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Once you’ve mastered the SUP surfing basics, and managed to successfully catch afew waves in towards the beach then it’s probably time to start thinking about the next stage of surfing – riding along a wave. By this I mean directing your board down the length of the wave rather than directly in towards the shore. With a bit of practice doing this will allow you to enjoy longer rides and get you in the perfect position to carry out other surfing manoeuvres and progress your SUP surfing to the next level.

The kit used in this video:
Board: Shark SUP 9’10 iSUP
Paddle: Starboard Enduro

SIC RS 14′ Carbon composite / £2755

In this SUPboarder review we look at the 2018 SIC RS 14′. The RS is a 14′ all water raceboard that has a very simple, subtle shape compared to other top boards on the market. The smooth lines and curves make this board fast in a wide range of conditions. A board that an intermediate to advanced mid weight paddler will love.

Board details:
  • Length        14′
  • Width         26″
  • Volume      306l
  • Fin set up  US box and 8.3′ 12k carbon race fin
  • Weight       11.9 kg
  • Rider size   100kg & under

Other sizes in board range;
12’6 x 23.5”
12’6 x 25”
12’6 x 27”
14′ x 23”
14 x 24.5”
14′ x 28”

For more information on the SIC RS range visit SIC’s website here : SICmaui

Check out the GeoSUP tracks of the test paddlers here :
Reuben’s GeoSUP paddle
Will’s GeoSUP paddle

Early this month saw the 6th edition of this epic SUP Surf Contest take place over in Trá Bhuí, Co Sligo, Ireland. This contest has become the highlight of the SUP Surf calendar in not only Ireland but also the UK. Words and full report by Paul at IRISHSUP

The run up to this year’s contest was one of nervous anticipation as the forecast was looking shocking! It was looking like there was going to be no surf over the weekend. The weather charts were giving nothing, zero swell for this coastline, something that is very rare for this time of year.

Discussions about postponing did the rounds, but with only 2 days to go we made a call to hang in there no matter what and if there was no swell, well we would just have to talk an extra amount of trash and consume extra creamy pints of Guinness.

Late on Friday night the surf gods gave us a little North Westerly swell to work with and it was all systems go…!

Saturday morning threw up some lovely clean lines with waves in the chest to head high range. Light offshore winds made this very inviting. With 5 categories to get through, and 43 entries from all over Ireland, and a few over from the UK, we got stuck into the first round heats.

Entries were down on last years, possibly due to the endless winter we have been having and due to the poor forecast in the run up, but the heats were very competitive with some big upsets and others displaying great form.

On the Saturday we ran through the first rounds of all categories right through to semi-finals. It was evident from the get go that the standard was higher than previous years especially in the ladies and first timers sections. Saturday night entailed a well-earned dinner and lots of tales of woe!! It great to catch up with everybody, some of whom I had not seen since last year. This is what this event is really about..!

Sundays forecast was for the swell to drop off in size during the day so we were keen to get on it early, but it was fairly solid when we got down to the beach to begin the semis. The shore break tested all, but once out back there was a beautiful selection of clean glassy peaks to choose from.

The ladies final was the first of the finals. Local girls Mia Hamilton and Nicola McCutcheon did battle, with young Mia displaying super form taking the win. The fierce competitor Nicola pushing her all the way.

In the First Timers we saw Trevor O’Rourke and Nick Seymour battle wave for wave, and in the end Trevor was just having too much fun and this drove him to victory in a close faught battle.

The big board’s hit the water for the 10ft plus category. This final saw Dave Owens, Lewis Eickholt, Ollie Laddiman, and Trevor O’Rourke do battle on their logs. Ollies nose rides, drop knee turns and infamous cockroach saw him take his first final win of the weekend.

The old boys (and girl…) Steve Laddiman, Tony Doherty, Nicola McCutcheon, and Nick Seymour paddled out in the Masters final. Our Welsh visitor did what was needed on a borrowed board to take the win despite having snapping his board earlier in the morning.

The short boards came out for the last final at Trá Bhuí. Here both Laddimans (Ollie and Steve) took on the Irish boys in Dave Owens and Lewis Eickholt. It would have been rude to not let the visitors continue their winning streak, and Ollie was unstoppable! His style and level of performance had all talking about how good this young Welsh surfer has become.

It was decided that the swell was a little big for the Foil final and we relocated back to the Aughris beach for what was Europe’s first SUP Foil competition. Paul Byrne and Ollie Laddiman displayed their skills in what was now tiny surf, but despite this they both entertainer the spectators, with the judges deciding to award a joint first place to the two guys..!

This was another awesome SUP Surf event hosted by Paul at IRISHSUP. A massive THANK YOU to all competitors who attended. New friendships were made and old ones rekindled!!

An event like this would not be possible without the sponsors who year after year are willing to help provide a great selection for prizes for the finalists.


Looking forward to seeing you all again next year…yewww!!!!!!


1. Mia Hamilton
2. Nicola McCutcheon
3. Sarah Gannon
4. Lois Crighton

1. Trevor O Rourke
2. Nick Seymour

1. Steve Laddiman
2. Tony Doherty
3. Nicola McCutcheon
4. Nick Seymour

1. Ollie Laddiman
2. Dave Owens
3. Lewis Eickholt
4. Trevor O Rourke

1. Ollie Laddiman
2. Steve Laddiman
3. Dave Owens
4. Lewis Eickholt

1. Paul Byrne
2. Ollie Laddiman


• Dave Owens

• Nicola McCutcheon

• Mia Hamilton

All photos credited to Patrick Murtagh Photography.

Check out Ollie Laddiman’s video of the event and trip over to Ireland.

IrishSUP Surf Classic 2018 is always the best excuse to make our way back over to Ireland for a week or two. This time we made the journey with Ben Marsden, hoping to score some epic waves. With a slow start to the trip we ended up having some great waves, till next time!

Head of the Dart Challenge

Starboard have been a long-time sponsor of the iconic Head of the Dart SUP Challenge, an event covering a vast range of paddler abilities and providing both serious racers and recreational paddlers an opportunity to paddle the scenic River Dart. It was no surprise the event sold out within three days!

This year the fresh to strong SW breeze on event day, Sunday 15th April, was side-on along the long “Longstream” section of the river, making paddling extremely challenging or perhaps impossible for some of the paddlers so it was decided to implement “Plan B” – a seven mile “down-and-back” paddle starting and finishing in Totnes. Battling the incoming tide and facing mostly headwinds, the first half of the route was particularly challenging, as was the solitary buoy turn, exposed to a stiff breeze and strong current, making for numerous wobbles and falls!

With tidal flow at its peak for the return leg, tiring paddlers were given a welcome boost all the way to the finish.  Many of the 200+ paddlers had reservations ahead of the event due to the windy conditions so as many of the leisure fleet crossing the finish-line, emotions were a blend of relief and sense of achievement and for some exhaustion, still (mostly!) smiling.

The bulk of participants simply look to complete the distance or battle friends but at the sharp end of the race fleets positions are keenly contested and our Starboard paddlers enjoyed fantastic success:

  • Marie Buchanan won the ladies’ 14ft division (9th overall, under four minutes behind the fastest man!)
  • Ryan James won the men’s 14ft division and fastest paddler overall
  • Ben Pye (14′ Sprint) was second youth (placing 5th overall)
  • Paul Simmons (12’6″ Airline All Star) was second 12’6″ and first inflatable (ahead of the first 14′ inflatable by almost 5 minutes)

A massive thanks to everyone that helped make HOTD SUP the best yet:

  • Dart-Totnes Rowing Club and all their safety crews
  • Fiona and Allan for running the event (putting in countless hours behind the scenes!)
  • All the volunteers who marshalled, helped with registration and spotted on the finish line and braved the elements all day.
  • A huge thanks to the fantastic team from Salcombe Gin for stepping up with some superb prizes for this year’s event, with a few of them even taking part!

With the GB SUP national events now encompassing a “challenge” fleet as well as the recognised racing divisions, there has never been a better opportunity to enjoy stand up paddling amongst a bunch of like-minded paddlers.

Words : Starboard UK


In this video top Australian SUP surfer Kaylan Dahl heads to a secret spot for some great fun sized waves. With waves like this we can see why they want to keep it a secret! But one thing is for sure… it’s not Australia!

Sometimes it’s not an issue getting out the back in surf, and the paddle out can be almost non existent. But there are other times when every wave has got your name on it! Paddling out over the waves standing up is the ideal, but what are your other choices when staying on your feet isn’t a realistic option? And how do you decide which one to choose? In this video we look at the paddle, board kick and bail options. To get you out back as quickly and as safely as possible.

Watch basics on paddling over waves video here : getting over waves

Watch full ‘board kick ‘How to video’ here : board kick

paddle adventure around Menorca

Will Rogers from SUPboarder loves paddling off the beaten track on any SUP adventure he can dream up.

As many of you may know, last year he did a solo SUP trip across Scotland along the Caledonian Canal. He recorded a full video blog of how to do this modest SUP adventure, which you can watch here : A SUP adventure crossing Scotland

This time Will and a group of keen SUPboarders have headed off to paddle around Menorca. They are on the 4th day of their trip today and its been far from perfect paddling so far. Having to shelter in caves and battle through head winds are part of the challenges you face when you head out on a real SUP adventure!

We’ve been following Will’s progress through the Geo SUP app that he has been using at every stage of his paddle.

Check out his paddling so far online here:

Day 1 of his paddle here :
Day 2 of his paddle here :
Day 3 (am) of his paddle here :
Day 3 (pm) of this paddle here :

Also check out the GeoSUP world view of his paddles here :

The full details of his paddle are available on the GeoSUP app here :

It’s great being able to track the groups progress, but it’s making the rest of us left in the office a tad jealous!

Hatha Nino 8′ kids iSUP package £475

In this SUPboarder review we look at a kids SUP. The Hatha Nino is an 8′ iSUP that is specifically designed for the small people. From the UK based brand Hatha, this SUP package is very well made and at a very good price. A great SUP package to get the next generation SUPing.

Board details:
  • Length        8′
  • Width        28″
  • Thickness   4.75″
  • Volume      166l
  • Fin set up  3 PVC fins
  • Weight       9.9 kg
  • Rider size   up-to 75kg

Hatha Nino 8' review

Hatha Nino 8' reviewFor more information on the Nino visit Hatha’s website here :

Watch on SUPboarder Pro
If you want more information about this board check out the SUPboarder Pro video of this board where we compare this board to other equivalent boards on the market. Also with SUPboarder Pro you can ask us direct questions about the product and any other products, to guarantee you get the right advice to help you make the correct board choice. Find out more about SUPboarder Pro here : 
Find more SUPboarder Pro content here : SUPboarder Pro content page

Reuben unpacks a real performance touring board. The new 2018 Starboard Touring 14′. This board looks like it should deliver everything a hard touring board should do… and maybe more.

For more information check out the Starboard website:

Remember these first look videos are not full SUPboarder reviews, they’re not even close! They are unedited, gut feeling videos showing what’s in the box and how they look for the first time.


Heading to a sunny surf location can be a great way to break up the long winter weather. In November Delphine Macaire headed off on a trip to Sri Lanka for some sun and surf. The sun might not have shined every day but the waves look great.

We asked Delphine about her super small board; “My board is a 7’1, 62 litres, Lokahi Custom Pro. This board is made for “lighter” Lokahi riders, and I think there are only 4 of us using this size. I really love this board. It is fast but also quite difficult on my legs when it’s choppy!”

“Midigama is a nice place to stay and to relax. The people are really friendly and the food is very tasty, yummmm!’ Words : Delphine


SUPboarder introduced its paid subscription service ‘SUPboarder PRO’ in 2017 to reduce its reliance on advertising revenue and therefore enabling us to continue to produce quality, independent content for our readers. We want to try and improve our SUPboarder PRO package and are asking for 30 seconds of your time to answer just 4 or 5 questions.

When it comes to catching your first waves on a SUP there are a few things that can make the whole experience way easier and more fun! In this SUPboarder video we look at some of the key points to get you moving in the right direction towards the beach.

The kit used in this video:

In waves
Board: Fanatic Stubby 8’7”
Paddle: Red Paddle Co Ultimate Carbon

Flat water
Board : RRD Long SUP 9’4”
Paddle : Naish Alana Carbon adjustable