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‘Ask the Experts’ Monthly video # 17

As a SUPboarder Pro member you have the ability to ask us any questions about SUP, and get a completely honest and independent answer. The email ‘Ask the Expert’ service is something that many of you have already used and the SUPboarder team have enjoyed guiding you through the world of SUP.

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19 days ago

what do you do when you are getting barreled by a wave? Not that it has happened yet, but I keep getting close and if it closes on you what do you do?

Beau Nixon
17 days ago
Reply to  seanross

Hi Sean, thanks for the comment. Just get as far away from your board as possible! We are going to cover this question in the next Ask the Experts so look out for that. Plus, we have made a note to produce a wipe out safety video and hopefully this should cover all scenarios.

19 days ago

I’ve been surfing my Sunova Steeze balsa construction, which I bought used, for 2 years solid 1-2 days a week in small northeast american beach break waves and not a ding or a bit of compression.
16 days ago

Great piece on foiling iSUPs guys. Really good to have your insight. Looking forward to the big wing-off.

14 days ago

Another great vid with loads of good questions. On the leaky isup – did you suggest to the person to tighten their valve? Or check if the valve is leaking? As it’s not always a hole. One of my isups had some drop stitch that had come away & kept blowing through the valve pin every time i deflated. & loads of other people think their isup is knackered when really all they need to do is tighten the valve. Loads of great info – v interested on your inflatable foil board feedback. I had been thinking that sub 6ft… Read more »

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