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Using a GoPro is a great way of getting some good video clips & photos of yourself and others out SUPing. But there are some things you can do to make the quality of the video & photos better, and the whole GoPro experience easier to ensure you get that perfect shot. Here are SUPboarder’s GoPro tips and tricks for SUP.

Remember you can send GoPro footage of yourself SUPing to the SUPboarder Team and we’ll take a closer look at it and tell you where you’re going wrong and how you can improve. Check out our new SUPboarder Pro video breakdown features here : get-involved-new-supboarder-pro-video-breakdowns

Launching a SUP in waves can be a daunting task if you don’t know how. But with a basic understanding of how best to control your board and paddle in the surf, you will soon feel confident and feel able to go out in bigger waves. Whether it’s a surf SUP or race board the basic principles are the same…

  • Don’t put your leash on until you get to the waters edge
  • Consider where is best/easiest to launch
  • Keep your board at 90º to the waves at all times
  • Stand to one side and use 2 hands to control your board
  • Ensure your paddle blade is pointing towards the shore at all times
  • Keep your fingers away from handle when in the waves
  • Push down on the tail of your board when the wave approaches
  • Don’t get on your board until approx waist depth
  • Paddle hard and get out back as quickly as possible
  • Stand up as soon as you feel confident to do so
  • Get you confidence up launching in smaller waves before you attempt the big stuff!

We love the idea of grabbing an iSUP and trekking to a faraway lake to paddle. Often the journey to the water is just as exciting as the paddling itself!

Nicolas Fayol, Paulina Herpel and Valentin Illichmann had to hike 3 hours to get to a Pyrenees Mountain lake at 2000 meters above the sea level.

This is an experience that can only be done with an iSUP. And it’s exactly what iSUPs have been designed for – exploring on and off the water.

Footage Sébastien Ronfle
Editing: Guillaume Fayol
Music: Petit Biscuit – Jungle

Izzi Gomez has done a huge amount for the SUP surfing world, including showing thousands of men and women how to make SUP surfing look stylist and effortless. After spending the whole of her professional SUP surfing career being sponsored and supported by Starboard she has taking the decision to move to Infinity SUP.

Dave Boehne, the man behind Infinity SUP, has got a great eye for SUP and surf designs. Put that together with Izzi and her brother Giorgio’s surfing experience, and we look forward to seeing new and exciting gear and developments coming out of Infinity SUP in the future.

Fancy a SUP race with a difference? The Red Bull Privateers SUP race is certainly that!
Treasure chests, mangrove mazes and plenty of pirate history makes this unique team event very different from your usual SUP race! And it sounds pretty fun too with its new race format.

On February 10th, top Stand Up Paddlers from across the nation will compete in the inaugural event – Red Bull Privateers in the Ten Thousand Islands, Florida. Event organisers are expecting 300-500 paddlers to take part, and rumour has it Izzy Gomez and brother Giorgio will be there as part of Team Starboard. Red Bull tell us more…

Red Bull Privateers Stand Up Paddleboard Race comes to Marco Island, Florida.
Team SUP race inspired by pirate history of Calico Jack and the lost treasure of Cape Romano.

WHAT: For the first time, Red Bull Privateers Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Race will take place on Cape Romano, just South of Marco Island, FL. In this unique racing event, teams of four paddlers have two and a half hours to navigate through the mangrove mazes of the Ten Thousand Islands to retrieve treasure from fifteen hidden treasure chests. The team to collect all fifteen gold doubloons (treasure coins) and cross the finish line in the shortest amount of time wins.

In the early 1700’s, Native American Tribes, Buccaneers and Outlaws called the Ten Thousand Island area of South Florida home. The most famous of which was Captain “Calico Jack” Rackham. Inspired by Calico Jack’s knowledge of the area and his tales of hidden treasure, there are legends of treasure still buried somewhere in the Ten Thousand Island/Cape Romano area.

WHO: Amateur and professional SUP athletes will come together and participate in teams of four. Each team will have two and a half hours to collect one doubloon (treasure coin) from each of the fifteen treasure chests hidden throughout the islands. The team that collects all the doubloons and crosses the finish line in the fastest time, wins!

An Entry fee of $100 per team is required, with a portion being donated to the Rookery Bay Estuarine Research Reserve.

WHERE: Cape Romano located in the Rookery Bay Aquatic Preserve
Ten Thousand Islands, FL.
Launch Point will be Caxambus boat ramp on Marco Island.
Free to the public.

WHEN: Saturday 10th February 2018. 11:00 a.m. – Race Begins. 1:30 p.m. – Race Ends (Interviews available with winning team)

CONTACT: David DeLooper – 470.363.3078. Dustin Schumacher 404.285.2906

For the latest about Red Bull Privateers visit join the Facebook Event Page, follow @RedBull and join the conversation with #RedBullPrivateers



2018 Starboard Wide Point 8’10”x 32” Starlite / £1199

In this SUPboarder review we are surfing the new 2018 Starboard Wide Point 8’10” in their Starlite construction. The Starboard Wide Point range consists of 5 boards all being 32” wide. The 8’10” is a board that is relatively short for its width, making it a fun, stable, user friendly board for beginner SUP surfers. But also an outstanding board for 80-90kg intermediate surfers wanting a board to throw around on a wave.

Starboard wide pointBoard details:
  • Length        8′10”
  • Width         32″
  • Thickness   4.3″
  • Volume      140l
  • Fin set up  2+1 / US box Centre Fin, FCS side / can also be used as a quad
  • Weight       9.9 kg
  • Rider size   50-95kg

Other sizes in board range;
8′2”  x 32” = 125L
9’5”   x 32″ = 153L
10’5”x 32″ = 178L
11’2”x 32″ = 198L

For more information on the Wide Point range visit Starboard’s website here :

If you want to get really good at just one thing, the best thing you can do is everything! Well… it may not work like that in all sports, but in surfing if you learn to ride all types and size boards your chosen board sport will only get better for it. Mo Freitas has got style coming out of every turn regardless of whether he’s riding a SUP or longboard. But remember you don’t get this good unless you ride it all!


Fancy taking your SUP expeditions to the next level?!! Whether it’s for your own personal expeditions or to lead commercial groups, the latest Water Skills Academy (WSA) ‘SUP Expedition Guide Training Course’ has been designed to equip you with the necessary skills to allow you and your SUP to explore with confidence.  Sian Sykes from Psyched Paddleboarding has recently completed the course, and explains why she did it and why if you’re planning more extreme SUP expeditions in 2018 you should too!…
Words by : Sian Sykes
I was delighted to be part of the first group to join the Water Skills Academy (WSA) SUP Expedition Guide Training Course. The first course of its kind! The course has been designed to give people the skills and confidence to lead commercial and personal expeditions on a paddleboard on big open water in remote and wilderness environments as part of multi day journeys. The award also focusses on the key essential skills to travel and lead safely, ethically and with confidence.

The course was run by Joules Burnard, Ben Longhurst and Chris Rea, all part of the WSA family who have a great wealth of experience with SUP and paddling expeditions. The course was based in Glencoe which is a perfect location to venture out to learn, develop and practice news skills in a true wilderness environment by paddling on inland lochs and sea lochs. As part of the first group to undertake the training course we all had different backgrounds. With this varied pool of people it was great we could all contribute and learn from the the team at WSA and also from each other. The course was a great opportunity to understand the remit of the award too.

The reason why I was keen to sign onto the course was because I have lead expeditions all over the world however I was really keen to gain a SUP specific qualification to add to my portfolio of qualifications and to add extra credibility too. It was also great to gain handy top tips for group management and kit which was beneficial. It was great to also have the Leave No Trace award incorporated as part of the Expedition Guide course which is a perfect fit as it goes hand in hand to be environmentally conscious whilst on expedition, to be aware on how we can reduce our impact on the environment and of course to be role models to our customers in hope they feel inspired too.
The course was a mixture of classroom and out on the water. It was great to be able to put the theory into practise with days learning, testing out new techniques and skills with also the chance to lead the group too.
During the 4 day course we covered a range of topics:
  • – Expedition Kit
  • – Expedition Planning
  • – Weather
  • – Leave No Trace
  • – Legal/paper work
  • – Expedition food
  • – Health and hygiene
  • – Leadership
  • – Group management
  • – Navigating including night navigating
  • – Campcraft
  • – Incident management
  • – Shelters
During the 4 days the group had a superb time paddleboarding in such stunning locations with such a wild element as we were faced with hail, snow, rain, strong wind, a true Scottish winter welcome to us and we loved it. The highlights were seeing otters, sea eagle, surrounded by curious seals, night navigating in hail, wild camping in snow, hanging out with a great bunch of like minded folk and learning new tricks of the trade. So an awesome course and we are psyched to go for the assessment to be the creme de la creme of SUP expedition guides.
“To sum up the course inspiring, relaxing, informative, friendly and exciting. “

Words by : Sian Sykes

Psyched to do it?
Visit WSA website for more info 

About WSA 
Water Skills Academy (WSA) offers instructor qualifications, workshops, mentoring and consultancy across the disciplines of SUP, surfing, lifeguarding, coasteering and sit on top kayaking to support the water sport enthusiast and educationalist in their pursuit of a relationship with wind, water and waves while nurturing a vision of sustainability through responsibility.

About Sian
Fully qualified outdoor instructor based in Anglesey and Snowdonia, in North Wales. She runs Psyched Paddleboarding and guides people stand-up paddle boarding in beautiful places. She’s also an ambassador for the Water Skills Academy (WSA), Starboard paddle boards, Peak UK and Aquapac.

The Guadiana Challenge will be taking place in the Guadiana River on the 21st-22nd April 2018. A unique, unspoilt location nestled in the beautiful landscapes from Mertola to the Alentejo region in Portugal, it is the perfect setting for a SUP challenge.

The Guadiana Challenge is fast becoming one of Europe’s top SUP challenges to do. Now in its 5th year it attracts paddlers from all across the globe, with top SUP elites attending to prep for their bigger races during the year.

The main event is a tough 32km race. However there is also a 32km Fun Challenge
and 10km Fun Paddle so something for everyone.

The Guadiana Challenge

The Guadiana Challenge is a serious achievement for any paddler. With hundreds attending from all over Europe, great weather, great low cost airlines flying into both Faro and Lisboa (Mertola is 1.5 hour from either), and accommodation rates for groups and families, this really is a great trip for every keen paddleboarder.

Riverfest provides a relaxing chilled out area on the riverside with food, drinks, exhibitors, artisans, SUP clubs and SUP brands all there to have a chat and showcase the latest in SUP apparel and boards.

Check out the Guadiana Challenge website for more info and to register. Group rates also available.

Get it in the diary quick!


With well over a hundred brands in the iSUP world, and pretty much all of them making inflatable SUPs for surfing, there really is a colour and price point board for everyone. But what is the different between an iSUP that catches waves and an iSUP that really rides waves?! Over the past few years we have had the chance to test loads of different iSUPs, and we feel that the best iSUPs for surfing all have a few key design points in common.  We go over which board designs and qualities we think make the best surf iSUP and why.


Winter Paddling in the German Alps

It’s winter in Germany. Especially in the Alps there’s a lot of snow and the temperatures are freezing. The nature that is revealed by this season is amazing and with the right equipment you will be totally fine, so there’s absolutely no reason not to go Stand Up Paddleboarding in winter.

Anja Moerk from Girls On SUPs tells us about her last adventure:

Some tourists are passing by as I am unpacking my inflatable SUP board in the parking area next to lake Eibsee in Bavaria. Some of them are smiling and asking questions, some are staring and shaking their heads while others are just ignoring me (most probably because they think I’m totally nuts). Well, Stand Up Paddling in winter is not for everyone. For me however it is a wonderful thing to do.

I’m trying not to slip on the icy ground as I am carrying my board along the lakefront to the little spot where I can access the water. Lake Eibsee is lying in front of me like a huge mirror. My heart is jumping when I do my first paddle strokes along the lakeside. It’s the perfect winter wonderland: Ice crystals on the rocks, the beautiful old fir trees all covered by snow and the sun slowly crawling up behind Germany’s highest mountain Zugspitze. My breath is visible in the ice-cold air.

I am paddling about half a mile, before I’m turning around for the first time. The view is so stunning, it’s taking my breath away. The massive mountain, the lakeside with the trees covered by snow – all perfectly mirrored in the glassy lake. While so many people wouldn’t go Stand Up Paddling in freezing temperature for a lot of money, I just feel so blessed doing my passion in winter as well.

If you want to go exploring in winter too, there are several things you need to consider:

Choosing the right outfit is important. A drysuit is ideal with some layers of functional clothing underneath, waterproof socks and thick neoprene boots, a scarf to warm your neck, a beanie and waterproof gloves.

You should also wear a safety buoy you can inflate if something happens to your board. Always think of the worst case when you prepare your trip: What would happen if I fall? Would I be able to get back on my board within seconds? Would I be able to reach a warm spot (like the car) quickly? (…and so on).

Most important: Do not overestimate yourself. You should be fit, an experienced paddler and a good swimmer.

I never paddle alone in winter to make sure somebody could help me when something unpredictable happens – and I recommend the same to you.

Wear a leash, so you don’t lose your board if you fall.

Take some warm tea and something to eat with you on board.

If you realize, you didn’t dress warm enough and you start to feel cold, get back on land and come back for another tour with the right outfit. Do not put yourself in danger at any time.

I know, this is a lot to think of, but it’s definitely worth it. You will see things most people will never see in their entire lives. You will feel peace and freedom like you never did. And finally you will see so many funny faces when you are back with a big smile on your face, trying to roll up your frozen SUP board after your trip. Winter paddling – yes or no? Oh hell, YES!

Anja Moerk is a German SUP blogger ( She lives in Munich, Germany and paddles waters in Bavaria and around the globe with her friend Julia. See more pictures on Instagram: @girls_on_sups

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