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In this the second video from our Becoming a ‘Better’ SUP surfer SUPboarder Pro series we look at something that is very overlooked when SUP surfing – knowing what your board is designed for and how to best surf it. There is no point trying to surf a 12′ longboard like a 7′ Pro surf shape. By surfing your board in the way its designed for, you will not only find surfing your board easier but it will look better too!

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This video from Shaan Miller called MOMENTS of TRUTH is all about SUP surfing the beautiful Island of Namotu in Fiji. It’s probably one of the most beautiful places on earth to surf, so it’s best watched after you’ve had a good SUP surf session yourself in the sun or if you can’t do that maybe enjoy a beer instead! If you’re reading this commuting on the train best miss this one out… Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


This video uploaded by Fanatic team rider Kai Bates shows what we think is one of the most solid SUP surfing crews to be ripping this year. To be on a road trip with these guys as they head to some of Western Australia’s best breaks would certainly be an eye opener, and you’d be guaranteed to see some of the most progressive SUP surfing out there.

All the riders Benoit Carpenter, Wesley Fry, Kai Bates, Justin Holland, Rick and Jack Jacko, and Dave Muir have their own styles and would no doubt get respect from even the most un-loving prone surfer out there, for their SUP surfing skills.

In this the first video from our Becoming a ‘Better’ SUP surfer SUPboarder Pro series we look at the most important thing you need to be doing as a surfer – bending your knees. This is key if you want to progress your surfing. The more you bend your knees, the more manoeuvres you will make and the more enjoyable your SUP surfing session will be.

In this new SUPboarder ‘How to video’ series we are looking at ‘Becoming a SUP surfer.’ Showing you the best manoeuvres to practice and things to be aware of to help get you catching more waves. Also look out for the SUPboarder PRO series of how to videos called ‘Becoming a better SUP surfer’ which will run alongside these videos giving you even more things to think about on the water that will improve your SUP surfing.

In this first part we look at getting you paddling in SUP surf stance and why it’s a great manoeuvre to practice on inland waterways and have mastered ready for the next time you’re heading to the beach.

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If you’re new to SUP and wondered what technical SUP racing is all about check out this video. From the 2018 Pacific Paddle Games Men’s Technical Final this video gives you a great birds eye view of the action showing what it’s all about. The commentators get super amped watching the worlds best taking part in what many racers describe as the funnest style of SUP racing. 

For the northern hemisphere winter is the time for wind and swell, and the two together can mean one thing… great SUP downwinding. We’ve got hold of arguably one of the best downwinding boards in the business – the SIC Bullet 14′. As well as doing a full SUPboarder review we’re going to be doing a series of videos using the SIC including a ‘getting into downwinding series’ teaching the downwinding basics and more. Starting on lakes and estuaries on windy days then moving out into open ocean swell to catch some endless glides.

The SIC Bullet may be the ideal board for downwinding but that doesn’t mean you need to have it to go downwinding. We will be talking about taking your 10’5” downwinding too.

Downwinding is a fantastic side to our sport and it’s so simple. It involves travelling in one direction only, downwind with the waves and wind on your back. It doesn’t have to be about crossing oceans. It really can be for everyone. We look forward to showing you what downwinding is all about.

Length 14′
Width 27.25”
Volume 269L

Remember these first look videos are not full SUPboarder reviews, they’re not even close! They are unedited, gut feeling videos showing what’s in the box and how they look for the first time.

A Malolo is the Hawaiian name for Flying Fish. And that’s what Kai Lenny has been turning into over the past 2 years with the new generation of SUP and surf foiling! Almost all the footage we see of Kai at the moment is on a foil. Foils have certainly got better, more efficient and easier to use over the past year. No doubt thanks to riders like Kai Lenny helping that. Just check out the SUP board shapes Kai is riding now. Relatively high volume boards for their size with big beveled rails and probably very light in weight.

Its been an amazing journey with Kai and his foils over the last few years, but this latest inter-island journey could just be the beginning!

A trans-ocean journey will be attempted in the future by foil for sure. But the question is… who by? when? and where?

After the release of the Starboard Longboard review this week we thought that we’d take a look at 5 main brand SUP surf Longboards that are available all over the world. Don’t think that these are the only Longboards out there that are worth looking at. They’re just the ones that most of you have been asking about.

Please remember, if you’d like to know about another brand of Longboard or which board would best suit you, send us an email to . If you can include information such as your, size, ability, boards you have already used,  conditions you like to surf in and of course any particular brands you wish to know about, that would be useful. We haven’t used all the boards out there, but have probably seen it or have heard about it from other riders, so we can definitely give you an honest, independent opinion.

Starboard Longboard 10’x29” Blue Carbon  £2225 / Pine Tek £1599

After wondering when Starboard were going to bring a performance longboard surf shape to the market, we now have the board that we were waiting for. The Starboard Longboard is a very good all round surf shape. Ideal for lighter SUP surfers getting into small waves, as well as having enough performance for the more experienced mid-weight surfers to enjoy too. If you’re looking at getting into the smooth longboard surfing style then the Starboard Longboard really will put a smile on your face, in knee to head high waves!

Starboard Longboard 2019 / Surf SUP video review
Board details:
  • Length        10′
  • Width         29″
  • Thickness   3.3″
  • Volume      123l
  • Fin set up  2+1 Fin setup (6.7” US Centre fin -2 x FCS 4.5” side fins)
  • Weight       8.2 kg
  • Rider size   50-90kg

Other sizes

9’x 28” 3.3” 101L

Our photo gallery
Read on for brand video, details and website

Inspired by our legendary Starboard Surf Longboard model, designed to perform in waves from 1ft small beach breaks to head high reef breaks. The boards offer fast down-the-line surfing, as well as the ability to perform in the critical section of the wave. These cutting-edge shapes are totally well received by our team riders and anyone who have tested them. Congrats to designer Ollie O’Reilly for setting his mark on the sport.

More about Starboard new Blue Carbon and Gold Level Status ECOBOARDS

The Brushed Carbon Sandwich technology we pioneered in SUP 10 years ago has been gradually improved year by year. Winning 7 out of 8 Gold medals in the ISA SUP Surf Worlds over the last 4 years may indicate the Innovation Quality obtained. Now the new 2019 Blue Carbon boards have achieved a level of performance and sustainability unpreceded in our industry. It’s the first ever Gold level ECO SUP board and our World Champions swear by them with their class act performance. The only black carbon remaining is a UD 80 strip in the rail area with the highest overall total failure potential, continuing our Zero breakage voyage by utilizing other better suited materials where basic impact resistance is vital.

Starboard – a SUP and windsurf brand with 25 years of innovative board building and design – reaches Sustainable Surf’s Gold Level status for their Blue Carbon technology board range.
It’s no small task – requiring multiple audits of source materials, building facilities and processes, and for a brand as large as Starboard, commitment to helping the environment on a company-wide level.
“One of the most satisfying parts of my work is the challenge to redesign our products to lower the environmental impact and achieve higher performance.  Sustainable Surf is setting the goal posts for the industry to not only fast track, but to showcase how quickly and easily it can be to change the way we build better boards for the planet.”
Ollie O’Reilly – SUP Product Manager
‘Starboard becomes the first major SUP brand to produce Gold Level EcoBoards – verified by Sustainable Surf’
“The team at Sustainable Surf continue to be impressed and inspired by Starboard’s holistic commitment to sustainability and ocean-health. Our mission to protect and preserve ocean health starts with people and brands making better choices everyday – just like the ECOBOARD SUPs produced by Starboard, especially their new range of Gold Level models. We look forward to seeing the next round of eco-innovations from the team at Starboard.”
Brett Giddings – Sustainable Surf.
Eco Innovations involved in reaching gold level include:
  • Natural end grain balsa replaces PVC foam on the full deck and bottom. “End Grain” Balsa is a natural sandwich structure that is lightweight with incredible sheer strength when compared to conventional petroleum PVC foam. The carbon footprint is actually climate positive, meaning it offsets more than it consumes to use it.
  • ECOBOARD Project Verified 33% Plant-based bio Resin is used to laminate the entire board.
  • Main Inserts switching to be made from up-cycled fishing nets sourced from India. Akulon ECO is produced by DSM, a leader in sustainability.
  • IQ centre carry handle is made from recycled ABS.
  • All traction pads will be made from post-industrial waste. Recycled EVA has a high UV resistance in some colours than virgin EVA, so the pads stay the same colour for longer. Using recycled EVA reduces the amount of petroleum used by 50%.
  • Natural Balsa wood is now at the core of all of Starboard’s composite fins, avoiding plastic while improving flex and reducing weight. Balsa core fins made with bio-resin are up to 31% lighter on certain fin sizes.
  • For every board made, Starboard plants one mangrove tree, absorbing 1 ton of CO2 over a 20 year lifespan.
  • All packaging for accessories is now made of cardboard, with the exception of the dust bag made out of recycled plastic

British SUP Club Championships 2018

Back in 2013 an idea was formed by Sam Ross (SUP and Windsurf Coach) to create an event to allow SUP clubs to participate together and to cater for novice through to elite paddlers.  With the help of Simon Frost, owner of Bray Lake Watersports, one of the leading centres in the UK, the British SUP Club Championships (BSCC) were formed.  With the explosion of the sport, we have also seen the number of clubs continue to increase.

Fast forward to 2018 and now in its 6th year, this event has grown substantially from the initial 10 clubs and is a firm favourite for everyone.  This year saw 18 SUP Clubs from around the country take part in the event held at Bray Lake Watersports.  With an amazing 225 paddlers, it makes the Club Championships the 2nd biggest SUP event in the UK just behind the Head of the Dart SUP Challenge. 

With the popularity of the sport increasing, the UK has also seen a rise in the number of SUP Clubs forming.  This year saw 7 new clubs attend for the first time – some with only 4 paddlers others with an impressive 18 strong team.  With all places selling out in just over a week, it did mean another 6 clubs missed out this year and sets the scene for a stronger competition in 2019.

The BSCC is a full on fun and action packed day from the start to the finish.  Paddlers enter one of an astonishing 22 categories and take part in either a novice, technical or distance race.  Points are awarded to every paddler taking part and then the top 6 results for a Club are added together along with the results from individual sprints and team events.  The Club with the most points wins – simple! Well maybe not so simple for the organisers as the distance race saw 139 paddlers take to the water!

PJ Simmons (Waterborn SUP, Devon) and Marie Buchanan (Waterborn SUP, Devon) won first overall in the distance.  For the technical race, it was also a clean sweep for Waterborn SUP with brother and sister, Ben Pye and Holly Pye, taking the first overall prizes, with the novice categories being won by:

• Novice 12’6 board – Jonny Anderson (Northern SUP Race Team, Northumberland) and Sadie Atkinson (Juice Boardsports, Yorkshire)
• Novice All Round – Matt McAllan (SUPsect, Essex) and Laura Beatty (SUPSect, Essex)
• Novice Surf Shape – Jamie Ward (Waterborn SUP, Devon)

New for 2018 was the N1SCO One Design category, with Alex from Naish kindly providing a free board to each of the clubs to use on the day.  Organisers added this category in recognition of the popularity of the Naish Series and the fact some clubs are 100% N1SCO One Design.

Full results can be found here: Technical and Distance

As part of the competition, Clubs takes part in a series of team events including a team relay and Dragon racing. With help of sponsors Red Paddle Co, the event put on the biggest Dragon race in the UK with 3 heats of 6 Dragons and the top two from each going through to the final.  This year’s race was won by Bay SUP (Bournemouth) with Waterborn SUP (Devon) in 2nd place and Northern SUP Race Team (Northumberland) in 3rd place.

Championship Results

Why should a SUP Club look to attend this event?  Well Paul Simmons, Starboard UK Brand Manager sums it up nicely “Any event that brings together large numbers of keen paddlers from across the country deserves our support. The Clubs’ Championships is an amazing spectacle that entertains and inspires with paddlers of all ages, from novice through to elite battling it out on the water in their various fleets. Always one of the first events to firmly book into the calendar!”

With the launch of the GB SUP National Series this year (5 SUP races and challenges around the UK), the challenge is now to encourage the large novice fleet to progress and participate in other events. With a growing event list for paddlers from the UK and abroad to attend, the UK race is scene is definitely one to watch!  For those, further afield you can now keep up to date via Sup Junkie’s newly created Youtube channel.

A massive thank you has to go out to the fantastic team at Bray Lake Watersports, who once again pulled out all the stops to put on such an amazing event. The amount of work that goes into running an event of this scale should not be under estimated.  

“As the concept of Island SUP was beginning to emerge on Barry Island, Wales the fab British SUP Club Championships went live with the 2018 event. We collaborated with SUP South Wales Paddle Board Club for the event and became Team Wales.  As new clubs to the event each and everyone one of us had an amazing day taking part in all of the activities laid on. Highlights were the dragon board racing and the secret 3rd event which involved 4 people from each club using a selection of different boards to complete a relay. 1 N1SCO, 1 Red Paddle Co 10’6” and a dragon board. It was all about the dragon step back turn. Safe to say we nearly nailed it. 🙂 Thank you for a fabulous day. We are already looking forward to 2019.” Team Wales Captain – Kerry Baker

“Hats off to the organisers and all at Bray Lake – what a superb day. Fantastic atmosphere and so much fun. Thanks to all involved. Team Wales had a blast.” – Team Wales

“Amazing day thanks to the team at Bray Lake for brilliant, smooth running organising of the day. It was fast flowing from one race to the next made the day a brilliant one. Well done.” – Oxford SUP Captain Andrew Tee.

“Massive thanks from all of us at #oxfordsupclub we had an amazing day. It was our first ever event as a club, and out of our 16 paddlers, the first time racing for 14 of us! Such a brilliant event, friendly and welcoming the atmosphere was epic. Thanks to everyone who helped to organise the event and make it so much fun. Cheers.” – Andrew 😁 from Oxford SUP Club

“Red Paddle Co are proud to support the British SUP Club Championships. It’s a superb event which sees paddlers from all over Great Britain, of all levels of experience and a huge range of ages, including a very strong Junior fleet, competing in a fun-packed program of paddle boarding events.” – Lucy Pearce, Red Paddle Co Northern Sales Rep

“Fanatic UK loves supporting British SUP Club Champs as it is a great event that brings the club community together for some fun races and it is always a fun day for whole family for all ages.  Get involved with a local Sup club in your area and get to meet other clubs across UK and pros too newbies super fun day.” – Jay Manning, Fanatic SUP UK Rep

“It was really logical for us to be involved with the British SUP Club Championships since it really is an event which reflects what is happening around the country with SUP racing. With the inclusion of the One Design N1SCO class I feel the days racing offers those new to racing a chance to see and experience the diversity of race disciplines available in this UK. Whether this is cutting edge Carbon 14’s, One Design or Multi boards it is all there and happening together which is really cool. The packed schedule on the day really gives a great spectacle for clubs to get stuck in to and we loved the feel when we attended last year.” – Alex Tobutt, Naish UK Brand Manager

Participating Clubs:

• 1066 SUP – Hastings
• BaySUP – Bournemouth
• Bartley SUP – Birmingham
• Bray Lake – Berkshire
• Frangipani SUP – Essex
• SUPSect – Essex
• Lagoon Watersports
• The SHAC – Surry Hills Adventure Company
• SUP North – Southport
• Team Wales – made up of Island SUP and SUP South Wales Paddle Boarding Club
• Northern SUP Racing Team – 
• Oxford SUP – Oxford
• Waterborn – Devon
• Juice Boardsports – Yorkshire
• Southampton SUP – Southampton
• The New Forest Paddle Sports Company – New Forest
• Suffolk SUP – Suffolk

For more information and videos about the British SUP Club Championships check out their facebook page

Words by : Fiona (British SUP Club Championships Team)