  • Fin set up  US box and 5.5′ M7 FCS side-fins
  • Weight       7.9 kg
  • Rider size   65-90kg (75-85kg Ideally)

Other sizes in board range;
7’2″ x 25”
7’6″ x 27”
8′1″ x 28”
8′10″ x 30”
9′2″ x 30”

Our photo gallery
Read on for brand video, details and website


The JP-Australia Surf range is designed for the “no-compromise”, top to bottom performance in the proper surf conditions for riders of all sizes. The whole Surf line has unique features; single to double concave flowing into a V tail, pulled in nose and tail, progressive rocker line and thin rails. All new for 2019 is the 8’6”x29”. Werner has slightly thinned out the rails and pulled in the nose and the tail, but the volume remains at 113L.

All of the PRO boards come with a 5 fin setup option and 3 fins. The smaller sizes from 7’2” through to 8’6” all come with 3 FCS plugs for the center fin position instead of the US box to keep the weight down to a minimum. The 3 plugs provide 2 center fin position options and the boards come with a RTM thruster fin set. The 8’10” and the 9’2” have the 5 fin option with the US box for the center fin to be able to accommodate a bigger fin. The Wood Edition come with standard – US box thruster set up.

The PRO layup of our SURF boards has no carbon as we believe that carbon makes the boards too stiff for the surf. We have kept a natural flex pattern with strategic dual density sandwich layup and optimized fiber direction. For 2019 we have developed rail construction with Innegra fiber on the PRO boards and Basalt fiber on the Wood Edition boards. No more paint chipping.

Innegra on the PRO boards adds the abrasion resistance but it doesn’t add stiffness as we didn’t want to alter the flex pattern of the boards. Basalt on the Wood Edition boards adds strength, stiffness and abrasion resistance. Basalt is 100% volcanic rock, a natural and sustainable fiber.